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  • Swot Analysis Of A Caller

    1. What are your strengths as a caller? What are your weaknesses? How could you use your skills to help callers improve? I have three major strengths that influence the success of a caller. Being a caller requires a certain amount of willingness. You must being willing to put Towson above your own emotions, frustrations, and even bad experiences. Over time I have realized that it is not about me and my feelings but rather about supporting Towson. The second skill I think is important to this job is the ability to be engaging on the phone. Every phone call is an opportunity to positively influence someone. My goal is to make my conversations something more than just asking for money. Of course money is ultimately what we want, however, a person becomes more willing to give when they feel like they are being heard. As a caller I am also very understanding. When talking to people you have to know when to ask and when to let go. You have to listen to what the person is saying and let that influence your following ask. With understanding comes compassion. One of my weakness is feeling bad for those who say they are financially unstable. With experience I am learning how to politely ask, while still be sensitive to their position. 2. Describe a situation where you’ve gone above and beyond what has…

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  • Real Estate Agent Case Study

    If you do NOT read this report you will almost certainly lose thousands of dollars when you sell your home... Home sellers don 't know how to spot a good real estate agent This is understandable when you consider that you will only buy and sell one or two properties in your lifetime. Your home is probably your biggest asset. So, be careful whom you choose to sell it; one slip-up from an agent will wipe thousands off your selling price. Ask the right questions Many home sellers ask the WRONG…

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  • School Resource Officer Thesis

    RESEARCH IS ABOUT: You are invited to participate in a research study in investigating how school resource officers affecting the safety on campus for youths. WHAT YOU WILL BE ASKED TO DO: You will be asked to do three things: (1) Fill out a short set of questions that ask you about things like your age, race, education, etc.; (2) Participate in a focus group with other youths in custody where you will be asked to talk about things like what you know about school resource officers and whether…

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  • Core Values Of An Identifiers Essay

    defining who you are as a person and explain why you hold them to be so central. What core values do these identifiers point to? GOD, MYSELF, MY FAMILY AND MY EDUCATION. Those are my identifiers and in that exact same descending order. GOD protects and guide me, my family and is the reason why I am continuing and education. That will be expanded upon in question two, regarding internalization. You may be wondering why I put myself before my family, well I live and come from the school of…

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  • Creative Writing: My Trip To Hawaii

    told me that she saw you with guys in your bedroom last night. Look, we don’t have a problem with you staying here, but we don’t want you bringing guys in our house without our approval. So don’t let it happen again. Do you here me?” Hawaii rolled her eyes and said, “Yeah, whatever. Look, my friends are having this party tonight and I was wondering if I could go.” “What time is this party and where will this party be?” Hawaii sucked her teeth and said, “the party starts at nine o’clock but I…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Remedial Math Class

    things for me to understand and comprehend it. This class is all online, with a bunch of different levels in it. The way they teach you isn’t a good way to learn anything. You sit there in a big class room with all different groups. You watch the videos they give you that are online and its up to you to figure out how to do the math. You can’t just watch a video and expect to learn everything in those eleven minutes. “The class meets twice a week, late in the afternoon, and the clientele, about…

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  • Personal Narrative: Now, Where Are The Monsters

    “Now, where are the monsters you spawned?” I say, looking around. The Miasma is also called ‘the harbinger of monsters’ because once it’s gone, monsters appear. Behind me, the ghost town still stands, whereas in front of me is utterly obliterated. There is nothing but crushed pieces of wood and metals—empty of life. Nothing stands beyond my feet. As I stay vigilant, there is no monster that jumped straight at me. Where are the monsters? I look up again. There are tens of floating veiled figures…

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  • Prom Persuasive Essay

    about who 's going to ask them to be their date. All the guys don’t really care for it but they do whatever they can to make the girls happy and keep them happy. The main issue for girls when it comes to prom is who is going to ask me, or what am I going to wear. They don 't want to wear the same thing as another girl because that would just be so tragic. They think the more money they spend the better their experience, but that is so far from the truth its not even funny. Why would it matter…

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  • Personal Narrative: I Asked For Advice From Parents

    their own thing - like leaving their dishes everywhere, eating a bunch of crap, and playing their music as loud as they could. That 's when I knew that I needed to be the adult in the house and make sure they didn 't get away with anything that they shouldn 't. I sent out a request for some advice, and I got some that helped me become the person in charge that I needed to be. The first bit of advice I got was from Phil: Talk with them. Your rules will be different from the ones they had at…

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  • How To Enter College

    What I have learned throughout this college class. The steps you go through to enter college and what they expect from you. no matter what background you have if you made it to college than it means that you have opportunity to change your life. As we start college you will find it very challenging than thought it would be. College life is more academic work than anything. You will have many opportunities to meet new people. Finding people that you want to share with in groups and discover more…

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