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  • Job Shadowing Analysis

    Growing up with a firm confidence that if you work hard you can be anything, I had my eyes set on one career, life, and future, not leaving room for any possible negative connotations towards my upward climb. But, as one of my interviewees explained, “you are going to fail and be rejected, whether you like it or not. Open up your options in case life doesn’t go the way you plan.(Chad Hemelstrand)” This statement at first was a side note to my consciousness and I nonchalantly brushed aside the comment as only something I would have to consider when I actually reached…

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  • Personal Narrative: My First Grade School

    my silent motto. The few times I dared to hold an opposing viewpoint, to speak up; oh did I pay for that opposing view! You swallow enough of your own thoughts, sentiments and views over time, it starts to do wonky things to you. Sudden outbursts, like a kettle left tight on the stove, leave you feeling crazy, especially when they go entirely unnoticed. You wonder if you were talking at all or had the whole world just conveniently gone…

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  • Creative Writing: Never Give Up

    One thing I know for sure is that if you give up, you can 't succeed. It 's just a basic law of the universe. Success only comes to people who work for what they want. Unfortunately, giving up can be easy to do. It always seems like the easier option when faced with hard work, struggle, or a little bit of pain. But, in the long run, it is the more difficult option. Why? Because after you give up, you look back on life and think, "What could I have done? Who could I have been? Where would I be…

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  • Jacob Lansleth Research Paper

    Jacob Lansleth was an eight year old german boy. He was born one snowy night in December and lived with his two parents, Priscilla and Diego, and his twin brother Andrew. Priscilla and Diego were the talk of their small town Klinesville. Everyone loved Priscilla and Diego. They were very charismatic and cared for anyone who was in need. Andrew was a leader in his youth group and the captain of the football team. The Lansleth family appeared to have everything together, but little did others know…

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  • Scoring A Job Essay

    is because some have no knowledge on how to create one. I’m going to show you one way to make sure you thrive and get the job you desired by generating a resume. Resumes benefits in an interview because it shows the hiring manager…

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  • Personal Narrative: Live Your Life

    The way your life follows is just how you make it. Live everyday like it is your last. “Who are you to judge the life I live? I am not perfect and I don’t have to be! Before you start pointing fingers, make sure your hands are clean.” Bob Marley, a singer, songwriter, and musician, is famously known for his amazing quotes, especially this one. His quote is stating be the person that you want to be. Do not ever live with regrets. Live your life with only yourself in mind. The most…

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  • Personal Narrative: Now, Where Are The Monsters

    “Now, where are the monsters you spawned?” I say, looking around. The Miasma is also called ‘the harbinger of monsters’ because once it’s gone, monsters appear. Behind me, the ghost town still stands, whereas in front of me is utterly obliterated. There is nothing but crushed pieces of wood and metals—empty of life. Nothing stands beyond my feet. As I stay vigilant, there is no monster that jumped straight at me. Where are the monsters? I look up again. There are tens of floating veiled figures…

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  • School: One Of The Worst Places For Me To Be?

    work at you, and each of them expect you to have it done. But they never stop to think about the individual. They don 't think about what 's going on with their students and whether or not they are capable of doing the work. Yes, you may be physically capable of it, but no one cares if you 're mentally capable. cafe People don 't care how you 're really doing. They may ask but it 's just courtesy, a habit. Even when you want to answer honestly, there 's always some uncertainty that stops you.…

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  • Prom Persuasive Essay

    about who 's going to ask them to be their date. All the guys don’t really care for it but they do whatever they can to make the girls happy and keep them happy. The main issue for girls when it comes to prom is who is going to ask me, or what am I going to wear. They don 't want to wear the same thing as another girl because that would just be so tragic. They think the more money they spend the better their experience, but that is so far from the truth its not even funny. Why would it matter…

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  • Interpersonal Process: SMART Detection As A Nurse

    While working as a nurse you must make goals for your patient and you must aid in them attaining that goal. As a nurse we use SMART format to create a goal for the patient; SMART stands for Specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely. In my interpersonal process recording consists of me and my patient discussing why she does not allow many to help her and why she refuses to have any treatments done to her bed sores. My SMART goal for her is by the end of my shift she will allow me to…

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