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  • Focus Group Analysis

    The purpose of doing the focus group first is to spark a discussion on the communication flow as well as observe the interpersonal interaction between the staff members and management. Randomly, three staff members and three management people will be brought out together to do the focus group. Booth (1988) has suggested that this is a useful tool in order to get information on behavior and attitudes. Though this is an old source, it is evident that focus groups have always been a good tool for audits. Until now, it has been effectively used in audits. Focus groups, though a proven useful tool, can be quite complicated, therefore there are certain preparations and precautions that would need to be taken. The focus group will take around 30 to 45 minutes. An appropriate time of availability for the focus group will be discussed. It will take place in a meeting room, in round table, seating arrangement will follow employee – software trainer or consultant – employee format. The focus group will, however, be recorded. The comfort of the participants is very important therefore, before the focus group is being recorded, a few minutes of rapport to get it started would be done, while some tea and biscuits are served. During the focus group, we, as mediators, would also have a template for note writing. This serves as a filter to get the necessary information for the audit. The recorded video of the focus group serves as a back up. The reason the focus group will take place before…

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  • Advantages Of Focus Groups In Sport

    experiences of individuals and groups (Barber, 2008). With group research, the interactions amongst members can help the researcher gain a greater understanding of the topic being discussed. Thus, a beneficial qualitative research method is ‘focus groups’. The study by Slater and Tiggermann (2010), entitled ‘’ ‘Uncool to do sport’: A focus group study of adolescent girls’ reasons for withdrawing from physical activity’’, had the aim of developing a greater understanding of the reasons,…

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  • Importance Of Focus Group Interviewing

    Focus groups interviewing refers to a method in which a number of people are brought together in a control setting, to be interviewed together as a group. For this method to become a successful study, one needs to be able to listen, think, and talk almost at the same time. Focus groups are a good tool for exploratory research, however, as is the case in most studies, these qualitative interviews may later be combined with quantitative techniques in order to gain a deeper understanding of the…

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  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Focus Group Session

    This week’s session centred on the characteristics focus group discussions, when it is used and the skills needed by the interviewer during informal discussions. Khan & Manderson (1992) described focus group discussions as a qualitative method in which the facilitator or moderator uses a pre-tested line of questioning to stimulate discussion among the participants on the subject of inquiry. The aim is to understand perceptions and beliefs of a selected population to gain understanding of a…

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  • Advocacy Focus: Strategies For Families And Groups For A Community

    Advocacy Focus; My focus is to obtain a focus group that involve individuals and groups who will like to be heard like myself, I will influence them to get involve in politicians, I will use the media, arrange activities, fairs, rally’s to get more people involve. Our voice will be heard though our supporters and networking. Throughout this focus group we will remain confidential and optimistic of situations. My support group will make sure all change are positive. The purpose is to be…

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  • Disadvantages Of Focus Groups: Pros And Cons Of Focus Groups

    Pros • It allows for more direct interaction between the researcher and the individual members of the focus group. The researcher would be able to ask questions as and when required. • Sometimes, even when analyzed, data doesn’t give a researcher a complete picture of the actual reality. A face to face interaction would allow for a greater understanding of the concept, which would perhaps not be possible via analysis of data. • Since there is a more direct interaction, the researcher is able to…

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  • The Importance Of Focus Groups In The Classroom

    Practice Explained- Research “I think using focus groups during reading and literacy is an effective way of learning as the students can learn and listen to one another” (Quoted by mentor teacher 13.09.16) There are a significant range of experts and theorist that agree with this quote, teachers are under the assumption that all students will work and learn better in focus groups as they can have discussions, different thinking strategies and learning from each other, Vygotsky argued, "that…

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  • Importance Of Focus Group Method

    interview; and Lisa Harrison & Theresa Callan demonstrate a number of key points of focus groups method. What is the field research? According to Lamont, Field research is the process of primary data collection, which accesses new primary data through interactions with human subjects.…

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  • Focus Group Case Study

    Teacher/Administrative Focus Group The teacher and administrator focus group was conducted on Wednesday, March 1, 2016 before school. Seven participants were included in the teacher and administrative focus group including two teachers from Oilton Middle School, three teachers from Oilton High School, the principal at Oilton High School, and the school counselor. The focus group interview session enabled the researcher to build conversations around specific topics, and allowed the interviewer to…

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  • Tennis Case Study In Tennis

    cameras in professional tennis. The information gathering method used will be focus groups. The methodology for this research will be qualitative. The information required for this study calls for this methodology. Adding body cameras to tennis is not only a drastic change to the sport, but a costly one. To continue to please viewers, fans and retain the sport of Tennis, mere numerical,…

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