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  • Essay On False Memory

    It was noted that only three other studies had been done with this topic, but none used the DRM paradigm (Sherman, 2011, p.336). Unsurprisingly, products of a specific font and style are more easily recognizable thus lowering the chance of false recognition, as is the case with McDonald’s, In N Out, and Subway. The idea behind this is that the way an item is presented is categorized into two different forms of processing; item-specific processing for unique fonts and relational processing for same fonts (Sherman, 2011,…

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  • Joe Public: Fonts For The Future

    Their design campaigns are based on social development and empowerment. “Fonts for the Future”: This campaign was a fund-raising initiative for Joe Public’s Organisation, ‘One School at a Time’. This non-profit organisation interacts with schools across South Africa to improve the level of education in the country – its purpose is to establish an innovative education system of a good example to the world. The “Fonts for the Future” campaign is a good example of a human – centred design/project.…

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  • Importance Of Cascading Style Sheet

    What is CSS? CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheet. It allows you to manipulate the appearance and layout of the HTML document without compromising its structure. CSS has been around since 1996, it is quite surprising that its abilities have only recently been stretched. Outside of HTML, style sheets allow you to control margins, colors, font characteristics, character spacing, text properties, image positioning, and the lost just goes on. Layout browser compatibility, for example, is easily…

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  • Business Analysis: Helvetica

    sans serif typeface developed by Swiss typeface designer Max Miedinger (1910-1980) and co-developed by Eduard Hoffman at the Haas type foundry in Munchenstein, Switzerland owned by Linotype. The steadily popular typeface was officially released in 1957 under the name ‘Die Neue Haas Grotesk’. The original name was kept until 1960, and was changed to Helvetica (Latin for Swiss) by a marketing manager within the company due to expressing their successful plans to market the font internationally,…

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  • Typography Analysis

    's not necessary now because most fonts are proportionally spaced. 2. Hang punctuation. When punctuation (particularly quotation marks and dashes) is aligned slightly outside the left margin, it is known by the term because appears to be "hanging"…

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  • Nicolas Jenson

    printing. In 1468, he set up a print shop in Venice. Jenson was mostly known for his excellent typographic skills, and he created about 150 books, as well as he focused on religious and classical works. Jenson created a different typeface such as Roman Font, Greek typeface and Black letter font. All the contribution made by…

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  • Comparing The Use Of Self-Portraits In Walker Evans's Painting And Photography

    At the turn of the century, a battle against painting was forged in the form of a photograph. Threatened by the new artform, painters prepared for the end of their profession. A couple decades later, both still exist side by side. In Dominique de Font-Reaulx’s chapter “Portraiture” in his Painting and Photography, he uses portraits as a measure of the effectiveness of the mediums. In 1936, two artists decided to capture two separate portraits with completely different subjects. During the…

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  • Impact Of Laser Printer

    was planned. It wasn’t to call out companies. With new ideas there comes a change. As stated by Hall, “Fonts were challenged for the first time by laser jet printer” (Jim Hall). Since there was very little existing fonts in the market, and the printers before the laserjet were of poor quality, no one had bothered to create more. Yet, as graphics became better and the quality of the laser jet was much better, the idea of more typefaces seemed very realistic. The problem was that it had to be…

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  • Notepad: Four Technical Limitations And Competitive Analysis Of Websites

    Table of content 1. Introduction 2 1.1. Description and purpose 2 1.2. Target audience 2 1.3. Scope 2 2. Design consideration 3 2.1. Development Language 3 2.2. Programming Technologies 3 2.3. Authoring Tools 4 2.4. Technical Limitations 4 3. Website Analysis 4 3.1. Need Analysis 4 3.2. Content Analysis 4 3.3. Competitive Analysis 5 3.4. Site layout of proposed site 6 3.5. Navigation 7 4. Design Description 7 4.1. Site Content 7 4.2. Visual Design…

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  • Pepsi's Use Of Testimonial Advertising

    Pepsi and Diet Coke use testimonial advertising through visual images, colors, verbal messages, and font size. Also it uses One Direction, Drew Brees, and Taylor Swift to get consumers to buy their product. Testimonial advertising, is described when an advertiser uses a public figure to promote their product. Visual images, are described as something that goes on an advertisement that help promote the product. Colors, are described in an advertisement to bring out light or darkness that a…

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