Operating system

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  • Nt1310 Operating System

    What are the functions? An operating system is there to give the user an interactive, user-friendly way to run and use the computer. A typical OS such as Windows allows users to interact with a graphical user interface. Within the GUI, the user clicks on objects and visual elements on the provided desktop and this manipulates the OS to give certain results. The basic function provided by the OS is to acknowledge actions from the user and give output from the screen. Clicking the mouse, typing or interacting with other forms of hardware does this output. An OS provides interaction in all forms and ideally a good OS should display interactive design aesthetics. With an OS it’s possible to host and install software apps to provide purpose to the operating system. The OS organises machine and peripheral actions so they can achieve optimum results.To do this it uses a function to connect with hardware such as the USB, RAM,ROM, keyboard and mouse. Data is sent back and forth to the RAM to help the system run its applications.The computers device drivers are used to manage the machine and these drivers are controlled by the OS. How do they facilitate users? Different types of operating systems provide their own levels of stability and reliability to facilitate the user. Software developers will often update the OS by…

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  • Microsoft Operating System Failure

    introduction of MS-DOS 1.0 in 1981. The introduction of the GUI has changed the way we use PCs since the days of MS-DOS, and it’s impossible to think about the computing world without it today. A GUI isn’t the only thing that makes an operating system, its performance, familiarity, hardware support and security all play important roles to their success or failures. Windows 1.x Windows 1.x was Microsoft’s first attempt at creating a GUI interface based operating system and required you to…

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  • History Of Operating Systems ( Oses )

    History of operating systems COMPUTER OPERATING SYSTEMS (OSes) present a collection of capabilities necessary along with seeing that used by almost all application DEALS having a LAPTOP OR COMPUTER, plus the back links was needed to take care of along with synchronize processing products. Regarding the first personal computers, without key method, each software necessary the full elements spec to operate the right way along with attain usual obligations, as well as unique owners intended for…

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  • Three Major Operating Systems

    the three major operating systems: Windows, Mac OS X and, Linux (pronounced “lyneks” or less commonly as “laineks”). With all three of them being around for at least 20 years, they have been here for a while. Although most people might not know what an operating system even is, every computer has one and, each one has its own pros and cons—which will attract different types of people. It 's important that you learn what an operating system is, what these pros and cons are and, become able to…

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  • Operating System Swot Analysis

    M1-Compare the strengths & weaknesses of Operating System There are many different types of Operating Systems that are developed for different reasons, the most common operating systems in desktop computers and laptops are Windows and Linux. The company has requested that I run comparison of Windows 7 and Linux 14, there functions, features, pros, cons and at the end give my overall opinion. Windows 7: Windows 7 has incorporated new features make it more advance than Windows Vista but also make…

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  • The Operating System: The Future Of The PC Revolution

    Operating Systems launched the PC revolution. Without an operating system the computer would have been nothing more than the Altair 8800, a kit computer for hobbyist. The operating systems has grown from things like UNIX, Mac System Software, and DOS. Modern Operating systems are designed to make using a computer easier through a GUI or Graphical User Interface. In the modern world we still see remnants of the old days through Linux shell scripting and power shell. The original operating systems…

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  • Security Issues In Mobile Operating Systems

    Technology is evolving every day and with new technology comes new security issues. Many of today’s technology relies on “trusted” operating systems. Only a true developer will be able to navigate through other uncommon operating systems. Some of the most popular operating systems are Microsoft Windows, Apple’s iOS, and Google’s Android. Though many people use these operating systems, they are not always secure. To be considered secure, a user must know the full extent of an operating system’s…

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  • Distributed Operating System Case Analysis

    As the Chief Information Officer in my business, I’ll be suggesting a new system for the current network attempting to improve the overall quality and efficiency of 250 client computers and 50 servers. My first decision would be to change the system to a Distributed Operating System (DOS). My reason being that the reliability of the network will increase and there will always be room for improvement such as adding more client computers and servers. While updating the server to DOS this system…

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  • Mac Operating System

    The operating system (also sometimes referred as the OS) is the computer program that runs the different functions of the computer, it without it, it would be nearly impossible for the user to interact with the computer. The OS helps to run the memory, storage and computer hardware. The Operating system I use most often is Macintosh’s OS X Snow Leopard. Most of what makes up an operating system is code, but that code would be challenging for the average user to decipher on their own the user…

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  • UWT1 Case Study: Zara And The IT Operating System

    Page 1 of 5 ZARA:ITFORFASTFASHIONTeam 2 |UWT1.Although the current POS system is working smoothly for Zara, upgrading will help to safeguard the system from vulnerabilities that could be exploited by hackers. Also, most of the IT experts who used older versions of the Operating System (OS) have retired and Microsoft has officially discontinued supporting it. There are many other possible ramifications continuing with the older version of the OS such as operation failure caused by…

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