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  • Btec Business Level 3 Unit 5 P5

    the search box, type in Disk Defragmenter, and then, in the lists of results, click Disk defragmenter. • Next thing click under current status, select the disk you want to defragment. • To decide if the disk needs to be defragmented or not, click analyse disk. • When Windows is finished examining the disk, you can check the percentage of the fragmentation on the disk in the last run column. When the number is above 10% you should defragment the disk. Disk clean up • To run disk clean up on your computer you must first begin by clicking the start button. • Next thing you must do is to click all programs then accessories, system tools then click on the Disk clean up. • If you are already prompted, make sure you choose the mass storage device that you want to clean up. You ought to choose drive c, which is the main storage. • In the disk clean-up dialog box, place check marks on any items that you want to remove. • Lastly click ok, then click the delete files button to begin the clean-up process. When the process is complete, the windows goes away. Backup • You must first begin by clicking the start button then find my computer then click on manage. • Next you need a device which can capable of storing all of the data you need to back up. This must be at least twice the size of the hard drive…

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  • Types Of Security Events And Baseline Anomalies That Might Indicate Suspicious Activity

    Identify strategies to control and monitor each event to mitigate risk and minimize exposure Identify at least two types of security events and baseline anomalies that might indicate suspicious activity. One type of a security event that might indicate supicious activity is an authentication failures found in audit logs. Audit logs contain a high volume of events so particular attention on which events that should be specifically tracked and managed require consideration. An audit log can…

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  • Command Prompt

    Two methods include Windows Explorer, as mentioned, and through a command prompt. Windows Explorer is more suited towards the business user. Nearly everyone who has used a Windows computer is familiar with Windows Explorer, although it may not have been used to its full potential. Managing files and folders in the home is not that much different than managing information in a business environment. Most individual will logically organize the information so that based on descriptive names it…

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  • Unit 3 Assignment 1: Ad Blocker Analysis

    most recent drivers so your computer will be able to perform at its best capacity. Figure 8: OIbit Malware Fighter [Screenshot by Rogelio Ramirez] 3.2.4 Comparing and Contrasting Anti-Malware Ad.Adware Free Antivirus + Anvi Smart Defender OIbit Malware Fighter Free Free Free Anti-Malware / Antivirus Anti-Malware / Antivirus Anti-Malware Real-Time Protection Real-Time Protection Checks and updates Drivers Checks Registry, Files, External Devices, System Services Safe Browsing Strong Uninstaller…

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  • Analysis Of Rotary Hammer Drill

    This is a paragraph. Hover over me and click once to display the menu. Double-click to edit the text directly. You can also place it anywhere on the page using ""drag and drop"" The rotary hammer drill receives its name from the rotary mechanism that actions the hammer in a circular movement, and blended with the powerful forward hammering action, it can drill and bore holes into masonry, ceramic tiles, brick and thick concrete. Rotary hammers are utilized by many production specialists…

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  • Unit 3 Operating Systems Essay

    operating systems today: Windows, LINUX, and MacOS. Write a research paper describing and detailing the history of each operating system. Then for a conclusion, prepare a compare/contrast chart showing the benefits and differences for all three. Your paper should be long enough to cover a detailed history of each system and one final separate page for your compare/contrast chart. The three major operating systems that are used today are Windows, Linux, and MacOS. Widows works on most…

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  • Differences: The Similarities Between Mac And PC

    around 1,136 dollars. A key facet of any computer is its operating system, so this along with price can be critical when determining which one is more suitable. A computer 's operating system (OS) manages all of the software and hardware on the computer and makes sure every program gets what it needs (Computer Basics: Understanding Operating Systems). Previously, when Microsoft’s main operating system was Windows Vista, Mac’s operating system (OS X) was deemed the better of the two as Vista…

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  • Audiosrv Errors Analysis

    issues concerning the Windows registry then one can expect these problems. Other factors include the attack of virus, malware, failure of hardware devices. Steps of Resolving Computer Problems Among the error messages that are displayed are the file not found, missing errors which are quite common. There are other error messages that are displayed and therefore it becomes increasingly important to know the procedures to for fixing the issues as this leads to an effective and efficient working…

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  • Soap And Suds Case Study

    compare the latest versions of Windows, Mac and Linux. Our job is to find the best operating system for their computers-which run an early version of Windows- to upgrade to. In this case study, we will be analyzing the cost of the operating systems,the memory and storage requirements, requirements for upgrade,training costs, protection against spyware or viruses, which operating system’s interface is easier to navigate and whether or not the latest version of Microsoft Office can run with the…

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  • Vmware Inc Case Study

    Objective: 1 The company I chose is VMware INC (NYSE:VMW).VMware is software virtualization and cloud computing based company headquartered in Palo Alto, CA. EMC corporation acquired VMware in 2005,but VMware operated separately but as a subsidiary of EMC corporation. Software of VMware primarily runs on Windows, MAC OS & Linux. The server virtualization software’s are VMware ESX and VMware ESXI. Basically Virtualization means that the operating system could be used without the requirement of…

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