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  • What Are The Components Of The Epcor Integrated Management Sytem

    EPCOR integrated management sytem, I was able to understand hoiw the HSE corporate services provides structure to operational groups including the HSE management system. I was also able to understand how the check part of the OHSMS was necessary to serve as a performance measurement and monitoring tool, evaluation of compliance, and for conformance audit and assessment. This goal was achieved by the set deadline because as I carried out my project I had to make reference to the Hazardous product management standard and the management of change stanadard which are sections of the EPCOR management system. By May 28, 2016, I will improve my proficiency in Microsoft excel by creating an inventory spreadsheet to be used to facilitate the WHMIS 2015 transition for EPCOR. By May 28, I was able to improve my proficiency in Microsoft excel as I had utilized the software in creating the chemical inventory and also set up the formulaes to ensure that the tracking of chemicals during the transition process was not stress free but could be done efficiently and effectively. I will improve my communication skill, be assertive and work more effectively with a diverse group by the end of my co-op term. Communication in my opinion is a key part of being a good safety professional. Communication durong the coop involved not only verbal, but electronic means. By the end of my co-op, I had effectively set up meetings with management, communicated information with employees through various means,…

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  • Analyzing My Sun Devil Story

    Before this course I had no idea how to use a spread sheet or even what a database consisted of, now thanks to this course I can say I’m an intermediate user in both software’s. What really fascinated me about an excel spread sheet is how it analysis “what if” scenarios and how it can be used in order to efficiently keep track of sales and important information. A class that I’m excited to take next semester is ECN 211 Macroeconomic Principles, as a finance major I have to be very well informed…

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  • Aerojet Rocketdyne Research Paper

    The vast majority of the work I do is done on excel, including all the data analysis tools. Proper email etiquette, timeliness and awareness of deadlines are also highly valuable skills in the workplace. Outlook is the method of sending and receiving emails, but also keeping track of future commitments which you can post on your calendars and set reminders for. By using the calendar on outlook, you not only provide yourself with a way of keeping track of deadlines and tasks, but you can also…

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  • Essay On Badge Swiping

    Another limitation was the time that is required to analyze the data. In addition, attendance was taken at the beginning of every conference session. Hence, if a resident did not stay for the entire conference or left the room after scanning his/her badge, that resident would still receive credit for attending the conference. In the future we aim to create an app that has much of the data analysis algorithms built in as this would vastly minimize the time spent for data analysis and simplify…

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  • Reflective Essay On Real Estate Intership

    the activities at Co/Max Holding & Realty Inc. were an experience for me to improve and to get an insight on the real estate industry. My supervisor, Mr. Sam Sadeghi, would continuously send me emails with attached files. The emails included files such as valuations, previous transaction lightings, layouts, or printable memos for the weekly meetings. The emails would contain excel spreadsheets or word documents that required me to print and make copies for either our clients or our employers.…

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  • Relationship Between Machine Mediated Communication And Communication Apprehension

    are received, within the allotted time, survey collection will cease and the confidence level will be re-calculated to reflect the data collected. The target population will be men and woman between the ages of 16 and 65. Surveys received by respondents who fall outside of the age range will be excluded from the analysis. All responses will be entered into the data collector by the researcher for compilation and then exported to a comma separated values (CSV) file for conversion to Microsoft…

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  • Personal Narrative: Steve Jobs

    The clouds broke, and light began to shine through the large, curtainless, loft-style windows flanking a four-hundred-square-foot apartment containing only a bed, a faded purple sofa, a birch-coloured dinner table, and a single chair. Hand-me-downs would be the explanation to friends regarding the eclectic range of furniture. The truth was that they were obtained for free through a series of favours to strangers. I sat down and opened a laptop bought off of Craigslist. The operating system was…

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  • Justified Research Objectives

    (1980) but later used by Street et al. (2000) to test the comparability of accounting numbers produced for a single entity using different standards. This is given as: 1- (FOREX G&LUSA- FOREX G&LIFRS)/ FOREX G&LUSA Where FOREX G&LUSA = Foreign exchange gains and losses reported under US GAAP and FOREX G&LIFRS = Foreign exchange gains and losses reported under IFRS. The value of this index becomes 1.0. If FOREX G&LUSA = FOREX G&LIFRS for any given year. The researcher further applies both SPSS…

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  • Skills And Experience In The Prevision Of Administrative Support To A Senior Executive

    Throughout my work history I have been required to utilise the range of Microsoft Office Software in the provision of high quality administrative assistance. This includes the presentation of information in a variety of formats: report generating, database management, management of statistical information, electronic calendar management and the full complement of executive level administrative support. In my current role as Data processing/administrator at BOC, I am required to use MS Office…

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  • Analysis Of Rotary Hammer Drill

    This is a paragraph. Hover over me and click once to display the menu. Double-click to edit the text directly. You can also place it anywhere on the page using ""drag and drop"" The rotary hammer drill receives its name from the rotary mechanism that actions the hammer in a circular movement, and blended with the powerful forward hammering action, it can drill and bore holes into masonry, ceramic tiles, brick and thick concrete. Rotary hammers are utilized by many production specialists…

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