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  • Complications Of Openid Consite Authentication Protocolss

    When OpenID was first created and starting to be used by major companies as their go-to single sign-on solution, people were skeptical. Today, it is used just about everywhere and people do not usually think twice before using it to log into their favorite website. We will explore how the improvements OpenID has made over the years have caused it along with OAuth to become some of the most widely used cross-site authentication protocols. In this paper, we will also touch on what flaws still exist in these protocols and if their benefits outweigh those flaws. This work is relevant because OpenID Connect and OAuth are used so widely today, both internally for companies and for public-facing websites. The security implications that stem from…

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  • What´s Single Password Authentication?

    Acar, T., Belenkiy, M., & Küpçü, A. (2013). Single password authentication. Computer Networks, 57(13), 2597-2614. doi:10.1016/j.comnet.2013.05.007 This qualitative analysis illustrates the authors’ proposed protocols for a password authentication system requiring the user to remember only one login and password. Their protocols would allow access to either a cloud server or mobile device to handle all authentication needs. They analyze how the protocols would be resistant to online…

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  • Using Mobile-OTP And Qr Code In Online Banking Authentication System Case Study

    Abstract— The focus of this paper is to use Mobile-OTP and QR code in online banking authentication system to provide the best hacker security. Recently, personal information has been leaked through a high degree of methods, such as phishing or pharmacy, to capture user IDs and passwords. This will result in an inappropriate ID / password being propagated between different users; thus a secure user authentication system is essential. In this paper, we use a different technology to provide a…

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  • HIPAA: The Importance Of Access Controls In Healthcare Records

    What form of authentication best meets the Person or Entity Authentication standard for different healthcare applications? The personal or entity authentication requires that all people who are using the system are identified and authenticated (Security Standards: Technical Safeguards). The basic authentication requires that the individuals who want to access the system are well identified. The identity authentication is put in place so as to ensure that the individuals who want to access the…

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  • The History Of Passwords

    each user to have a lock for their own workspace and a private set of files (Hiscott). From the 1980s to 1990s, passwords evolved to include cryptographic hash, DES-based cryptography, salting, and strength checking. Cryptographer Robert Morris created a one-way encryption method, known as hashing, to convert passwords into numerical values (Hiscott). UNIX-based systems now use salting, a technique that adds characters to a password before converting it via a cryptographic function to increase…

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  • Wolftech Case Study

    data security and back up process The data is presently managed at one of server located at other location therefore there is risk to manage data security and back up 4 4 16 Need to ensure cloud computing and data backup is regularly taken so that data security can be effectively managed. Further Elaborated Risk Treatment Options Following are the options to treat the risks faced by the information system of the Wolftech: User Authentication Authentication is most important component when…

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  • Essay On Cybersecurity

    So what can you do to be safe on the Internet? Cormier states that there is many things to do to be safe. One of them is to add a Dual/Multi-factor authentication too your accounts. “The most used Dual Factor authentication choice you see is the text message. For your account, it will ask you for your password, and then after your password, it would send you a text message to a phone number that you already setup on the site. You put in the code that they text you to make sure that it is…

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  • Example Of Venmo Privacy Concerns

    are big problems,” says Rob Shavell, co-founder and CEO of Abine, a data-privacy firm that helps users secure personal information. “There ought to be email warnings, there ought to be two-factor authentication. It’s true for us, it’s true for Venmo, it’s true for all these services.” (Griswold, 2015) To address the growing security concerns, “Venmo has announced that it is offering multi-factor authentication. It works by emailing and texting a 6-digit code to users anytime they sign into the…

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  • Justification Of Disaster Response Protocols

    for usage. Improper storage of any data can result in theft, tampering or total loss. If these things accrue then information assurance has failed. Informing the IT officer will allow them to make corrections and maybe even come up with new procedures to ensure proper storage. Disaster Response Protocols Total Loss of Data: If there is a total loss of data at the company, the IT Officer will contact the main IT office to notify them of the situation. Since all backup are done back to the…

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  • Authentication Digital Signatures

    Authentication and Digital signatures INTRODUCTION This paper will focus on Authentication and Digital Signatures, and outline strategies for Implementation, present techniques on how to apply, adapt, and extend Authentication and Digital Signatures in areas such as encryption, and verification. Digital signatures prevent persons from acting as the originator of a specific document, which is comparable to forgery on a printed text. Authentication is the primary and most critical line of defense…

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