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  • Essay On Authoritarianism

    persistent authoritarianism relies on a variety of hypothesis to explain the exceptionalism of the MENA region to maintain authoritarian regimes. Certain variables or prerequisites of a state to achieve a democratic reform are considered in Bellin’s article. Bellin stresses that these variables are not enough to explain authoritarian resilience in the region nor either the success or failure of states to transition to democracy. This essay will aim to validate proposed hypotheses for authoritarianism persistence seen in class according to the outcomes of the Arab Spring. Of the four proposed hypotheses seen in class: culture, weak civil society, “the rentier state”, and “the coercive state”, the events of the Arab Uprising confirm that rentier states have the capacity to…

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  • Advantages Of Authoritarianism In Achieving Economic Growth

    Singapore were among the poorest with underdeveloped, weak economies. However, these economies were able to grow rapidly and successfully as they were under the authoritarian regimes during their period of growth. Now, the question is: How has authoritarianism helped these states in achieving economic growth? Political stability is one of the most significant authoritarian advantages to economic growth because it allows leaders to come up with long-term planning. In the case of democratic…

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  • China Electoral System

    term known as the politburo is also taken from Russian regime. The politburo is a policy making committee of the Communist party of china. The Central Committee (CC) which elects the 9 members of the politburo committee or PSC (politburo standing committee make the political leadership of China and by which CC meets annually and carries out the approval of National Party Congress. By this we understand that technically the general secretary are all elected by the CC, but in the reality the party…

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  • Power Of Language In 1984 By George Orwell

    used effectively, concisely, and precisely. As he describes his writing career, he notes that all of his “serious work…has been written, directly or indirectly, against totalitarianism and for democratic socialism,” indicating that his writing career has been largely political in nature (“Why I Write” 18). If he had not believed in the positive political potential of language, he would not have devoted his entire career to political writings. Moreover, after striking a fairly negative tone…

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  • Authoritarianism In Russia

    in a continuous cycle of authoritarian regimes; only interrupted by brief periods of tumultuous democratic transitions, that were often plagued by the inability of the democratic system itself to function and ineptitude by the leaders who were in power. Therefore, by and by, Russia always turned towards authoritarianism. However, when the Soviet Union fell, it seemed as though the cycle would be broken, however once again, through exploitation of the semi-presidential system, democracy fell…

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  • Eva Bellin Comparative Perspective Summary

    Democratization is not typically associated with the Middle East and North Africa. There are a variety of factors that can explain why this is the case. There is a lack or presence of civil society, the state controls the economy, the people are disadvantaged, the location of the Middle East and North Africa is disadvantageous for democracy, and the culture of the region can impact the government (Bellin 2004, 139-141). In The Robustness of Authoritarianism in the Middle East: Exceptionalism in…

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  • Population Growth In China

    I believe China has a huge problem and it stems from their countries enormous population and it is related to the population growth. Ironically, their issue isn’t how fast the population is reproducing. The issue is they are struggling is that don’t have enough people to replace their baby boomers. The reason China is facing this struggle is for 2 reasons the first is that the implemented a one child policy per a family because, the Chinese government was concerned about the rate of population…

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  • Analysis Of Antigone And Civil Disobedience By Henry David Thoreau

    These two pieces of writing together compose a greater framework for the fight against authoritarianism and a shift towards representational democracy without terrible institutions such as slavery through the government, utilizing morality within politics to avoid the need to go against the state. In Antigone, once Haemon and Teiresias plead with King Creon to release Antigone from her unjust sentence and it’s found that she dies in captivity, the civil cause she fights for lives on through…

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  • Power In China Essay

    Eric Liu said, power is neither good nor bad, but neutral. With these oppressive regimes, the idea of power begins to receive a negative connotation in which people view power as sinister or evil. Because of this, many people are in fact repulsed by pursuing the idea of what power may be about and obtaining an understanding of how to use power properly in society, which can demotivate or leave out a large population from engaging in the idea of politics (Liu). These authoritarian governments…

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  • Alexis De Tocqueville Case Study

    and the Philippines are formally democratic by satisfying the procedural requirements of civil liberties and elections, but the consistent presence of corruption and heavy influence of elites cast doubts on the quality of democracy, which can attest to its lack of institutionalization. II. Thailand Thailand is the first case highlighting the puzzling nature of Southeast Asia, in regard to the theory explained above. Although there is a strong presence of civil society as exemplified through…

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