Augusto Pinochet

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  • Chile: A Perfect Dictatorship

    perfection existed in one of the most unexpected forms; Augusto Pinochet’s dictatorship. A perfect dictatorship is a dictatorship that functions as one, but allows the countries citizens to believe that they have a say politically (elections). It allows for the people to believe that the dictator has the bests interests of the people and…

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  • What Was The Elimination Of Revolitionary Left Movement?

    extraction was to be carried out * DINA established the “Brigada Ciudana” a branch of the DINA composed of civilians who work for the DINA as informers (Kornbluh 187) * Established the “Brigada Exterior” composed of DINA operatives who conduct intelligence operations in foreign countries (Kornbluh 187) * Elimination of Revolitionary Left Movement (Ensalaco 69) * Assassination of important figures of opposition The Elimination of front-runners against Pinochet * Elimination…

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  • Augusto Pinochet Leadership Style Analysis

    across an article on Pinochet, the first words I came across were, “Augusto Pinochet: Murderer or Savior? (Minster).” Augusto made his career out of being an army officer and military dictator in Chile from 1973 to 1990 and his power was obvious through inflation, poverty, and the authoritarianism he had over his opposed leaders (Minster). His early career as an army officer started when he turned 18. He entered military school and graduated as a Sub-Lieutenant. Because Chile was not at war,…

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  • The Education System In Chile

    in Latin America. Chile was not always atop of the list in South America through-out the early 70’s socialist president Salvador Allende, whose government witnessed super inflation reaching up to 140% per year, left Chileans at the bottom of production fully impoverished and high levels of unemployment and poverty. Allende whose government applied protectionist principles resulting in high barriers to trade, therefore lacking foreign-trade, and falling GDP was a detriment to the state’s economy.…

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  • Socialism In Chile Case Study

    major source of income for the country and after its price dropped, revolts and strikes against the government occurred. Increased food prices, a decrease in exports, and a rise in imports depressed the economy. After the fall of Allende, Pinochet took over and introduced economic liberalization to Chile. Why is it that the Chilean economy improved exponentially since the fall of socialism in 1973, whereby it has out shined the economies of other countries such as Argentina, the government of…

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  • FIFA Corruption Scandal Report

    blogs was posted by the common known website, BBC News. The other two were posted by websites I never really heard of one being called the “Internal Auditor” and the other being called “The World” The first blog I looked at was titled, History teaches us that Fifa has changed little posted by BBC News. This blog is written by Tim Vickery. In his blog, he takes a historical approach to support his claim that FIFA has always been corrupt, and it is partially because of how popular soccer is…

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  • Allende En Su Labertino Analysis

    The movie, Allende en Su Labertino (Allende and His Maze), was written by the Chilean film director and writer, Miguel Littin. Littin was born in the 1940s, was a supporter of Salvador Allende’s regime, and was exiled soon after the assassination of Allende during the rise in power of dictator Augusto Pinochet in Chile during his military coup of the country. Littin is also known for his other films, such as one relevant to this same historical subject is Dawson Isla 10 from 2009 which was a…

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  • Democracy In Chile

    or not. When Chile was transitioning to democracy there were fourteen justices out of the sixteen who were appointed during the regime (Huneeus 2007, 439). The nine designated senators that were appointed was also pro Pinochet. Their presence would ensure that Pinochet would continue to be supported in the legislature. These impediments limited the party coalitions’ responsiveness and ability to enact legislation that would benefit the people (Posner 1999, 59). The binomial electoral system also…

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  • Neoliberalism In Chile Case Study

    In Chile, like Argentina, the country used ISI before the military take over in 1973. The election of Allende in 1970 began a shift towards political and economic socialism in the country without the support of the people. Some of his reforms concerned land distribution, the nationalization of industry and the expansion of social welfare. The Pinochet dictatorship did not implement neoliberal reforms until the late 1970s even as the country was experiencing hardship due to a decrease in oil…

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  • The Tokyo Fish Story: Augusto Boal And Bertolt Brecht

    Augusto Boal and Bertolt Brecht are two performance theorists who have two very different perspectives on theatre. Brecht used his experience of a Marxist to influence his idea of “epic theatre” to stir the will of action in its audience. Boal believed it to be detrimental for a play’s audience to have an emotional understanding of the characters and the effects the play have on said characters. I am curious about how the theories of Boal and Brecht apply to Tokyo Fish Story which was written by…

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