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  • Short Story: Shelter Point: A Narrative Fiction

    Her Aunt surprised, "bonjour, Cheri, how have you been? Bad girl, have not called your old Aunt in a long time". {indent}Spoke so fast poor thing could not get a word in conversation. In fluent French, "Bonjour, Aunt Viv, give me a second to answer," old woman, my foot, smiles to herself. {indent}Vivian was her mom's younger sister, two years Jenna's senior, "sorry," regretful, "busy with work and my kids,"…

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  • Choice Of Destiny Essay

    No. “I tried so hard to get rid of my parents’ remote control in which I already finished everything for schools and ready to have some fun time with my friends. Regrettably, my mother got me a tutor and she said as I have spare time which means that I knew my stuffs, she found someone who could keep track on my status and continued to prepare me for school. To be honest, I am a teenager, I know I have to put many efforts on my works, but it does not mean that to fulfill your wants, which lead…

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  • Narrative Essay About Moving To Chicago

    Ana. She was married to my uncle Beto and had 4 kids, the oldest is Lisa, then its Liliana, Araceli and the youngest is Rigo. We would always celebrate everything together. Have cook out every other weekend. All of my cousins and I would go out and play. Then when we had to move from Chicago to Texas in 2009 it was just my family and I. It was hard for both my brother and I . New school, new people, new home. We missed the city a lot and mostly our family. It was just us here, we felt lonely.…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Journey To Colorado

    autobiography is about me a thirteen year old girl named Kelia Portis. I grew up in Alameda, California(the bay area). All of my family on my mom's side had lived there my grandma, aunts, uncles, and lots of cousins. The sad thing though is that I had to move out of California and go to Colorado. My birthday was even the day that my family and I were moving so I had a sixth birthday party before we left all of my family was there. The next morning my uncle from Colorado came to California to…

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  • Anshu Dark Sorrows Analysis

    “ I guess we come to this world lonely and spend our lives struggling against it. We must cry for ourselves sometimes. We may have everything in life and still it isn’t satisfying.” (Kono p.4921) -Anshu Dark Sorrows by Juliet S. Kono tells a story of a woman from Kaiwiki, Hawaii. This young woman is Himiko Aoki, who at a young age was faced with life tragedies of losing a father and a lover. And due to her pregnancy was sent to Japan to live with her relatives to save her family shame. There she…

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  • Ifemelu Figurative Language

    inferred by the previous examples, but finally hopeful. Although this sentence is embellished— the excitement, expectation to discover all of America, it makes readers hopeful, too, that the protagonist will allow herself contentment. In this same chapter, however, America does not have the same affect on her Aunt Uju’s body through Ifemelu’s eyes. Examining the two descriptions is worthwhile, for fear comes to rest on readers and Ifemelu. On page 135 the end of the chapter reads, “And she…

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  • Personal Narrative: Dynamic Success

    Dynamic Success I am an amalgamation of my aunts an uncles and a product of there success. Success to me has been ever changing and slowly developing concept of what I think makes me happy, as a young child my ambitions were focused, riches would be my first class seat to happiness. But with multiple jobs, from making a reasonable living to part times with meager wages material was fleeting. I have a sizable measuring stick of experiences, that contributed to my current happiness. But my…

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  • Purple Hibiscus Theme Analysis

    Theme Essay In the novel Purple Hibiscus, Chimamanda Adichie illustrates the impact and role religion can have on one’s identity. In Purple Hibiscus, Adichie uses characterization and direct statements to implement the theme of religion and identity. The presence of religion in certain characters’ life strictly defines them and can affect them in a negative way. Papa Eugene is a character that embodies the extreme impact that religion can have on one’s thoughts and actions. After Kambili and…

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  • Descriptive Essay: My Favorite Place On Earth

    independent woman. I needed to be able to make decisions at no one else 's liberty but my own. After meeting my uncle-by-marriage for the first time, I became anxious to leave his presence and walk the city streets of Manhattan on my own, but that wasn 't the case. He revealed to me that he was more strict than my father was, as he showed me around his tiny one bedroom apartment. He had also shown me where I would be sleeping--- the couch. This almost miny-like apartment didn 't…

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  • Empathy In 'Too Much Happiness' By Alice Munro

    that he did, he may have never found it. A high value should be placed on an individual's capability to empathize. If the world lacked empathy, humanity would descend into total anarchy as everybody would be out for themselves. Over the course of my life thus far I have come to realize that having empathy as a motivator and as a goal can actually precipitate a positive result for myself as well as others. Acting empathetically, rampantly contributes to my well-being and when I act in my self…

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