Personal Narrative: Dynamic Success

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Dynamic Success I am an amalgamation of my aunts an uncles and a product of there success. Success to me has been ever changing and slowly developing concept of what I think makes me happy, as a young child my ambitions were focused, riches would be my first class seat to happiness. But with multiple jobs, from making a reasonable living to part times with meager wages material was fleeting. I have a sizable measuring stick of experiences, that contributed to my current happiness. But my happiness, the by product of success is still fluid.
Successes in today’s society can be measured by the house you live in or the car you drive, the education you achieve, even the attractiveness of your spouse, I believe success is a personal vice that
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My aunt Claire was pride she was the type of person who never asked for life from anyone. She was the type of person who worked hard and respected her way of independence. My aunt Claire independence rubbed off on me. I was the first to live on my own, the independence to cook, pay my bills, all skills needed to make …show more content…
I was now responsible for my own bills cooking for myself and being responsible. With all of the skills I had gained from my family I was well equipped for success, I learned to cook from my aunt Harriet , I learned to pay my bills onetime and to care how I was presented to the world , the drive to maintain a steady job and to take the challenge of living alone was mimicked from my uncle.
As an adult I am more aware of how time is expensive and a currancy to expensive to give away, my concept of success is now focused on being there for my fiance, spending time with my aging mother. I believe love is memories that we share with our loved one its the only tangible thing we have to show , and the more time I can spend making them happy the more successful I believe my life will be. A career is only a means to money and money is the ticket to less time working and more time to spend with

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