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  • Michael Hibberd Business Law Violations

    the Essendon Football Club (Essendon) found by the Court of Arbitration (CAS) to have breached clause 11.2 of the Australian Football League (AFL) anti-doping code as a result of their part in the Essendon supplements saga in 2012. Hibberd, along with 33 other past and present Essendon footballers were “sanctioned with a period of ineligibility of two years as of 31 March 2015”. Currently, Hibberd is serving a provisional suspension from all competition expiring on 13 November 2016. As a result of these extenuating circumstances, Essendon have reportedly been keen to retain all 12 currently contracted banned players until the conclusion of their respective contracts. However,…

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  • Coca Cola Campaign Analysis

    Coca-Cola became the official sponsor of the FIFA 2014 World Cup that was held in Brazil. In this campaign, the company took advantage of the international football fans who were enthusiastic about the game. The use of football as a unifying sport allowed Coca-Cola to reach fans from over 90 countries (Minguez, 2014). As compared to Pepsi’s campaign, Coca-Cola had a greater impact on the soccer fans because it made use of…

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  • Concussion Definition Essay

    “Chief AIS doctor David Hughes has praised sports for embracing new concussion protocols and is confident there has been a culture shift to ensure weekend warriors avoid long-term health risks associated with head knocks. Hughes gave a presentation to AIS staff on Tuesday to brief them on the details of a landmark policy released on the weekend by the institute and the Australian Medical Association” (Dutton). This evidence shows how doctors are stepping up to make contact sports safe for…

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  • Why The New England Patriots

    Sticks and stones may break their bones. However words, scandals, and sheer hate cannot keep a good team down. I have been a fan of the New England Patriots for a while now and I am in no way tired of supporting the number one team in the American Football Conference. Unfortunately, not everyone feels the same way I do. As great as we may be, there is a team that is on our heels vying for our coveted spot. The Denver Broncos. The topic I chose for my research paper was instinctive once I saw the…

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  • What Are Concussions In Football

    Concussions in Football: A Deadly Number “What a big hit on the football field on this frigid Friday night. It looks like he is down for the count.” I often hear something similar to this when watching a hard hit in a high school, college, or even an NFL football game. Devastating blows to the head is only one major consequence being out on the field. Even though the player might not notice anything wrong right away, there are many serious signs and symptoms that come along with concussions.…

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  • Bioethical Issues In Concussion

    Bioethical issues are ever-present. However, it is not until one opens their eyes that one can see how these issues impact the way we make decisions and understand life. In the first essay of this course, students were asked to identify central bioethics themes present in the film Concussion. Initially, I identified three main themes that highlight bioethical issues within the film. The first theme was organization v. individuals, which represented the National Football league’s monetary…

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  • Terry Bradshaw Research Paper

    1979 against the Dallas Cowboys again. bradshaw did amazing things in the years the steelers won their super bowls, Terry had a talent that was quite useful for the Steelers offense that usually insured they win, Bradshaw always would clutch on the fourth down and most of the time he is successful and he even gets a pass that gets a touchdown that wins the game. in Bradshaw’s whole NFL career “he has completed 2,025 of 3,901 passes for an outstanding 28,000 yards and over 212 touchdowns and he…

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  • 12th Man Argumentative Essay

    during a Monday Night Football game against the New Orleans Saints, with a then record-setting 137.6 dB. (Wilson) This was all due to the Seahawks promoting how important the ‘12th Man’ is to the organizations success. Merchandising the ’12 Man’ product has been an interesting road for the Seahawks. Due to the trademark agreement the Seahawks are allowed to use the ‘12th Man’ phrase, but the contract agreement forbids them from selling gear with the phrase on it. That caused a lot of shirts,…

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  • Under Armour's Marketing Strategy

    When someone sits down to watch a professional football or hockey game it is clear that the player is wearing UA compression gear! This is a form of using an aspirational group. People do not belong to this group but if they see one of their favorite players wearing Under Armour compression gear, they aspire to be like them and feel as if they belong to the…

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  • Athletes: The Power Of Sports

    important things about sports is they connect and unite society. The majorities of people know about sports or are at least familiar with them. For example, “Sports give people something to talk about. Sure, any topic can prompt conversation, but sports are maddeningly close to universal” (Langs 1). Almost everyone can relate to having an experience wherein one has a casual conversation with a stranger about the latest happenings in the world of sports. This demonstrates how sports connect…

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