Diffuse axonal injury

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  • Brain Injury Research Paper

    people suffer some degree of head injury every year in the United States alone.” The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that about 1.7 million people in the United States have a traumatic brain injury each year. Brain injury can be defined as something that isn’t hereditary, degenerative, or present at birth that causes damage to the brain. The most common types of brain injury are traumatic brain injury, concussion, and stroke. Brain injuries cause “changes in metabolism and function of cells not only in close proximity to the dying tissue but also in more remote brain regions… connected with the injured area” (Pekna and Peknyl) making them…

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  • Argumentative Essay: Should Boxing Be Banned?

    games, such as, rugby, American Football or Ice Hockey can likewise be ruthless. Society was a great deal less brutal sixty or seventy years earlier when the kids were often instructed to box at school. That way they figured out how to control their hostility and to keep brutality in the ring. However, Boxing is not at all like whatever other game. The point of boxing is to hurt the other man, or more all to take him out. The game speaks to the most terrible and most fierce parts of human…

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  • Write An Essay On Traumatic Brain Injury

    A traumatic brain injury is a sudden injury to the head causing damage to the brain. It can be a closed head injury or a penetrating one. It can affect one area of the brain or more than one area. When there is a penetration, the skull will be pierced and a piece of the bone from the skull may enter the brain tissue. With a closed head injury, there is no break in the skull. A skull fracture is when the skull cracks and broken pieces of bone cut into the brain. The different types of traumatic…

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  • Closed Head Trauma Research Paper

    Trauma is a term referred to sudden severe physical injuries that require immediate medical attention. The insult could injure any organ in the body, such as, the head. A head injury is an insult to the scalp, skull or the brain. It can either be closed or opened head injury. In a closed head trauma, there is no penetration of the skull; therefore the offending object did not enter the brain. In the open head trauma or penetrating head trauma, however, there is penetration of the skull, thus…

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  • Head Injuries In Sports Analysis

    revolved around Concussions and Traumatic Brain Injuries of high school football athletes. It is something that athletes are all too familiar with on a daily basis. Just one single hit could end up being more fatal than anyone would think about. Concussions are very common with those who play rigorous sports because of the constant person-to-person contact or even contact of the object they play with, like a football. One issue with this is the idea of do the risks outweigh the benefits to…

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  • Persuasive Essay On Oj Simpson Concussions

    imagined him murdering his wife or anyone for that matter. He stared in movies and became a role model for many aspiring football players of his day. Due to the immense physical activity involved in football, one cannot rule out the possibility OJ could have suffered a concussion, could this typical injury could have turned the man America loved into a cold hearted murder suspect? Concussions are typical injury experienced by high contact sports such as football, soccer, volleyball and many…

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  • Traumatic Encephalopathy Case Study

    However other symptoms can include, lethargy, seizures, tremors, muscle twitching, an abnormal breathing pattern, changes in mood, and even coma (Hockenberry & Wilson, 2015). Tests used to diagnose encephalopathy can include a CBC, metabolic tests, a CT, an MRI, and/or an EEG (Hockenberry & Wilson, 2015). In J.M.’s case, she had blood studies performed along with both a CT and an MRI that confirmed the diagnosis of encephalopathy secondary to trauma. Moreover, an intraparenchymal hematoma, also…

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  • Traumatic Head Injuries

    Concussions and other forms of traumatic head injuries have become a serious problem in high school, collegiate, and professional athletics. Over the years, many young athletes have suffered a concussion, which can, in turn, have a long term effect on the athlete’s mind. A concussion can occur from any type of contact to the head or neck area resulting in a small leisure on the brain. Although this injury is physically small, a bruise on the brain is a significant injury and should be treated as…

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  • Sports Related Concussions

    The Centers for Disease control estimates more than 300,000 sports-related concussions occur each year in the United States. A concussion is a brain injury characterized by an onset of impairment of cognitive and/or physical functioning. Even though concussions are considered "invisible injuries", they are still very serious head injuries that can have long lasting affects even 30 years later. Athletes shouldn't be able to participate in any physical activity until they are evaluated and signed…

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  • Concussion Definition Essay

    “Chief AIS doctor David Hughes has praised sports for embracing new concussion protocols and is confident there has been a culture shift to ensure weekend warriors avoid long-term health risks associated with head knocks. Hughes gave a presentation to AIS staff on Tuesday to brief them on the details of a landmark policy released on the weekend by the institute and the Australian Medical Association” (Dutton). This evidence shows how doctors are stepping up to make contact sports safe for…

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