Head injury

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  • Head Injury Essay

    not being well educated. In my research for the best way to prevent concussions, many athletes lack the proper knowledge to lower their risk of a head injury, or are not aware of the symptoms. It’s important to my profession, as a future physical therapist because experiencing a concussion is a life traumatic event. In the long run patients with concussions had balance problems, fine motor skills and it’s a physical therapist’s job to help them get back to their normal range of motion. Functional activities for these patients can be very difficult and having the proper help will get them back to do daily living activities with ease. I believe with research and valid information…

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  • Head Injuries In Sports

    Injuries have always been a part of sports; it is the risk athletes take. Injuries are just a part of life that athletes have to deal with. Especially with the increasing size and speed of the players (Carroll and Rosner 42). By playing, they acknowledge they could break bones or tear ligaments. But many do not know that their brain could be severely damaged. Over the past decade, head injuries have become the biggest problems facing sports, especially the National Football League (NFL).…

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  • Essay On Head Injury

    A person who sustains a head injury in a sport should be benched until a medical advisor clears them to play again. If someone remains in the game and has sustained an injury, there is a great possibility that they will just make it worse. The possible long term effects of an injured player getting back in the game before they give the injury time to heal aren't worth the chance to win a game, no matter how important the game. Putting too much stress on an injury is the easiest way to make it…

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  • Closed Head Injury

    Head injury constitutes a major cause of death in our country particularly in young and active persons. 1 person dies of head injury in every minute in India. Prevention, early and proper treatment will make a significant effect in reducing the morbidity and mortality due to head injury. DEFINITION: Injuries causing functional and/ or structural damage to the brain constitutes head injury and not just any injury causing damage to head and scalp region. Head injury can alter the functional status…

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  • Head Injuries To The Brain Tissue

    Head injuries are any injuries to the brain, skull and/or scalp (Your head) they are caused by any physical injuries (playing with a ball and getting hit in the head, getting hit with any heavy or hard equipment, and any accidents like falling, car accidents assaults etc. Also a trauma, stroke, tumor and or other illnesses, this could cause for there to be bruising, swelling or tearing in the brain tissue; some injuries are: Hematoma, Hemorrhage, Concussions, Edema, Skull Fractures and Diffuse…

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  • Head Firearm Injury Case Study

    Head Firearm Injury Introduction: Gunshot deaths are self-inflicted in most of the cases with incidence rate per 100,000 populations in 2001 was 0.14 in UK in which suicidal and homicidal deaths represent 65% and 7% respectively, and with a rate of 10.2 in US in which suicidal and homicidal deaths represent 67% and 27% respectively.1 In study of 64 firearm deaths in Dammam, the age of the cases was ranging from 16 to 45, in which suicidal injuries accounts for 11% of all fatalities. In 80% of…

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  • Traumatic Head Injuries

    Concussions and other forms of traumatic head injuries have become a serious problem in high school, collegiate, and professional athletics. Over the years, many young athletes have suffered a concussion, which can, in turn, have a long term effect on the athlete’s mind. A concussion can occur from any type of contact to the head or neck area resulting in a small leisure on the brain. Although this injury is physically small, a bruise on the brain is a significant injury and should be treated as…

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  • Head Injuries In Sports Analysis

    revolved around Concussions and Traumatic Brain Injuries of high school football athletes. It is something that athletes are all too familiar with on a daily basis. Just one single hit could end up being more fatal than anyone would think about. Concussions are very common with those who play rigorous sports because of the constant person-to-person contact or even contact of the object they play with, like a football. One issue with this is the idea of do the risks outweigh the benefits to…

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  • Research Paper On Head Injury

    After an accident, it can easy to assume a slight headache is normal and to try to brush it off. Whether you have suffered a head injury after a car crash, knocked your head on a shelf as you fell from a ladder at work, or otherwise bumped your head, a head injury should never be taken lightly. There are several signs that a knock to the head might be something more serious, such as a concussion or a traumatic brain injury (TBI). Anyone who lost consciousness, even for a short time, after being…

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  • The Importance Of Head Injuries In Sports

    The prominence of head injuries is becoming more and more common each year. Players from different sports leagues, including the National Football League, are voicing their outrage on the lack of protection from concussions and other head injuries and are now shedding light on the all-important issue of player safety. This controversy has become so popular that it was even made into a movie released in 2015. Head injuries in sports are perilous and scientists and players are now highlighting the…

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