Post-concussion syndrome

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  • Effects Of Asperger's Stonewall

    Although Asperger’s syndrome is often seen negatively, the symptoms seen throughout Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson’s life were able to shine a positive light on his life. Not only did his symptoms of Asperger’s syndrome make him unique, some of his symptoms helped him to become one of the most successful military leaders of the United States. Jackson’s symptoms of Asperger’s syndrome included strange behaviors and relationships, obsessions over certain activities, and extreme determination and focus. Thomas Jackson’s symptoms of Asperger’s syndrome began showing in his youth. The symptoms were very apparent in his relationships with others. As a boy, Jackson was always “shy, suspicious, and formal;” his formal attitude helped him to develop the…

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  • Summary: The Growing Concussion Dilemma

    The Growing Concussion Dilemma Never did the parents of Freddy Mendoza, a young seventeen year-old football player from California, would die a couple days later after collapsing from a tackle that had previously “knocked him out of a 1991 game” the week prior (Carroll and Rosner 16). Concussions should not be taken lightly and are very serious because it affects the way the brain functions. Considering the amount of people who suffer from concussions each year, many do not know the definition,…

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  • Concussion In Sports Research Paper

    mandatory trainings in public school systems, concussions remain a conundrum. Concussions are complex medical events potentially resulting in a sequelae of issues. Ramifications range in scope and severity across medical, emotional, social, and academic domains. The definition of a concussion differs across medical disciplines and the general public (3). Although the definition varies across different medical subspecialties, however all have similar hallmarks of injuring impacting overall…

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  • What Is Concussions In Sports

    Sports Concussion Management A concussion is a common brain injury which is caused by a head impact that damages soft tissue inside the skull. Over many years, concussions have become more common in athletes than ever before. The increase of concussions in sports has had a major effect on athletes and should be further evaluated for safety and health risks. (Head case Company) Anything having to do with an injury to the brain has to be considered serious, because a concussion can change the…

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  • Cause And Effect Of Concussions Essay

    comes with a lot of injuries. The biggest injury is a concussion form taking hits to the head. It can cause major damage or I could be just little injury. Concussion effect the brain in many way. It can effect you for a brief time period or the rest of your life. They also can lead to other serious brain diseases. These diseases and injuries are permeant and the is no way to reverse them, but that can be prevented. Concussions are swelling and bruising of the brain that tear blood vessels…

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  • Summary: The Importance Of Concussions In Sports

    ever again. This is what happened to Matthew Gfeller, who died two days after getting a concussion from a head to head collision. Scientists have focused on making sports safer. Increased awareness and research about concussions have helped to identify and diagnose concussions. People know what a concussion is but most people have no idea how concussions occur or how to recognize one. Knowing how people get concussions is important. The most common misconception is that having a hard skull…

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  • Summary: Short Term Effects Of Concussions

    from a concussion is going to school. In a study done by the American Journal of Public Health, concussions were compared to extremity injuries, a broken arm or ankle. The purpose of the research was to observe the academic dysfunction after an injury. The study showed that on average it took concussed students two days longer to return to school than it did for students with an extremity injury. Looking at the short term effects of concussions, it is evident that becoming concussed has an…

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  • The Effects Of Concussions On The Brain

    The brain is the most vital part of the body. It is how we control emotions, sense pain, and analyze and make decisions. If you injure your head it rattles your brain, can have terrible short term effects, and expose you to many long term dangers. When your brain is hit the impact causes your brain to shake around your skull. The brain hits your skull damaging the neurons and other cells that are required for the brain to function. After the hit you may or may not lose consciousness. You do not…

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  • Head Injuries In Sports Analysis

    video Big Hits, Broken Dreams revolved around Concussions and Traumatic Brain Injuries of high school football athletes. It is something that athletes are all too familiar with on a daily basis. Just one single hit could end up being more fatal than anyone would think about. Concussions are very common with those who play rigorous sports because of the constant person-to-person contact or even contact of the object they play with, like a football. One issue with this is the idea of do the risks…

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  • Persuasive Essay On Concussion Research Paper

    told her coach that she had a concussion she wouldn’t be able to play in the next game. So she kept silent and didn’t tell the coach or the athletic trainer about having a concussion. Tracy ended up passing out in the locker room after the game and was sent to the hospital. She didn’t realize that her life was going to be changed dramatically from not telling anybody of her concussion. Her symptoms of having headaches, nausea, concentrating, and dizziness worsen. Tracy had to go to the hospital…

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