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  • Criticism And Utilitarianism In Hard Times By Charles Dickens

    Hard Times is a novel written by Charles Dickens which judge the English society and tells us about the social and economic pressures of the 19th century. Hard Times is a Victorian novel and is very realistic. Victorian novels bring about realism in literature. Dickens novels are realistic depiction of Victorian society like class consciousness, rapid urbanization, poverty, child labor etc. Dickens talk about love, aspiration, human passion and Hard Times is a novel written by Charles Dickens which judge the English society and relationships in his novels and they usually have a strong moral message. Victorian age is a period of peace and prosperity since no major wars happened however the flipped side of Victorian era was very ugly. In Hard Times, the story is set in a fictional industrial town, called Coketown. Mainly Dickens' novels depicted life like and real like characters, situations and issues, they were taken out from the daily life of Londoners. Hard Times satires on the rich class, the utilitarian who believe that what they did is fully right if they are useful or if it is for the benefit of the majority. They have no interest in individualism and imagination, they focus only on facts alone and they did not encourage any sort of entertainment and fancy. Charles Dickens use many flat characters to let us know about the realistic conditions of the people living in the Victorian era. And his languages changes depending on who the narrator is depending upon the age,…

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  • Waiting For The Barbarians Essay

    Coetzee's Waiting for the Barbarians is a novel which alters our idea of what a barbarian is by revealing that there is not much difference between those who are “civilized” and “uncivilized,” as we are shown a civilized society whose fear of a supposed attack from the “barbarians” is what justifies the members of the Empire's inhumane acts toward innocent natives. As the Magistrate attempts to speak for the natives, he shows control over them by taking away their voices and replacing them with…

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  • Power-Relation Dynamics And Gender Analysis

    reproductive rights of women in developing countries - but to what extent are these ‘new and improved’ policies a reflection of negative power relations and and “(mis)-translating and transforming feminist arguments”. On the surface, these policies seem to reflect positive and helpful benefits to women seeking reproductive health care, but in reality what does the makeup of these policies really look like? How are women’s identities constructed - does this construction leave particular…

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  • Scott Carpenter Reading Lessons

    Summary for the Structuralist Theory In “Reading Lessons: An Introduction to Theory”, Scott Carpenter explains the structuralism, and what the structuralist focuses on. Structuralism is defined as “a multifaceted group of theories with varied and disparate goals” (Carpenter 27). It focuses on the structure of the message or the text which includes “big ticket themes”, repeated plot, repeated images, and binary oppositions. The “big ticket themes” is like “Man versus Society, Boys meets Girls,…

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  • Analysis Of Cindy Sherman's Untitled Film Stills

    Cindy Sherman’s Untitled Film Stills have been at the centre of Post Modernist and Post-Structuralist discourse since the 1980s. This paper will address the arguments made by Rosalind Krauss, Judith Williamson, Laura Mulvey and Jui-Ch’i Liu surrounding these film stills. The work at hand consists of a series of black and white photographs where Sherman plays the role of the director and the agent to construct an image and mise en scène that has an uncanny resemblance to 1950s snapshots of…

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  • Ordinary Rainbow: Poststructuralist Lens

    Question 6: Poststructuralist Lenses An Absolutely Ordinary Poststructuralist Deconstruction The Text: An Absolutely Ordinary Rainbow – Les A. Murray Poststructuralist theory concerns itself with dismantling texts through questioning truth and reality, contradicting itself until the meaning is unstable or non-existent. In the poem An Absolutely Ordinary Rainbow by Les A. Murray, the notions of truth and reality are questioned through a silent narrator guiding the reader through a scene of a…

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  • What Does Prufrock Mean By Post-Structuralism

    What does it mean by Post structuralism: Post structuralism emerged in the 1950s and 1960s as a movement standing against the key assumptions underlying the popular structuralism movement. Structuralism,its predecessiong school of thought,emphasized on the author as the prime subject of inquiry. In literary context,the author was considered all in all and was looked upon as the sole element of the work’s semantic content.But in opposition to this author centric notion rose up post-structuralism…

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  • The Monkey Wrench Gang Essay

    Made particularly prevalent in the characters’ dedication to radical environmentalism, the novel places society’s state of being just or unjust at the center of discussion, such that a careful evaluation of the efficacy of the law may be carried out. Most critically, however, The Monkey Wrench Gang exemplifies how radical activism provides the medium through which new hierarchal powers form, ultimately arising as a product of attempts to overthrow another regime. As the oppressed challenge their…

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  • Camera Lucida By Roland Barthes

    Since more than one hundred and seventy years ago, photography technology has been invented, such a small piece of photo has undertaken the great task of recording historical images in human history. As a result, during these hundred years, authors has started writing photography. It is undeniable that most of them describe photography techniques, such as shutter speed, aperture and ISO, etc. While still, in some great photography books, it is difficult to find any description about photography…

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  • Content Theory And Film Analysis

    Content Theory Structuralism Structuralism is a theory that suggests that all ideas have a structure; “structuralists” believe that structures are the “real things” that lie beneath “the surface” or the appearance of meaning. (Sternagel, 2012) When using structuralism theory, we attempt to analyse the meaning or try to see a forming pattern. In films this theory emphasizes how certain film clips convey meaning through the use of codes and conventions that are similar to the way languages are…

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