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  • Scott Carpenter Reading Lessons

    Summary for the Structuralist Theory In “Reading Lessons: An Introduction to Theory”, Scott Carpenter explains the structuralism, and what the structuralist focuses on. Structuralism is defined as “a multifaceted group of theories with varied and disparate goals” (Carpenter 27). It focuses on the structure of the message or the text which includes “big ticket themes”, repeated plot, repeated images, and binary oppositions. The “big ticket themes” is like “Man versus Society, Boys meets Girls, and so forth” (Carpenter 23). Moreover, Carpenter discusses, “Patterns are established by repetition and differentiation” (29), so structuralist emphasizes on which images or plots are repeated and different in the whole concept of the message. Carpenter, furthermore, talks about a “binary” opposition, which is “the smallest structural unit is not a unit at all; it is a pair, an opposition between two things” (29). Since the binary oppositions occurs everywhere, some instances for this element are good guys versus bad guys, black versus white, innocent versus corrupt, and the past versus the present (Carpenter 30). As Carpenter mentions “structrualists tend to look at texts as games, it is the one that plays itself out in front of the reader as she reads”. Therefore, the structuralist theory is to understand the pattern, and how the structures of the context relate to the whole themes by using the structuralism tools. Binary Opposition, Strong versus Weak The structuralism can be used…

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  • Exemplary Dichotomy

    . The evolution of community corrections has often seen what Carl B. Klockars calls the “classical dilemma of corrections (Klockars, 1972).” In time, we have come to see this dilemma represented as the law-enforcement-social casework dichotomy. This dichotomy is one that is rooted in what was observed as competing roles in the supervision and rehabilitation process used by community correctional officers. The dichotomy was presented as either “law enforcement” which was deep rooted in the…

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  • The Reformation Dichotomy

    The reformation is way too complex to have a dichotomy in any area of study but for most of the reformation leaders the stepping off point that sparked writings and theological theories stemmed from one of two things transgressions by the Church or contradictions in scripture. These issues were a foundation of European societies, and have existed for hundreds of years, movements such as the renaissance and humanism introduced a new way of thinking and opened people up to the idea that the Church…

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  • Gender Dichotomy

    Education: The way we learn to be gendered is a highly complex process that cannot be simplified down to a generalized “sex role system.” Humans learn gender in ways that disregard a strict dichotomy between the sexes, and in fact creates new space for completely different genders, or for people who simply don’t gravitate towards any particular gender. When humans are born, they are assigned a color (pink or blue) which will label them as ‘boy’ or ‘girl’ before they are even named, and based…

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  • Dichotomy Of Religion

    Displayed in chapter 1 is a dichotomy between sinful and godly relationships. Paul speaks of his longing to be with the Romans and his desire to “impart to [them] some spiritual gift to strengthen [them] – that [they] may be mutually encouraged by each other’s faith.” (1:11-12) We see a few verses later that those whom are not of God who practice sinful lifestyles such as envy, deceit, gossip, and ruthlessness, “not only do unrighteous things, but give approval to those who practice them.”…

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  • Sociology Of Dichotomy

    healthcare” has come to operate. Foucault tells us that under the clinical gaze patients are dehumanized; they are reduced to their ailment, something to be cured or fixed. In the U.S., doctors use their expert knowledge and status as authority figures to establish a hierarchical relationship with patients. This relationship combined with the clinical gaze creates a rigid set of norms for interaction between doctors and patients, which often leaves patients feeling alienated. Although the El…

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  • Douglas's Dichotomy

    The grid and group theory is used by Mary Douglas as a tool to go beyond the dichotomy. For Douglas, the priority is to use social life as the basis for understanding how people come to know the world they live in. The ‘grid’ axis refers to the individually oriented aspects of social structure, whilst the ‘group’ axis refers to the strength of group ties. The grid axis thus measures how governed and constricted the individual is. Douglas explores past the dichotomy by considering the effect on…

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  • Residential Education Dichotomy

    Many students with disabilities are mistreated based on things beyond their disorders. Both Catherine A O’Brien and Peggy Placier wanted to study and analyze an important part of social justice approaches to schooling. The study was investigating the struggle that many minority students faced based on their racial, ethnic, and linguistics in deaf residential schools. Through extensive research both O’Brien and Placier decide to further understand and explain the many discourses about students in…

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  • Automobile Dichotomy

    I chose the manufacturing of electric and hybrid automobiles because I find this industry to be a dichotomy within itself. The overall concept of these vehicles sounds like the ultimate solution to the world’s biggest environmental issue, air pollution. We once thought that electricity could take the place of fossil fuels and power our cars with no harm done to the planet, but research has proven otherwise. As it stands today, the United State’s auto giant General Motors, is third in…

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  • Dichotomy In Dracula

    Together, this trinity of unholy women embodies a bestial form that both seduces and terrifies the traveler — in his words, the attack was “Honey sweet… but with a bitter underlying the sweet.” (Stoker 69). While the vampires fulfill Jonathan’s physical yearning with their beautiful bodies, their tart presence signals to him the possibility of moral violation. These are the women who yield to the impulses that their moral and societal obligations would otherwise prohibit; the sexually tinged…

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