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  • Criticism And Utilitarianism In Hard Times By Charles Dickens

    Hard Times is a novel written by Charles Dickens which judge the English society and tells us about the social and economic pressures of the 19th century. Hard Times is a Victorian novel and is very realistic. Victorian novels bring about realism in literature. Dickens novels are realistic depiction of Victorian society like class consciousness, rapid urbanization, poverty, child labor etc. Dickens talk about love, aspiration, human passion and Hard Times is a novel written by Charles Dickens which judge the English society and relationships in his novels and they usually have a strong moral message. Victorian age is a period of peace and prosperity since no major wars happened however the flipped side of Victorian era was very ugly. In Hard Times, the story is set in a fictional industrial town, called Coketown. Mainly Dickens' novels depicted life like and real like characters, situations and issues, they were taken out from the daily life of Londoners. Hard Times satires on the rich class, the utilitarian who believe that what they did is fully right if they are useful or if it is for the benefit of the majority. They have no interest in individualism and imagination, they focus only on facts alone and they did not encourage any sort of entertainment and fancy. Charles Dickens use many flat characters to let us know about the realistic conditions of the people living in the Victorian era. And his languages changes depending on who the narrator is depending upon the age,…

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  • The Count Of Monte Cristo Essay

    A young boy named Edmond Dantés turns into a man due to extreme and strenuous circumstances that forces him into manhood. He takes on a new identity, the Count of Monte Cristo and earns possession of a large inheritance. He then gets revenge on those who were responsible for his 14 years in prison. This is one of many important conflicts that occur in, and determine the plot of, The Count of Monte Cristo. Others include Valentine and Maximilian’s love story, Albert and the Count’s duel, and…

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  • Sacrifice In Charles Dickens A Tale Of Cities

    his own life thus, drinking his problems away. “ I am a disappointed drudge, sir. I care for no man on Earth, and no man on Earth cares for me,”(Dickens, 103). This shows the flaws in him make him human yet, everyone is so concerned with perfection it causes conflict and discrepancy within the character. It was difficult to approach a single conclusive thought. There is also foreshadowing shown, here, Carton would never change or care for anyone until he met the person he loves. Which…

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  • Tale Of Two Cities Comparison Essay

    A Tale Of Two Cities A Tale Of Two Cities by Charles Dickens, revolves around the idea of redemption in the midst of the chaos of the larger scope of injustice surrounding the main characters. While the movie does a decent portrayal of the nuanced themes in the original story, many fall flat or are not noticed at all, though the movie as a whole was a well told rendition. The book opens with focus on the phrase, “Recalled to life” which in it repetition drives home the importance of some kind…

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  • Symbolism In Dante's Inferno

    The word “inferno” means Hell in Italian. Hell is where the main character Dante Alighieri and the ghost of the Roman poet Virgil, who was sent Dante’s deceased loved one Beatrice, travel in order to help Dante get back on the right path. The reason why Dante travels to Hell is because the Ghost of Virgil offers to guide Dante through Hell in order to get to Paradise (Heaven) to purify himself of all his sins. During the journey in Hell, they travel through the Nine Circles of Hell. The Circles…

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  • Theme Of Revenge In Dante's Life

    Revenge in Dante's life Revenge is a powerful thing to want. It consumes people, and can make them forget the important things going on around them. They think that they are getting justice for themselves. When really sometimes revenge is as pointless as putting out a fire with gas. A man named Edmond Dantes was wrongly imprisoned for 14 years. In those years Dantes sat in a prison called the Château d'If, he thought of many different ways to get revenge on his enemies. The men he thought he…

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  • Mercedes Life Without Unexpected Love Quotes

    8. "Mercedes was left alone. Bathed in tears, she was seen ceaselessly wandering around the little village of the Catalans, sometimes standing motionless in the blazing heat of the southern sun, sometimes sitting on the beach listening to the eternal moaning of the sea asking herself whether it would not be better to let herself sink into the depths rather than undergo the cruel suffering of a wait without hope" (Dumas 40). The narrator is describing Mercedes life without Edmond. This quote is…

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  • Compare And Contrast Charles Carton And A Tale Of Two Cities

    personal views on their worth in life. First of all, both of these men confess their love towards Lucie Manette. Charles Darnay and Sydney Carton have extraordinary similar love lives, in the way that they both fall in love with Lucie Manette. Although Darnay marries Lucie in the story, Carton confesses his love and desire to marry her also. In Darnay’s conversation with Dr. Manette when he requests permission to marry Lucie, he states “Dear Doctor Manette, always knowing this, always seeing…

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  • Narrative Ideas And Themes In The Chess Players By Satyajit Ray

    R5A Final Essay Narrative threads can be transformed and presented differently between an adaption and original text to allude to separate and various layers of the significant historical background, characters, and themes of the same story. Satyajit Ray’s adaption of Premchand’s “Chess Players” attempts to delineate the historical scene in nineteenth-century Lucknow, a city distinguished for its Nawabi or aristocratic style, its potent civic decadence and its relished taste in music and the…

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  • Character Analysis Of Monsieur Defarge And Sydney Caron In A Tale Of Two Cities

    well of the Republic, and possesses its confidence. But my husband has his weaknesses, and he is so weak as to relent towards this Doctor.” (Dickens 448-449) On one side, Monsieur Defarge serves as a constrained, enabler of his wife, Madame Defarge, but on the other side, Defarge could be believed to be alike the characters who represent a more positive side of the novel. After finding that Monsieur Defarge served Manette as a servant for multiple years, some light is shed on to the positive…

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