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  • London Of Darkness

    The representation of the London of ‘light’ and the London of ‘darkness’ has evolved throughout the history of literature; this change can be explored and observed when comparing the topics of the country and the city within popular literary works of art. Within Charles Dickens’ Oliver Twist the countryside is viewed as the London of ‘light’ while the city is viewed as the London of ‘darkness’. These themes are brought out by the realism Dickens uses in relation to the period in which his novel was written, between 1837-39. On the contrary, Arthur Conan Doyle’s novel The Sign of Four represents the London of ‘light’ through the city of London while the London of ‘darkness’ is signified by the countryside. These ideas will be shown by close…

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  • Informative Speech On London

    TUCTA SEARCH London England What about this a) town/city and b) this country and c) this institution of learning beckon to you? London England is a “popular destination for expats not only because it has a large population that speaks English, also because it has a strong economy and in close proximity to both the rest of Europe and North America” London would be my pick because I have two brothers and a sister in London I can stay with for free and save money on accommodations. Although I…

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  • Wallenberg Place In London

    Wallenberg Place is in the London district of England. The postcode is inside of the Bryanston and Dorset Square ward/constituent division, which is in the voting demographic of Cities of London and Westminster. Metro Take the Blue or Orange Line to the Smithsonian Station. Leave through the Independence Avenue/Bureau of Engraving and Printing Exit. As you venture off the lift proceed on Independence Avenue towards fourteenth Street. Cross and go left on fourteenth Street and the BEP is one…

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  • London Bridge Station Research Paper

    Design Brief: History of London Bridge Station – 500 London Bridge Station is one of the busiest stations in London and it is always changing. The first station was opened on 14 December 1836 at Tooley Street, which is currently the first and oldest station in London. It was opened by the London and Greenwich Railway (LGR). To make money they decided to lease its line and terminus to other railway companies from the south east that wanted access to London. The London and Croydon Railway…

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  • Symbols In William Blake's Poem London

    What makes people want to go to the city of London? Many people would answer that there is a lot of historical places to see. In William Blake’s poem, “London”, readers are brought on a trip back in time to a part of the city’s history that tourist now find go to see. This time traveling experience of the poem certainly isn’t pleasant because the whole text is focused around a negative era in this England city. Throughout the four stanzas and sixteen lines readers feel different emotions such as…

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  • Bleak Streets, Tone, And Symbolism In William Blake's London

    Symbolism in William Blake’s London When one thinks about the city of London, they think of all the good things. Concepts like a fairy tale monarchy and citizens with delightful accents are the common allure for those born outside the monarchy. What they do not remember are all the horrible things that happened there, like the Black Plague and the reign of King Henry VIII. Even today there is crime and corruption throughout the city. What William Blake wants his audience to remember is the…

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  • A Comparison Of London, Political And Economic Capital Of The UK

    2.12. London Tourism London, political and economic capital of the UK, is one of the most visited cities in the world due to its special and cosmopolitan character (Stienmetz, Maxcy, & Fesenmaier, 2013). London has something like hooks and all London is fun, culture, light, and colour. London is capable of surprising both those who visit for the first time, and those who fell in love with her and cannot help but visit regularly. In the world, there is nowhere quite like London. This is not…

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  • The Importance Of Sacred Space In London

    these places is Westminster Abbey. Westminster Abbey is in London, England and is since…

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  • Symbolism In To Build A Fire By Jack London

    “To Build a Fire” by Jack London is an American short story that is about a man that goes out into the freezing cold Yukon, Alaska. Jack uses many literary tools throughout his story. The best ones that he used throughout his story is setting, imagery, and point-of-view. “London emphasizes the existential theme in “To Build a Fire” in several ways, the most important of which is his selection of the setting in which the story takes place.” ( The story is set in Yukon, Alaska,…

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  • Sir Bloodworth's Role In The Destruction Of The City Of London

    This would of forced the City to pay back the damages to all of its citizens. So instead, an inferno caused by a forgetful baker, fueled by a strong wind and indecisive leadership, was blamed on Catholics and a young Frenchmen for over 150 years. Overlooked however, is the role of Sir Bloodworth; though Sir Bloodworth might not have had a personal hand in starting the fire, abusing his civic duty allowed the destruction of the Fire to increase before authoritative action was taken by Charles…

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