The Importance Of Law And Law In England

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London England
What about this a) town/city and b) this country and c) this institution of learning beckon to you?
London England is a “popular destination for expats not only because it has a large population that speaks English, also because it has a strong economy and in close proximity to both the rest of Europe and North America” London would be my pick because I have two brothers and a sister in London I can stay with for free and save money on accommodations. Although I don’t care at all for the culture and life styles over there; one of the things that I admire about the country is their education system. My older brother is a solicitor, (which in the U.S we call a lawyer) and Law is my area of study. We (My brother and
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You see, In England, the path to become a lawyer is faster than that of the U.S.; According to my brother, after your bachelor degree in an area of law, you go to 1 year law school then you are able to practice law for two years under a training contract, after that you are done and on your own to practice as you wishes. Whereas here in the U.S. to become a lawyer, you must first have a bachelor degree, then another three years of law school, then sit for, and pass the bar exam before you can practice …show more content…
What exact scholarships or grants would you apply for? Why are they the best ones for you to apply for?
There are few offered scholarships that I would be qualified to apply for; Open Civic Engagement Scholarship, Civic Engagement Scholarship, Academic Merit Scholarship and Social Ambassadors Scholarship. I definitely would apply for the open civic scholarship which I think is the best for me because it offered the greatest amount of money (4,000 pounds off the tuition) as well as practicable qualifying criteria.
What language are the courses given in? Do you speak the language fluently? Is there a language test/translation exam for incoming students? If you a not fluent in the language, what can you do now to master it before applying?
The University of East London does not have language test or translation exams and the courses are given in English. Although English is my second language, I speaking it fluently even better than my first (Yoruba, from Nigeria, West Africa) language; so I will not need any accommodation in this

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