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  • Importance Of Professional Behavior In Nursing

    Professional behavior is something that all nurses from students to experienced nurses must work through all the time. This is because nurses are at all times working within the public eye. Thus they must be transparent to uphold standards. Though this can have some drawbacks due malicious people wishing to slander nurses or vent there own frustrations. Behavior must also be maintained by the nurse themselves, always seeking to be life long long learners." A dedication to self-regulations and the exercise of discretionary judgement. "Other factors include how a nurse ins dressed and how they present themselves to the public. A simple but effective way that we are able to show that a nurse is ready and able to preform the job is having a clean…

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  • Creative Writing: Doodle's Walk

    ’” He just wanted Doodle to be normal child. I think teaching Doodle to walk would be important because he wasn’t gaining anything from being pulled around all day in the cart. “It was about this time that Daddy built him a go-cart and I had to pull him around.” Doodle was probably not doing much physical activity after being pulled around. I believe that most children should be able to walk, but if physically handicap, they may not be able to. I relate to this story very close.…

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  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Prime Numbers

    is referred to as the sieve of Eratosthenes. The numbers are first arranged in ascending order. Then all the multiples of 2 (starting with 4) are all marked as composite. Next all the multiples of 3 (starting with 6) are marked as composites. The process is continued taking the multiples of each prime (but not the prime itself) till all the composite numbers in the interval are spotted. The remaining numbers are the primes. This method is one of the most efficient ways to spot all the smaller…

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  • What's Your Sign Integer Addition Video Analysis

    Channel was called What 's Your Sign: Integer Addition. This video was about eight graders in a pre-algebra class. The main topic that the video discussed was addition with integers. This video was about five minutes long, and although it was short, it was packed full of information. This video on integer addition goes along with chapter 5.1: Addition and Subtraction of Integers. In this video the teacher, Ms. Krasnow, was teaching her students how to add and subtract with integers, without…

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  • Common Mathematics Misconceptions In Mathematics

    The misconception or mistake lies in forgetting or not being aware that in subtraction, the amount you want to subtract is different from the quantity you have to subtract from. Furthermore, in subtraction, the original quantity that you have or want to subtract from is usually the larger digit (unless the equation involves positive and negative integers). A mistake like this can result in an incorrectly answered basic fact. Specific ways to help students avoid and/or overcome…

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  • Math Misconceptions Essay

    subtraction operation. When given the question: 2-5= ?, students may give the answer: 2-5= 3, instead of the correct answer of: 2-5=-3. The student believes that the equation 2-5 cannot be done, so rearranges the equation to 5-2 to solve the equation and hence gives an incorrect answer. By rearranging the equation to bring the largest digit to the beginning of the equation, it is in turn asking a different question, and therefore gets the incorrect answer. How and Why the Misconception Occurs…

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  • Case Study On Kayla's Grandmother

    Kayla is a 17 year 1month old young lady in the 12th grade in the Dickenson County Public School System. Per self reporting she enjoys school and is an A-B student. She plans on attending college in the veterinarian field. She loves animals. Her favorite subject is English and least favorite is math. She is having a good year and is excited about her upcoming graduation. She shared she recently took her SAT and had just received her scores. She scored a combined score on English and math of…

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  • Education And Citizenship: The Universal Declaration Of Human Rights

    Thompson The Myth of the student loan crisis). Yes, they know people get better paying jobs if they have a degree as Allan and Thompson have said that a person with no high school degree can make as little as four hundred and forty-one dollars a week and even with a high school diploma they can make at most six hundred and thirty-eight dollars a week that is barely a two-hundred-dollar difference while on the other side a person with a bachelor’s degree can make up to one thousand and fifty…

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  • Civil Court Observation

    I visited the New York County Civil Court. I heard five misdemeanors cases in those ninety minutes I was in there. The courtroom was filled with different type of employees. There was the Judge,the security and the lawyers. There were also police officers bringing in the people who were in custody. They will make sure is them and they would call them up and take a picture of their eyes. They made sure it got cleared and after that the person in custody could speak with their lawyer. There was…

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  • Anurupyara Case Study

    4.3 ANURUPYENA (Ekadhikina Purvena) COROLLARY: Anurupyena (means Proportion) Meaning: By one more than the previous one Anurupyena Sutra is a specific method of division in Vedic Mathematics which shows how to divide numbers when Nikhilam and Paravartya are not applicable. Specific Condition Required: _ As we know the meaning of Anurupyena (as proportion/ratio), we multiply/divide by factor to make divisor closer to larger number (To apply Nikhilam) OR to make closer to smaller number (To apply…

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