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  • Compound Bow Essay

    Compound Bow: Introduction Introduction Bows are tools or weapons used by archers and archery hunters to compete in competition and harvest wildlife for food and trophies. The compound bow in particular, is a mechanical tool/weapon that enhances the primitive technology originally created by man to enhance accuracy when hunting or shooting at a target. Compound bows can be used for hunting various types of game as well as used for competition shooting. People of most ages with practice and maintenance can be successful archers for many years. The concept and explanation of the compound bow is intended for those interested in starting a hunting/target shooting career. The mechanics, the use of the bow, the maintenance requirements, and the safety concerns will be addressed. Mechanics Compound bows are made up of several complex systems of parts. First of all, the bow has the frame itself. The frame is made up of the upper and lower limbs, the limb bolts, the sight itself, the arrow rest, the grip, and the stabilizer. The string area on the other hand is composed of the Idler cam and lower cams, the peep sight, the nock, the wrist wrap, the cables and their respective cable rod and rollers, and the string itself intertwined into all of that. (See figure 1). Each component has a specific purpose within the mechanical system of the bow. The limbs and the limb bolts control the amount of pull or force the bow will have to draw. The sight and peep sight are for the aiming of the…

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  • Tudor Longbows Analysis

    Tudor longbows were most prevalently featured as the primary projectile weapon of war during the reigns of King Henry VIII because of their success against similarly equipped enemies and their regulatory aspect. Before archery transformed into a source of luxury entertainment for the upper classes, it was a necessary skill demanded by the monarchy to preserve national defenses through a trained civilian army. King Henry VIII even instituted ordinances and parliamentary statutes that required men…

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  • Why Is The English Longbow Important

    The English Longbow was the machine gun of the middle ages, it was the deadliest weapon on the battlefield. The English Longbow contributed greatly to their military dominance against the French in the Hundred years war. After the hundred years the English longbow started to slowly fade away. The English longbow was the most important English military invention of the 1300s and it changed the political face of Europe forever. The longbow was invented by the Celts in Wales around 1180 C.E. but…

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  • How Did The Hundred Years War Happened In Joan Of Arc's War?

    From 1337 to 1453 ce, England and France fought against each other in the Hundred Years War; inspired by Joan of Arc using their deadly longbows France was able to almost drive England out of the country. The Hundred Years War was a series of battles that took place between 1337 to 1453. Besides battles there were raids, sieges, and diplomatic maneuver. England and France were never friends,because they both wanted each other's territory. This is most important conflict that happened during the…

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  • Long Range Weapons In Medieval

    many types of long range weapons, the most influential were the longbow and the crossbow. Some other long range weapons that were not so effective compared with the crossbow and longbow were slingshots and throwing axes. These weapons may not have been as effective but they were much cheaper and easier to use. How were long range weapons made? Two main weapons dominated in the Medieval period: the longbow and the crossbow. These two weapons were the best in their time, so how were they made?…

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  • Inventions During The Middle Ages

    life Many inventions were created during the middle ages such as the sundial,the heavy plough and the hourglass. There were many inventions during the middle ages both large and small. These inventions consisted of things such as the hourglass, the sundial and the heavy plough. Many different types of weapons were produced during the middle ages. Some of the many weapons that were made are lances, crossbows, longbows and flails. Inventions such as the crossbow and longbow…

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  • Yeoman-Class In England

    This distinction - which lives on today in such spectacles as the Trooping of the Colours, in London - can similarly be traced to the warfare of the longbow. Medieval European armies employed crossbowmen. The crossbow required time to arm, yet was fairly accurate over short distances. Therefore crossbowmen fired as individuals. The longbow was less accurate. By firing as an individual the longbowman was more likely to miss his target. But if whole "platoons" of English longbowmen fired rapidly…

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  • Essay On Middle Ages

    referred to as the Dark Ages or the Medieval Times, was an era of growth, art, architecture, Church dominance, and a feudalistic society. Innovation and development were major aspects of this time period. Major steps were developed in the fields of warfare and medicine that drastically changed the course of history. More well-known medieval inventions and developments include the printing press and the adoption of gunpowder. However, this paper focuses on three other developments of equal…

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  • The Black Plague And The Battle Of The Middle Ages

    It is seen in two different large events, The Black Plague and the 100 Years War. The Black Plague was characterized by the people trying to find something or someone to place the blame on. They were able to find something, like God, the Jews, or the cosmos, to be a scape goat, and effectively use it to enhance their political agendas. Not only were they looking to place the blame on something, but they also saw it as a way to react to the plague. The 100 Years War was about a difference in…

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  • Negatives Of Mongols

    Their primary military influence was the weapon technology and organization of the army. The Mongols successfully used new inventions and were extremely adaptable to their environments. The primary weapon used by the Mongols was the Composite Bow. Some would know that in Europe, the English had the best bow in history, called the English Longbow. However, the composite bow was much more effective than the English longbow and could fire almost double the range of the longbow (Poisou). In…

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