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  • Summary Of Masterful Coaching By Robert Hargrove

    straightforward. The reading introduces three focal points to the reader. The first one is Personal Transformation. Personal Transformation is the basis of Hargrove’s principles and is the key to the "existence" of the individual. The next focal point is a way of "Being", which is fundamental to becoming a competent coach. Hargrove states that the role of the coach is defined in the context of being a steward. Finally, Hargrove associates the capability to produce amazing outcomes with personal transformation and presents the idea of transformational learning. Hargrove makes sure of this by requesting the readers to think through three learning loops. Those loops are the single loop learning (acquiring new skills-what passes for education), secondly, is the double loop learning (modifying our way of thinking /behavior) and finally, the triple loop learning (fluctuating perspectives). CONCRETE RESPONSES Hargrove’s three focal points are necessary for my everyday life. According to Hargrove (1995), “coach is someone who engages and connects with the learning system of a person, business or institution with the purpose of refining it so as to influence people 's capability to perform" (pg. 17). I relate to this on an everyday basis, both professionally and personally. My career requires that I provide services to individuals who are diagnosed with intellectual disability. It is my responsibility to learn about significant trends and services to impact their lives positively.…

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  • Compare And Contrast Four Programming Languages In Programming Paradigms

    The loop predicate is defined as loop from N, the Statements loop is executed until the condition get false. Increment(N) is used to increment or decrement the loop count. And loop(n) is again called to attain the loop concept recursively. And when the value N becomes ‘0’ the loop stops. • In Prolog, only few statements can be combined in complex ways. Therefore, it is simple and it is not as readable as written logic. When comes to writablity, it is easy to write for basic programs, for…

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  • The Outsiders Movie Essay

    The story The Outsiders are an amazing story in which takes place in the 50’s to 60’s era. The story is about the Greasers and the Socs which were two different social groups. The Greasers are like the criminals and the hoods, and the Socs are the rich kids with fancy cars and wear button up shirts. The story is based around a kid named Ponyboy who lives with his two other brothers since their parents died. One day Ponyboy and Johnny, who is a kid that hangs in the Greaser’s gang, go walking in…

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  • Pole Vaulters Movement Analysis

    Imagine sprinting for 40 meters while holding a pole up to three times your height. At the end of the runway you propel yourself up as high as you can to fly over a bar. The four stages include prep and stance, acceleration, pole plant, and clearance and landing. The pole vaulters stance is the set up in preparation to begin accelerating towards the platform. The 40 meter dash while holding the large pole is a phase known as approach. The stance swing occurs during the pole plant which then…

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  • The Notorious Jumping Frog Analysis

    From reading The Notorious Jumping Frog of Calaveras County, I would add a piece of technology that would help Jim Smiley win more bets with his frog. I would add a device that would be capable of measuring jumping height, force from takeoff, and the landing force. This way Mr. Smiley could go out and gather frogs and test them until he singled out the best frog for him to use in his bets. Mr. Smiley taught the frog that he caught in the story on how to jump higher, but if someone else were to…

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  • Personal Narrative: A Leap Of Faith

    Or you don’t even have to jump at all, it’s up to you.” I had to think for a little bit about this. The history here is a little bit deeper than I would like to admit. I had only started hanging out with Mikayla’s friends since the beginning of the summer. Zach was definitely a person I could trust, but I was still a little skeptical about jumping with him. This was my biggest fear that we were talking about here. This was the obstacle that haunted my nightmares. This was the one thing that has…

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  • Observation To The Classroom

    At this point about a third as much as previously done when he went to jump earlier. He had his right arm bent with his hand holding onto the back of his head. He had all of his fingers and his palm touching the back of his head. His other hand was outstretched entirely. He made the motion of a sprinkler, going slowly one way and then digressing partly back the other. While making this sprinkler motion, he twisted at his torso to make the rotation effect of the sprinkler. Every time he…

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  • Summer Time Research Paper

    make it to summer workouts on time. After workouts me and a few others from the basketball team would go up to the gym and shoot around. Then at 12:00 i would have to be at work. I had the perfect summer job, I worked at the Pawnee bathhouse as a lif guard. Days at the bathhouse were fun and entertaining. One of my favorite times was when Caleb finally “jumped” off the high dive. He was are most loyal swimmer coming everyday we opened from the beginning. Everyone gave him a hard time about not…

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  • Iterative Statement In Programming Language

    pre-defined iterative statements include do, dotimes, dolist and loop (includes for and while) In Prolog there are no iterative statements. Since Prolog is a fact and rule based language and the programmers are allowed to provide with the info what needs to be achieved rather than how it needs to be achieved there are no iterative statements in Prolog.…

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  • Carnival Triumph

    foot deep pool of water were extremely terrifying. On one side of the pool was a platform where you could dive off of, and the other were sharp rocks you could cut yourself on them if you didn’t dive far enough. I remember yelling to my brother “I’m scared, Ernie! I don’t want to jump! It’s too deep!” All I remember hearing from him is “Don’t be a wimp! You won’t have a chance to do this again! Just do it!” With that being said, I took a deep breath, held it, and jumped as high and as far as I…

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