Longitudinal study

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  • Essay On Longitudinal Study

    This online journal article is a longitudinal study of 1,214 children and 888 adolescents. The longitudinal study was done to research the children’s relationship between early child care and adolescent functioning. It was experienced that children in center-type care were linked to higher class rank and had a higher academic standing. Higher quality child care predicted higher academic grades. Fewer hours in child care was related to behavior problems in kindergarten. The studies suggest long-term benefits of higher quality child care and parental guidance are the most important measures for a child’s academic status in the future. The article focuses on the effect of early childcare for children and the outcome it has on their academic achievement their last year of high school. The research done was to determine if the quality of childcare affects the children academic standing as adolescents their last…

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  • Longitudinal Studies

    1. a) A longitudinal study is a study approach where data of a person, or people, is gathered over a long period of time. For example, a Perry Preschool study (high/scope program) was conducted using the longitudinal approach. Researchers continuously added new information to their original files, using the original participants, for the length of 40 years. A cross-sectional study is a research approach where participants of differing ages are observed and compared, at a single point in time.…

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  • Longitudinal Studies In Prisons

    I would choose to study a cohort of fifty, 30-year-old inmates of both genders who would be released after 15 years during the study. A longitudinal study would allow me to be able to visit and converse with them, get information about how they live their lives behind bars and also study how they would cope with their return to society. According to Novak, 2012 “Longitudinal studies look at age cohorts or individuals over time” (p. 41). With how fast technology has been improving and growing in…

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  • Cross-Sectional Studies Vs. Longitudinal Studies

    cross-sectional and longitudinal studies. Cross-sectional studies allow researchers to compare different population groups at the same time (“Cross-sectional Studies vs. Longitudinal Studies,” n.d.). So, if a psychologist wanted to see how many words on average a 2 year old says, he could randomly select a certain number of children who were the same age and observe them to get the information he was seeking. Longitudinal research is utilized when a researcher wants to test the same group of…

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  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Cross-Sectional Designs

    Chapter11: Nonexperimental Designs Activity 1 1. Survey is a type of design is known more for the breadth of data collected than for the depth of its data. 2. Longitudinal is a major disadvantage of this design is the length of time needed for data collection. 3. Correlational is the main question is whether or not variables co-vary. 4. Ex- post facto words mean “after the fact”. 5. Cross -sectional eliminates the confounding variable of maturation. 6. Correlational quantifies the magnitude and…

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  • Role Stressors In Nursing Research

    Maintenance of nursing staff has turned into a noteworthy test to managers. Aim to stop is a capable indicator of turnover among medical attendants, and additionally different callings. Past studies on the indicators of expectation to stop have given careful consideration to part stressors as they impact expectation to stop, or on the degree to which changes crosswise over time in stressors are connected with aim to stop. We gathered longitudinal information from 201 recently utilized, learner…

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  • Alcoholism On Family Research Paper

    Each longitudinal study focused on a different stage of life; The Michigan Longitudinal Study (MLS) focused on early childhood, the Adolescent/Adult Family Development Project (AFDP) on early adolescence, and lastly the Alcohol and Health Behavior Project (AHBP) focused on early adulthood. Each longitudinal study had a slightly different research method used to collect the data. The design of the MLS study was through the recruitment of alcoholic families, which were identified by community…

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  • I Have Always Thought Adaptation Was A Wonderful Thing Analysis

    quite what the study had in mind. Last fall, I spent about a month in the file room of the Harvard Study of Adult Development, hoping to learn the secrets of the good life. The project is one of the longest-running—and probably the most exhaustive—longitudinal studies of mental and physical well-being in history. Begun in 1937 as a study of healthy, well-adjusted Harvard sophomores (all male), it has followed its subjects for more than 70 years. Interviews: Ben Bradlee: "I Haven't Been…

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  • Locus Of Control Orientation: Parents, Peers, And Place

    In the first study, the researchers focused on whether age differences in agentic and communal values shower the same patters across a wide spectrum of countries individualism and collectivism. At the end of the first study, they found that age was generally positively associated with communal personal values and was either not associated or negatively associated with agentic values. In the second study, the researchers tested whether people in different cultures increased the consonance between…

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  • School Readiness

    “ authored by Maria Cantalini-Williams, Jessica Perron, and Andrew Biemiller describes the effect of age and gender on kindergarten admission. The authors performed an exploratory study that induced a review of existing literature on the effect of age and gender on a child’s school preparedness. To this end, the researchers sought to analyze the concept of school readiness with respect to age and gender. The study revealed that children that start schooling at an older age exhibit better…

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