Longitudinal Research Essay

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A Developmental psychologist uses many of the research methods utilized in many other areas of psychology. There are a number of ways that Developmental psychologists can conduct research and gather information. One way is through observation in cross-sectional and longitudinal studies. Cross-sectional studies allow researchers to compare different population groups at the same time (“Cross-sectional Studies vs. Longitudinal Studies,” n.d.). So, if a psychologist wanted to see how many words on average a 2 year old says, he could randomly select a certain number of children who were the same age and observe them to get the information he was seeking. Longitudinal research is utilized when a researcher wants to test the same group of people …show more content…
It is important that all sources used are credited and properly referenced including as much information as possible such as file number, archive, etc. (Bracco-Callahan, 2006). Archival research is unobtrusive and does not require a researcher to interact with a single research participant as it relies on searching through past records or data sets to see if there are any patterns or relationships (Bracco-Callahan, 2006). Research is a way that psychologists find answers to questions that are supported by evidence and facts. Facts are observable realities that can be proven using only evidence that has been collected through empirical research (Bracco-Callahan, 2006). Each research method that a researcher may use has unique strengths and weaknesses. Researchers need to look at each method and select the one(s) that are appropriate to answer their research question.
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This study revealed that students who believed in their skills did better than those who did not. Studies like these help educators and parents understand the significant influence that they have helping children with learning and attention problems become confident effective learners. Recognizing self-defeating behaviors is important as these are often ineffective coping strategies that frequently mask feelings of low self-esteem and hopelessness (“Student Empowerment,” n.d.). Educators can use the information from this study to minimize the despair these students experience so that they can put strategies in place that will help these children become better students and more successful during their

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