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  • Looted Art By Hector Feliciano: Article Analysis

    Looted Art It is because of the looting, we have lost thousands of art pieces and possibly never learned about artists that have existed. I chose this article because it shows how looting has been an ongoing problem almost from ever since the beginning of art. This article explains that almost every country when it would acquire new lands and conquer other countries would take over their art and make it their own. This way it would bring more wealth to the nation that is taking over. But not only it would bring wealth, it would expand their culture and bring in new values and ideas. In this article it gives examples how England would loot the treasures of China and India on their quest on expanding their colonies. How France would take over…

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  • Looting In Peru

    Article Analysis Two 1) In ‘The Destruction, Looting and Traffic of the Archaeological Heritage of Peru,’ author Walter Alva focuses on the mining and looting of ancient sites which leads to the destruction of many artifacts present. He also touches on the damage done to the archival record by removing the artifacts from their original context and sending them away to collectors or foreign museums. Alva works towards drawing attention to how collectors and museums play a large part in…

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  • Prejudice And Poem In Telephone Conversation By Wole Soyinka

    Comparative Essay “Telephone Conversation” by Wole Soyinka was written in 1962, set in London. Soyinka is a Nigerian playwright who was the first African that won the noble for literature in 1986. Few years later, “Still I Rise” by Maya Angelou was written in 1978 set in the American Slums of Harlem. Angelou is an educator, and civil rights activist. Together both poems explore the themes of prejudice and racial discrimination. “Telephone Conversation” explores the idea of racial prejudice…

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  • Objectivism And Altruism Analysis

    Teaching Objectivism to the courtroom, Rearden is attacking Collectivism and Altruism by accepting reality; that one must produce for their own self-interest in order to pursue their own happiness and prosperity; anything outside those motives are illogical and immoral. This moral code he is condemning breaks the law of existence: “A is A (1038)”. If A is not A, a person’s sole motive to live is not for himself, rather, to live for others. This premise denies reality, reason, and logic in place…

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  • 1977 Blackout Riot Analysis

    Regardless of the nature of a riot, a riot is inexcusable. The citizens in the video did however claim to have a reason. They said it was political. Constant years of neglect along with barely having enough to survive. Regardless of the situation I feel that the people are optimistic and took advantage of a bad situation. In both situations, social deprivation, injustice or blackout, looting was not the means to the issue that was present. In looting they took advantage of the situation. Yes, it…

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  • Williams And Coster Case Analysis

    Paul R. Williams and Christian Coster address blood antiquities and a culture of impunity- meaning freedom from punishment or injurious consequences. The past centuries and the decades that followed saw pillage, destruction, looting, faking and smuggling of invaluable excavated artifacts of “blood antiquities” into western markets from conflicted areas such as Iraq and Syria and its neighboring areas. In the recent past years, Isis destroyed in Iraq museum its precious work of art and destroyed…

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  • Compare And Contrast Martin Luther King Jr And Malcolm X

    After a local pizza shop owner refused to put any African Americans on his wall of fame and a black man was killed by police, locals in the neighborhood decided to rise up and fight the power. African Americans broke into Sal’s pizzeria and eventually set the place on fire. The black community looting and burning Sal’s shop to rubble is a prominent example of Malcolm X’s belief that African American’s should rise up and use violence to protest discrimination and unequal treatment. On the other…

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  • Harris And Carbado Analysis

    stuff that they lost during the hurricane. However, the press means that the black man is looting and the two white people is searching…

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  • Situational Crime Prevention

    nature rather than property crimes, and were spread throughout the United States, not just the sites of the attacks. These and similar hate crimes can be mitigated in the future with a stronger police presence in areas that are predominately comprised of the ethic group targeted. This could be in and around places of worships, schools, businesses, etc., and can reduce hateful actions towards these members of the community through a deterrence based approach. In the time following natural…

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  • Police Brutality: Article Analysis

    Unfortunately many protestants end up in jail and some even lose their lives. It is sad to see the way that police brutality controls police officers in a way that just harms families and communities. Why loot? Why riot? When you are not being treated fairly, looting and rioting is the way to go in order to search for equality. Brittany Cooper in her article also states the necessity of rage in the following way. “Rage must be expressed. If not it will tear you up from the inside out or make you…

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