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  • Donna Abbandonata Character Analysis

    Donna Elvira is portrayed as the “Donna Abbandonata” (abandoned woman) throughout various literature. In particular, I will examine her character through Wolfgang A. Mozart and Lorenzo Da Ponte’s Don Giovanni. Donna Elvira is a sensible and imprudent woman throughout her ordeal with Don Giovanni. She can’t decide whether she wants to kiss Giovanni or to kill him. Donna Elvira is unwavering in her goal throughout the opera. She is in love with Don Giovanni even while being completely aware of his faults. Lorenzo Da Ponte, while influenced from previously written works of Don Giovanni, wrote an original libretto for Mozart’s opera. His characterization of Donna Elvira epitomizes the “Donna Abbandonata” theme, as well the way Mozart wrote her music. I will be breaking down her character through musical and literary analysis. However, to fully comprehend her role as a “Donna Abbandonata”, I will begin at the origins of this figure. The theme of the abandoned woman in the mythical Greek-Roman stories reoccurs a figure of the heroine who fell in love with a stranger, it helps him in a difficult task, being somewhat less than the duties that bind the family and their homeland; then follows it, often far away, only to be betrayed and abandoned. In the…

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  • Le Nozze Di Figaro Essay

    After Idomeneo, Mozart composed a few more operas, but in 1786, the premiere of Le Nozze di Figaro set Mozart’s opera career on a new path. Le Nozze di Figaro is one of, if not the most famous opera buffa composed by Mozart. The Libretto was written by Lorenzo Da Ponte, and is the was first of the infamous Da Ponte operas, the others being Don Giovanni and Cosi fan tutte. The opera is set in 18th century Spain. This story takes place on the wedding day of Figaro and Susanna, Count Almaviva’s…

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  • Amadeus Movie Analysis

    Nicole Orgeron’s Movie Critique- “Amadeus” 10/21/2015 Watch the award winning movie from 1984, “Amadeus” based on Mozart’s life, directed by Milos Forman then answer the questions below to receive credit for this assignment. 1. Name one of the Academy Awards this film has won. One of the Academy Awards Amadeus won was Best Picture. 2. Which actor was nominated for an Oscar in this film? Tom Hulce, was the actor that was nominated for an Oscar for starring in Amadeus. 3. What does the old…

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  • Reflection Of The Movie Amadeus

    Peter Shaffer’s 1984 film Amadeus is the story of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, told from the perspective of his peer, so called friend, and rival Antonio Salieri. The movie begins with a man yelling Mozart 's names and saying that he killed him, we soon learn that the man is none other than Antonio Salieri and he is attempting to commit suicide. This act lands him in an insane asylum, where he is then interrogated by Father Vogler a priest who gets Salieri to tell him what he meant by he killed…

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  • Mozart Don Giovanni Analysis

    While cheerful and bright melodies are used to represent Mozart’s early years in his short lives, the prelude of the opera “Don Giovanni” composed by Mozart after the death of Leopold Mozart – Mozart’s father – indicates the relationship between Mozart and Leopold and shows the process how Salieri set his scheme foreshadowing the death of Mozart. First of all, the opera “Don Giovanni” suggests the abnormal relationship between Mozart and his father. In the film, Mozart is illustrated as a…

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  • Amadeus Mozart Comparison

    Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart born in 1756 is one of history’s greatest composers and became a protégé at a young age. When he died in 1791 he had already composed numerous classical pieces that are still considered masterpieces today. In 1979, Peter Shaffer performed his play Amadeus that he fashioned after Alexander Pushkin short play called Mozart and Salieri. The film version came out in the 1980’s. The film is an adaptation of Mozart life and all his struggles as a prodigy, and the man who people…

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  • The Future Of Afeed By M. T Anderson's Feed

    Anderson 's Feed is really just a worst case scenario type of deal. Our current world still has a long way to go before it gets even close to that type of future. And in actuality technology such as that shown in the feed is necessarily a bad thing it 's just being used in a bad way. When the feed first came out I 'm sure it wasn 't intended to be used as a mass form of marketing, "It was all da da da, this big educational thing, da da da, your child will have the advantage, encyclopedias at…

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  • Symbolism Symbols In Macbeth

    Symbol Example from story Importance Act 1: Nature “Look like the innocent flower, but be the serpent under it.”- Lady Macbeth (Act 1 scene 5 line 72-73) “The air nimbly and sweetly recommends itself unto our gentle sense.” - King Duncan (Act 1, Scene 6, Line 1-2) “... heaven’s breath smells wooingly here.” - Banquo (Act 1, Scene 6, Line 6-7) All of these lines compare Macbeth to something in nature. Lady Macbeth’s line says that Macbeth needs to look like a flower but really be a snake deep…

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  • Case Study: Eastern Airlines

    As a result Frank Lorenzo took over operations and demanded lower labor cost with wage cuts and layoffs in order to save the company. Despite the merger with Texas Air, Continental went into bankruptcy in order to reorganize and get out of existent contracts. With lower wages restrictions and expansion to the eastern, western and the Great Plains region due to actuation of People Express and Frontier, Continental became one of the largest airlines in the United States. As a result of Lorenzo’s…

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  • Venus And The Lorenzo Lotto Analysis

    fostered a war zone within Venice. Aspiring artists hoped to cement their legacy as the likes of Giovanni Bellini or Raphael, but few managed to achieve what Titian did. Critics rave over Titian’s vibrant use of color and his masterful brushstroke. Many studied under Titian, but where was their success? Why was there seemingly such a remarkable barrier of skill between Titian and those below him? Three works of art on display at The MET’s Gallery 607 allow for a great analysis of what really…

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