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  • Wayne Gretzky's Hockey Career

    When he was eighteen he got traded and began playing for the Edmonton Oilers.(“Wayne”)He had gotten another offer from the England Whalers that he did not accept.(Gretzky & Reilly 31)This was the start of Wayne’s NHL career. The first four games Wayne had played in flew by and by the fifth game, he had finally got his first goal.(Gretzky & Reilly 47)Not only did he help the Oilers get points throughout the season, he also lead them to four Stanley Cup championships.(“Wayne”)After being with the Oilers for quite awhile something unbelievable happened. Wayne got traded to the Los Angeles Kings.(“Wayne”) This was possibly the biggest trade known in sports history.(“Wayne”)Not only were hockey fans involved,instead, the whole nation was.(“Wayne”)Some people were furious with this change and soon enough protests and rioting broke out because of…

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  • How Does Gang Violence Affect Society

    gang, that boy might want to join too so he can follow in the peer 's footsteps (Schou). Some kids join gangs as a form of protection; as a way to be protected from bullying. Being in a gang can also provide a status for kids.Similar to a lunch table at a school, they are identified as one of those people, and people will not harass them. A "neutron", in gang terminology is a person who associates themselves with a gang, but is not considered a fully integrated member. Before they can become a…

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  • Rush Hour: The California Culture

    When people talk about the United States as a whole, one of the first things they talk about in particular is the great state of California. California is like the homecoming king of a high school dance in the sense that everyone has their eyes on California and everyone wants to be like California. There are literally thousands of books, songs, plays, museums, and monuments that show the many traits and characteristics of the Golden State, but out of all the things that portray California’s…

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  • Gangs In Society

    The gangs that were created in the Midwest and the West coast thrived but the Northeast did not. Around the same time the civil rights movement was taking place many of these gangs agreed and participated with the Black Panther Party and the U.S. Organization. On the West coast gangs were started by Mexicans. Unlike New York and Chicago street gangs in this region consisted of young Mexican men, Mexican palomilla (a “male cohorting tradition” (Sage Pub)), and boy gangs that were created in…

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  • African American Media Manipulation

    During this period, there was intense racism in Los Angeles where African Americans were viewed as dangerous people. African Americans had little to no freedom because if they left their neighborhood to go to a white neighborhood like Lynwood and Alameda, they would get interrogated like a criminal. In the documentary, Peralta shows the Watts Riot of 1965 as an example of urban unrest. According to Healey (2013), he compares race riots during the 19th century and the urban unrest of 1965 by…

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  • Why People Join Gangs

    Vance Byrde, 18, was shot and killed outside his home with a group of people when a man approached him and fired multiple rounds. Davon Williams, 24, was shot and killed while trying to break up a fight when a man open fired upon him. Pete Cordero, 35, was shot in an apartment and was eventually found dead behind the wheel of his car. All these, and many others, are believed to be gang related, all occurring just last month in Los Angeles alone. Over 2,000 people die each year from gang related…

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  • Essay On Street Gangs

    early as the 1820s. Street gangs have become more popular over time, with gang activity peaking in the 1980s until the late 1990s. Gangs typically recruit children as young as age 15 and 37% of gang members are under the age of 18. In more recent times the prevalence of gang has poisoned the minds of the youth in urban communities around the United States. Gangs have been a problem in urban communities for a very long time. The first gang to gain popularity in the United States was the 40…

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  • Biography Of Patrick Kearney

    Patrick Wayne Kearney was born on September the twenty fourth on ,1939 in Los Angeles California. He was the oldest of three boys, he was raised in a reasonable stable family. Kearney lived a trauma free life. Throughout his early age he was a thin sickly child who was often a target for bullies at school. As a teenager he became unsociable and fantasized about killing people. He was born in East Los Angeles yet though he still lived in texas for some time. Kearney moved back to California after…

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  • Narrative Essay On Gangs

    A Beautiful Yet Destructive Creation Not all street gangs are made for wrong doing. Many people might think down on the creation of gangs but it is a part of survival in their region. Street gangs, which pull peers into gangs for protection and social status, assemble to protect their neighborhood, family and friends from other street gangs thus causing rising crime rate and innocent people dying because of this. First off, there are a few definitions for gangs because authorities had a hard…

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  • Golden Gulag Analysis

    formulated as a cause and effect analysis that attempts to unearth the motive force behind the construction of prisons in the state of California. More importantly, the author carefully presents four prevailing concepts that can be utilized to further understand the dynamic relationship between crimes, the fluctuation of laws and maintaining social stability through control. In addition, the author focuses on different time periods ranging from the late 1960’s to the early 2000’s, in order to…

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