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  • Amadeus Movie Analysis

    Nicole Orgeron’s Movie Critique- “Amadeus” 10/21/2015 Watch the award winning movie from 1984, “Amadeus” based on Mozart’s life, directed by Milos Forman then answer the questions below to receive credit for this assignment. 1. Name one of the Academy Awards this film has won. One of the Academy Awards Amadeus won was Best Picture. 2. Which actor was nominated for an Oscar in this film? Tom Hulce, was the actor that was nominated for an Oscar for starring in Amadeus. 3. What does the old man at the beginning of the movie do to get brought to the insane asylum? The old man at the beginning of the Amadeus movie, attempts suicide by slicing his throat and wrists. 4. Who goes to visit him there? Father Vogler, a priest, goes to visit the old man at the insane asylum at the beginning of the movie to offer the old man time to say his confession. 5. What is Antonio Salieri’s job position and who is his employer? Antonia Salieri’s job position in Amadeus is court composer and his is Emperor Joseph. 6. What is Mozart doing when Salieri sees him for the first time at a party? When Salieri first sees Mozart, he is chasing a woman to flirt with her and then finds himself in the same room with Mozart and the woman. 7. Who is Mozart’s employer when Salieri first sees him? Mozart’s employer when Salieri first sees him, is Prince Archbishop of Salzburg. 8. What color waistcoat is Mozart wearing when he meets with Emperor Joseph for the first time? During Mozart’s meeting with…

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  • Reflection Of The Movie Amadeus

    Peter Shaffer’s 1984 film Amadeus is the story of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, told from the perspective of his peer, so called friend, and rival Antonio Salieri. The movie begins with a man yelling Mozart 's names and saying that he killed him, we soon learn that the man is none other than Antonio Salieri and he is attempting to commit suicide. This act lands him in an insane asylum, where he is then interrogated by Father Vogler a priest who gets Salieri to tell him what he meant by he killed…

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  • Amadeus Mozart Comparison

    Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart born in 1756 is one of history’s greatest composers and became a protégé at a young age. When he died in 1791 he had already composed numerous classical pieces that are still considered masterpieces today. In 1979, Peter Shaffer performed his play Amadeus that he fashioned after Alexander Pushkin short play called Mozart and Salieri. The film version came out in the 1980’s. The film is an adaptation of Mozart life and all his struggles as a prodigy, and the man who people…

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  • Black Swan Movie Analysis

    Black Swan: A Movie Analysis “I felt it. What? Perfect. I was perfect.” The movie starts with a ballerina dancing to a musical piece beautifully, and then enters a hideous black bird, which seems to torture the ballerina. The young and naïve ballerina is our protagonist, Nina Sayers, played by Natalie Portman. The ballet company she works in, opens for a new season. The director announces that the season will open with an ambitious adaption of “Swan Lake” with a new face. Nina dreams that…

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  • A Bag Of Marbles Analysis

    In the memoir, A Bag of Marbles, Joseph Joffo recounts his and his brother, Marurice’s, journey of survival as Jewish children who spend World War II hiding from Nazi soldiers in France. The movie Sophie Scholl – The Final Days, directed by Marc Rothemund, tells the story of the founding members of the White Rose resistance group, established during World War II, Sophie Scholl and her brother, Hans Scholl. They were student activists against the war and Nazi propaganda and wrote and distributed…

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  • Haydn Symphony 40 Analysis

    In a letter to Bailli Du Roullet sent on 1 July 1775, Gluck had this to say about the work, “ The opera is a cask of frozen wine, the spirit which has withdrawn to the centre; it is truly exquisite but with too much body to be drunk in any quantity” . The opera’s librettist is Bailli Du Roullet and the opera consists of 3 acts. The specific work I will be focusing on is a piece called Grands dieux, du destin qui m’accable which is a very beautiful piece of music. The recording I listened to is…

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