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  • Analysis Of The SS And The Gestapo: Instruments Of Destruction

    The SS and the Gestapo: Instruments of Destruction A few questions many researchers ask during study of WWII is, “How did we let this happen? What instruments could carry out such atrocities?” Even before the war started, there was persecution and maleficent intentions towards people that were deemed unfit to reproduce. Who would carry out these crimes against humanity? What extent of damage did the dark acts of the Geheime Staats Polizei (literal translation, Secret State Police or, best known as, the Gestapo) have in Nazi controlled Germany, and what lessons does it teach all of us today? 1940’s Protestant Pastor Martin Niemöller best put the situation many Germans were in when he wrote, “First they came for the Jews and I did not speak out…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Resistance Movement In Germany

    Were there multiple resistance movements or just one big one? There were many resistance movements within the German community, not just one. Some of them with different motives to others and some of them were more successful than others. The Red Orchestra The Red Orchestra was a German and Soviet Union resistance movement, where its sole purpose was to free Germany from Hitler’s power. The name Red Orchestra was given to them by the German police (The Gestapo) due to the group using names of…

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  • William Dodd's In The Garden Of Beasts

    middle of the book, Martha Dodd, was being set up as a love interest for Hitler, but it never worked out. Instead she fell in love with a Russian, who believed in Communism, named Boris, who loved her too. And when the Russian found out they planned to recruit her, towards the end of the book she took a trip to Moscow and was approached by the Soviet NKVD, who wanted her to be a source of covert information. And later found out Boris was sent to Germany to help recruit her. While in Berlin she…

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  • The Rise Of The Nazi Party

    30th of January 1933 was a momentous day which the leader of the Nazi party – Adolf Hilter was appointed as the chancellor of the Reichstag, granting him power to rule Germany. However, his stand in Germany was not strong enough. In the March1933 election, NSDAP only won around 43.9% of the German votes . It was not the majority. They still needed NSVDP’s help to control the parliament. Opposition parties, like SPD and KPD, on the other hand, gained the second most votes after NSDAP. Therefore,…

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  • Free Argumentative Essays-The Gestapo Of America

    The Gestapo Of America Kathryn Johnston was alone in her Atlanta, Georgia, home at the age of 92. It was night, and she was most likely preparing for bed. Suddenly her door was busted down without a word and armed men crowded her doorway. Naturally she attempted to defend herself and fired her pistol one time above the men’s heads. In rapid succession 39 bullets violated her house from the intruders’ high powered weapons. The old and frail woman was pronounced dead, riddled with six bullet holes…

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  • The Gestapo, Green Police, And Jews During World War II

    violence and public belief, the Gestapo, Green Police, and SS struck fear into the hearts of German citizens and Jews during the World War II. To understand how the Gestapo spread fear throughout Europe, one must understand the beliefs and values of a newly-formed Gestapo Soldier. As the Daily Beast explains, “Ordinary policemen were transformed into ideological zealots, trained to root out communists, homosexuals, slaves, gypsies, the work shy… and persecute them without mercy.” The ordinary…

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  • Concentration Camp And The Holocaust

    Throughout all of World War II and the Holocaust, the Nazis relied on the use of concentration camps to carry out the Final Solution, exploit the Jews and other undesirables, and use what they stole to be able to fund their involvement in the war. The Nazi rulers were able to train their own versions of troops and create an elite association of men who ran the concentration camps. The SS was made of men who were able to kill people at point blank. By the times these men were done with training,…

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  • Rome Open City Film Analysis

    Rome, Open City is a film directed by Roberto Rossellini about the plight of the citizens of Rome during Nazi occupation in 1944. The film starts with a leader of an underground Italian communist leader, Giorgio Manfredi (Marcelo Pagliero), escaping from the Nazi Gestapo atop of the rooftops of Rome. After escaping, Giorgio Manfredi meets a woman named Pina (Anna Magnani) who is the fiancé of another communist party member. Through Pina and her son, Giorgio Manfredi gets in contact with Don…

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  • Thou Shalt Not Lie Analysis

    “Thou shalt not lie” (Kant, 2009, p.389). Enumerated in the Ten Commandments, this concept has been commonly upheld for centuries. Immanuel Kant provided this as his primary example of moral law in Groundwork of Metaphysics of Morals. He maintained the view that lying is always morally wrong and utilized the Formula of Universal Law and the Formula of Humanity as an End in Itself to justify this viewpoint. In accordance with these laws, a hypothetical has been posed: If a Gentile provided refuge…

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  • Julie And Inhumane In Code Name Acquainted, By Elizabeth Wein

    said “The purpose of torture is not getting information. It is spreading fear.” The novel Code Name Verity, by Elizabeth Wein, follows the story of Julie as she is captured and tortured by the Gestapo for sets of code and other information. She is forced to write down all of her experiences and information she knows about the England War Effort. In Code Name Verity, Elizabeth Wein gives the reader insight on how terribly the prisoners are treated, the inhumane things done and how they will be…

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