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  • Chronic Illnesses Essay

    Define chronic illness I think I have a good understanding about what chronic illness is and how it differs from acute illness. Acute illness and chronic illness are different types of illnesses so they are not managed in the same way. Acute illnesses are those that have a shorter duration and will resolve with time and treatment within a few months so the focus is on treatment how to get rid of the illness. Chronic illnesses on the other hand, have a longer duration and may even be lifelong this means that the focus is still on treating the illness, but in addition to the condition, the provider also focuses on helping the patient manage aspects of living with the condition for an extended period. Recognize the impact of culture on clients…

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  • Chronic Pain

    Chronic pain is defined as a long period of time where the pain persists and does not let down. Chronic pain is very different than acute pain as it is more than just a sensation that lets us know we may have a possible injury. This type of pain is usually due to a medical condition or damage to the body. Chronic pain can cause many different types of feeling and emotions such as hopelessness, anger, anxiety, etc. Some ways to treat chronic pain are through surgery, physical therapy,…

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  • The Importance Of Chronic Diseases

    Having multiple chronic diseases can hinder anyone’s ability to be able to live a normal and sufficient life. Wilkinson, Treas, Barnett, and Smith (2015) stated “Long-term illness and disability cause mental, emotional, or physical limitations” (p.294). HS has PCOS, Narcolepsy, severe allergies, asthma, PCS, and TBI. Due to her having all of these conditions it has hindered her growth to be able to have normal social interactions and feel as confident as she could if she didn’t have these…

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  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

    This study examined the effects of two definitions of chronic fatigue and chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) on two personality traits, Neuroticism and Extraversion. Neuroticism also known as emotional instability. The hypotheses of the study were to associate emotional instability and extraversion traits with chronic fatigue and CFS in a genetically informative sample. Participants were monozygotic and dizygotic twin pairs with at least one twin member was chronically fatigue for at least six…

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  • Patricia Fennell: Four Phases And Effects Of Chronic Illness

    Chronic Illness A chronic illness is any medical condition that is long lasting in its effects and that vary greatly both in their essential characteristics and the ways in which they affect families and its adaptive functioning. Some chronic illness get worse over time, while the symptoms of other chronic illnesses will flare up occasionally. Every family is a balanced system and after learning of a patient’s chronic illness, a family will experience some loss of equilibrium. The illness…

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  • Chronic Kidney Disease

    CKD-MBD Chronic kidney disease can reck havoc on the bones. When the kidneys fail to regulate the balance of phosphorus, calcium, and vitamin D or when hypooclaemia dn hyperphopahtemia persist, parathyroid hormone will increase to compensate. Although the body is adaptable it will eventually fall behind. According to Ruf & Clifford (2010), "The cornerstone of management of chronic kidney disease-mineral bone disorder is to maintain normal bone turnover by maintaining adequate PTH and vitamin D…

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  • Essay On Chronic Kidney Failure

    Pathophysiology for chronic kidney failure • Chronic kidney failure, also previously known as chronic kidney disease, is a nonreversible disease. The kidney may lose up to 80% of its nephrons before any signs and symptoms may appear. The nephron is the smallest part of the kidney and its job is to filter blood. The loss of nephrons can come from various ways ranging from diabetes, hypertension, urinary tract obstruction, chronic glomerular disease and chronic infection. Diabetes causes loss…

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  • Chronic Fatigue Case Study

    Introduction Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) has a profound and debilitating effect on the lives of individuals with this disease. With symptoms such as sleeping disturbances, severe fatigue, cognitive processing issues, muscle pain and weakness and sore throat’s and fever this illness affects all aspects of an individual’s life (Asbring 2000, Arroll & Howard 2012). While research is being undertaken to find the underlying causes of this syndrome, it has so far only touched the surface of the…

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  • Chronic Kidney Disease Essay

    There are three primary functions of the kidneys: Manage blood pressure Produce hormones and red blood cells Remove waste from blood Kidney disease for cats can be a result of a poor diet, genetics, bacterial infection, poisons and/or old age. This paper will provide nutritional guidelines in cases where age, diet or genetics generates chronic kidney disease (CKD) in a cat. While chronic kidney disease cannot be reversed and progresses with time, a diet modified for cats with CKD can help…

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  • Causes Of Chronic Kidney Disease

    Every thirty minutes the kidneys filter the blood in the body and removing the excess fluid. Most people live with two kidneys, but it is possible to live with one. I have survived with one kidney today trying everything to protect and live a longer life. “More than 26 million American adults have a chronic kidney disease (CKD). This means one adult out of every eight in the United States has decreased kidney function. (Santiago, 2015) How can people be so unaware of a disease that strikes…

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