Chronic pain

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  • Chronic Pain

    Chronic pain is defined as a long period of time where the pain persists and does not let down. Chronic pain is very different than acute pain as it is more than just a sensation that lets us know we may have a possible injury. This type of pain is usually due to a medical condition or damage to the body. Chronic pain can cause many different types of feeling and emotions such as hopelessness, anger, anxiety, etc. Some ways to treat chronic pain are through surgery, physical therapy, rehabilitation, or medication. Chronic pain does not discriminate; it affects people all over the world. Approximately 60 million people or “10% of the world’s population endures chronic pain” (Goldberg & McGee, 2011). It is hard to get an accurate statistic…

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  • Chronic Pain In Sufferers

    No one wishes to live for an extended time with chronic illness, but unfortunately, millions of people are experiencing great constant pain in their lifetime. Particularly, older aged individuals are vulnerable and medicine cannot cure the chronic pain. Therefore, the medical research groups are studying recent trend and the old-fashioned remedies to find out which therapy is effective for chronic pain in sufferers. “According to the pain clinic research reports,” chronic pain victims…

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  • Chronic Pain Thesis Statement

    Thesis Statement Chronic pain is a disabling condition that affects over 100 million Americans (IOM, 2011). It is constant or recurring pain that remains beyond the healing of an injury or acute illness. Chronic pain has the ability to destructively affect a person’s quality of life including their mental and emotional well-being. The pharmaceutical industry’s strong influence on American culture encourages healthcare providers to overly prescribe medications that offer temporary relief to…

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  • Chronic Pain Management Case Studies

    Primary diagnosis: Affective disorders. Secondary diagnosis: Chronic pain. Code 2480- but that code is “Diagnosis established – no predetermined list code of medical nature applicable. Did not find code for pain or chronic pain. The claimant was a 59-year-old woman. Alleged disability: She could not sit for more than 20-35 minutes at a time, had muscle and bone aches, lack of energy, no sexual activity, and depression. Her physical discomfort did not…

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  • Chronic Pain Management Case Study

    arrival of the initial visit to John’s house, it was clear that his illness with chronic pain was quite severe and he needed his pain management viewed by the community nurse to help him live a happier and healthier life. Chronic pain is complex, however, for the purpose of this essay the topics that the community nurse will focus on are: pain management, including specific education of the importance of medication compliance, the significance of Johns physical, emotional and social health which…

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  • Chronic Pain Exercise Essay

    Exercises and Natural Remedies for Musicians With Chronic Pain Musicians with chronic pain due to overuse, inflammation, and repetitive stress injuries suffer both physically and emotionally. After all, it is debilitating to experience such pain while performing your passions. It’s also frustrating to visit with multiple medical professionals, only to hear that you will need costly surgeries, or worse, they recommend you give up what you love! Fortunately, there are a number of natural…

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  • Informative Essay On Chronic Pain

    pharmaceutical industry? Do prescribed medications fix our pain and discomfort or do they temporarily mask our pain? Consider chronic pain, everlasting pain that never completely goes away. With prescribed medication comes temporary relief as well as a gateway to more problems also known as negative side affects. Why don’t we start prescribing our own medicine, why don’t we consider medicine with positive side affects. We can and we must educate ourselves to indulge in immediate and long term…

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  • Chronic Pain Research Paper

    The quote “pain is weakness leaving the body”; can be traced to the Marine Corps. This motivational quote is often used to inspire marines to endure painful stimuli. But what is pain? Pain is a neurological response to stressful stimuli, such as an illness or injury. It can manifest in one of two ways: chronic or acute pain. Chronic pain is persistent pain that can last for years. According to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, and the National Institutes of Health,…

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  • Chronic Knee Pain Video Analysis

    Recently, NBC nightly news showcased a news from by public relations efforts. The news frame is called “FDA Approves New Treatment For Chronic Knee Pain”. Although this video is shown on a major national news site, it is sourced from public relations professionals. Throughout the video, they follow a woman with chronic knee arthritis. She begins by explaining the pain and then the narrator describes her extensive medical treatment before she had the new treatment. Continuing, the narrator…

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  • Botox Research Paper

    help people who experience a lot of muscle conditions. Reduce Pain Almost Instantly Pain is a chronic condition that affects millions of Americans. People are stricken with pain in a variety of areas of their body, including their back and knees. In some instances, pain sufferers have become immobile due to their inability to walk when they suffer from persistent bouts of pain. Typically, steroids are given to alleviate pain, but there are serious consequences to consistently taking steroids.…

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