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  • Neurology Admission Essay

    With the tremendous amount of research and new therapeutic modalities developing, I expect practicing neurology to be very rewarding as patients who suffer from chronic neurological conditions have increasingly more hope. The recent discovery of the neuro-lymphatic system by the University of Virginia may unlock key mechanisms of immune related neurological disease such as multiple sclerosis, autism, and Alzheimer's disease. I am excited to seeing this field of translational research improve the lives of patients through new forms of therapies. I look forward to a residency program that will help me sharpen my diagnostic acuity, challenge me to continue learning and grow into a compassionate neurologist I endeavor to…

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  • Neurology Case Study

    simple as a flu, and as difficult as intensive care cases. I will always remember one day, it was one of those days that are full of doubts about what you want to do, and your career; I walked into the emergency room and my supervisor asked me to accompany her to the area of neonatal intensive care, to assist her with a girl named Amelia who had lost newborn-reflexes. She was born premature, and seeing such a helpless creature fighting for her life stunned me. I went home crying for all of…

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  • Neurologist Career Research Paper

    Next up is the requirements section. To be a neurologist, you need a lot of other skill, other than decent educational skills. Requirements that a neurologist need include: a M.D. (medical degree), a clinical residency, fellowship in a special area, Medical licensure, and a board certification in neurology ( There are also extra special qualities that a neurologist needs. The qualities that a neurologist needs includes: communication skills, compassion, detail oriented,…

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  • The Seven Stages Of Alzheimer's Disease

    who specializes in neurology. They treat and diagnosis problems in the brain, nerve, and spinal cord. They can treat conditions like Epilepsy, Spina Bifida, Alzheimer 's disease, birth defects, strokes, Parkinson 's disease, and so on. Some neurologist choose to go to school for treating people of a certain age, mostly children or elderly people. Neurologists can work as a reference for healthcare professionals by giving them advice about the effects on the nervous system. They can give…

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  • Pediatric Neurology Clinic Observation Report

    I checked my phone, the screen displayed a missed call from the previous night. Shortly I received a call from the Director of the Hispanic Ministry at my church. A group formed to outreach minorities and provide an environment for personal growth. In that instant, the Director’s call, was about change my view on the importance of compassion. The Director called to inform me that one of the adolescents I was outreaching was presumed to have committed suicide, her name was Rose. Exteriorly she…

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  • Importance Of Evidence Based Medicine

    incident triggered my interest in Medicine and Neurology in particular. The field of medicine is one such beautiful and noble profession that God has bestowed on the planet of humanity. Against all the ills, evils, and hatred, it is medicine that stands to fight against all negativities and bellicosities. It guarantees the position of Doctor…

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  • Chiropractor Case Study

    How A Chiropractor Can Help You With These Problems Chiropractic care is focused on identifying and treating neuromuscular disorders. It is mainly based on manually adjusting and manipulating the spine. While it is a proven method for treating chronic back pain, it can help with a variety of other issues, including migraines, neck pain, autoimmune diseases, depression, and others. In fact, most chiropractors are both trained and certified in fields like physical rehabilitation, orthopaedics,…

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  • Parkinson's Research Papers

    Kinesiology works together with the disciplines of medication and surgery because exercise is crucial to one with Parkinson’s- even if they take medication or undergo surgery. Medication and surgery are complementary to each other because surgery is an alternative treatment option for patients who aren’t responsive to medication, along with cases of advanced-stage Parkinson’s disease. Neurology works together with the other three disciplines because as our understanding of Parkinson’s disease…

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  • Nt1310 Week 5 Assignment

    genetic, environmental, familial or lifestyle. I will analyze the pathology, including genetics and biochemical aspects. Then, having to diagnose the research technologies on PSTD. Thesis: Having to analyze neuropsychological disorder, including epidemiology, the risk factors, the natural history of the condition, diagnostic methods, treatment options, nervous system structures and pathology, and neurotransmitter systems relating to the PTSD disorder. Therefore, the brain matters, it plays a…

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  • My Interest In Research

    the challenges I faced while adjusting to college. The greatest challenge was the dealing with anxiety. To deal with this, like all other challenges, I had to analyze and discover the cause. Time spent in introspection revealed one of the major causes to be my excessive self-criticism. If anything occurred contrary to plans, I was quicker to blame my incompetence rather than acknowledging impossibility of accounting for every single variable. Realizing this, I strove to increase my flexibility…

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