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  • Essay On Interventional Cardiology

    Interventional cardiology is a relatively new field in medicine. The doctors within this field treat heart diseases through minimally invasive procedures through the use of catheters, stents, and balloons. Catheter are thin tube made up of several types of material depending on how it will be used. A stent on the other hand is a tube composed of metal that can remain within the body to keep a blood vessel open. Interventional cardiology is said to be first discovered by Andreas Gruentzig in 1977 when he widened part of an abnormally narrowed, a condition called stenosis, left anterior descending artery through the use of a balloon catheter.3 Previously any treatment of the heart required open heart surgery which put the patient in high risk…

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  • Cardiology

    college, and for cardiologist, that is more that slightly true. Cardiology, the study of the heart, is a broad, yet specific, field of study. One could deal with heart problems in general, such as heart palms and plaque, or one could delve deeper in to subcategories such as implants and echocardiography, tracking heartbeats through sound waves. However, before even acquiring a job, cardiologist must go through 2 years of hands on training through clinical rotations and specialty training. Only…

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  • Cardiology Personal Statement

    India, I soon came to realize the effectiveness and importance of the simple EKG. When the patients arrived in distress, a quick and accurate interpretation of the clinical picture including the EKG was essential to initiate early life-saving maneuvers, cardiopulmonary resuscitation and stabilization prior to transfer to the tertiary referral center. I spent hours researching on effective cardiac resuscitation techniques and came to regard cardiology as the most prestigious and noble profession.…

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  • Cardiology Research Paper

    What is Cardiology?Cardiology is the branch of medicine that deals with diseases and abnormalities of the heart.What can this type a doctor do?.They can help people with heart disease,blood vessel,and other thing that affect the heart and blood vessels.To be a Cardiologist you need four years of medical school as well three years of internal medicene traning.Finally,one must compleate three more years of what is called specialized traning and private practices and universities.Other requirements…

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  • Caabarrus Memorial Hospital Case Summary

    hospital’s services were consolidated. CMH is a modern well-equipped facility that included several educational affiliations, which included a unique teaching arrangement with Duke University Medical Center. The CMH-Duke program began in 1968 with Duke faculty members leading training sessions aimed at improving medical expertise, technological advancements and new skills while maintaining sophisticated patient care. The new program would include a suite for open-heart surgery; this could lead…

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  • Exercise Testing: A Case Study

    Throughout history, there are different guidelines set on the topic of exercise testing. Two organizations that handle these changes are the American College of Cardiology (ACC) and the American Heart Association (AHA). These organizations set guidelines for exercise testing in 1997 but then revised these guidelines again in 2002. In 2002, they modified ten categories from the 1997 guidelines. These ten guidelines that were changed include: ST heart rate adjustment, unstable angina, older…

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  • Primary Angioplasty Essay

    importance of primary angioplasty A heart attack, if not done within the golden period, weakens the hearts affecting the quality of life of an individual and often the family, making the drive to do a primary angioplasty all the more intense. Primary Angioplasty (PAMI) is the best form of therapy for an acute STEMI; world over. The success rate of primary angioplasty is more than 95 percent when performed by experienced doctors in a hospital that can provide integrated expertise at short…

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  • Ringworm Informative Speech

    the store without a prescription, but it is important to treat it as soon as you can because it can blister and then you will need to get some antibiotics to treat it. When it comes to Hand-Foot-Mouth Disease there really is not any type of treatment, but there are things you can use to relive some of the pain and discomfort like pain medication and some kind of mouth wash that numbs the pain for the sores in the mouth. The most important thing in both of the diseases is that you have to make…

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  • Essay On Chronic Heart Failure

    A specific lifestyle advice which could be suggested to Aala’s grandmother is she should increase her physical activity (8). Exercise has shown to improve health-related quality of life and decrease the number of hospital admissions of patients with heart failure (7). It is recommended by The European society of cardiology to regularly undertake aerobic exercise (3). It is significant for Aala’s grandmother to maintain a healthy diet as being over-weight or obese leads to increased risk of…

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  • Heart Failure Papers

    rising (1). There are multiple causes of the heart failure: ischemic heart disease and non ischemic heart failure (due to Alcohol, HIV, post partum…). There are two types of the heart failure: heart failure with reduced EF ( HfrEF) and heart failure with preserved EF ( HfpEF). The Median prevalence of systolic heart failure was 5.5 and diastolic heart failure was 36% and all type of heart filature had a median prevalence rate of 11.8 % with HfpEF more common than the HfrEF (median prevalence…

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