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  • Essay On Coronary Arteries

    Coronary arteries are one of the most important parts of the body because of many different factors. Heart muscle needs blood rich in oxygen to function and pump more blood throughout the circulatory system. If the blood does not carry enough oxygen, the veins will carry it away. Blood can only be delivered when the heart is relaxed; because once they contract they become narrow. These arteries are structured differently as opposed to many of the other arteries in the human body. The coronary arteries are bound on the outside of the heart walls and have specific sections that submerge into the heart muscle to bring its blood into. These arteries are structured differently as opposed to many of the other arteries in the human body. They have a spherical lumen…

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  • Transposition Of The Great Arteries Essay

    Description of Disease Transposition of the great arteries is a life threatening congenital heart defect. In transposition of the great arteries, the two main arteries, the aorta and the pulmonary artery, are reversed. These arteries are responsible for carrying blood away from the heart through the left or right ventricle depending on whether the blood has been oxygenized or not. In a normal heart, there is a constant blood flow pattern in which blood is cycled from the body to the heart, the…

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  • Conclusion Of Coronary Artery Disease

    This presentation will summarize what Coronary Artery Disease (CAD) is, so the patient and family will have a better understanding of the disease. Coronary Artery Disease is thought to “begin in early childhood and is evident in the teenage years” ( The plaque keeps building up each year and stays with a person for life. As a person ages the risks of coronary artery disease becomes higher with the type of lifestyle a person chooses. “The leading causes of CAD are “high…

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  • Coronary Artery Disease Case Study

    Coronary Artery Disease Levi Gatherwright Morehead State University Coronary Artery Disease Coronary Artery Disease, CAD for short, is caused by a buildup of plaque in the coronary arteries that supply the heart with oxygenated blood. The plaque (Atheroma) is a waxy like substance that consists of calcium, lipid compounds, and blood clotting compounds such as macrophages and fibrin. The buildup takes many years to accumulate; the plaque eventually swells the arterial wall restricting blood…

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  • Coronary Artery Disease

    muscle, which pumps blood to the entire body. The heart is located in the chest and the size if it around the human fist. Everyone has to prevent his/her, heart because many people facing health problems, such as heart diseases. It is a group of conditions that affect the structure and the functions of the heart. Heart disease could affect anyone children, men, women, and even adult. There are different types of heart disease, which are coronary artery disease (CAD), congenital heart disease…

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  • Coronary Artery Disease Analysis

    Coronary Artery disease is a cardiovascular disease that develops from excessive plaque buildup in the arteries, which obstruct blood flow and increase the risk for heart attack and stroke. This disease can be heredity but may also develop as one gets older. The numbers of deaths reported yearly from this disease are quite high. There are many obvious symptoms and risk factors associated with this disease that one should never ignore. There are numerous amounts of measures one may take in order…

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  • Essay On Coronary Artery Disease

    Coronary artery disease continues to maintain its status as the leading cause of morbidity and mortality in the United States. It is a high priority of clinicians not only to manage the acute symptoms of coronary artery disease, but also to prevent future major adverse cardiac events, such as acute myocardial infarction and cardiac death. Percutaneous coronary intervention is a nonsurgical procedure to treat atherosclerosis within the heart’s vessels (cite). Percutaneous coronary intervention, a…

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  • Coronary Artery Disease Research Paper

    My heart disease essay is about Coronary artery disease. Coronary heart disease is a disease in a waxy substance called plaque which builds up inside the coronary arteries. The arteries supply oxygen and rich blood to your heart muscle. When plaque builds up in the arteries, the condition is atherosclerosis and the buildup occurs over many years. Coronary heart disease is also a narrowing of the small blood vessels. Coronary artery disease can’t be cured, but treatment may help the disease.…

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  • Essay On Coronary Artery Bypass

    What is the most important thing in your body? If they are a foodie, some might say the stomach, but the most vital is the heart. The heart keeps every structure and every organ alive and without it you know longer can experience the pleasures of this so called life. To keep your heart and body healthy the most common answers to do that are eating right, exercising regularly, and getting enough rest, which they are correct. Some people do not do that and they have a higher risk of developing…

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  • Superior Thyroid Artery Lab Report

    Title Anatomical variation of the superior thyroid artery and its relation to the external laryngeal nerve. Introduction The thyroid gland is the largest endocrine gland located in the anterior triangle of the neck. It consists of two lobes, right and left, connected by an isthmus in the middle. The thyroid gland is mainly supplied by the superior thyroid artery, the first branch of the external carotid artery, and the inferior thyroid artery, a branch of the thyrocervical trunk of the…

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