Article I and Article III tribunals

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  • Anti-Kickback Law Violations

    Anti-Kickback Law violations specifically. Whether Dr. Fonn violated the Anti-Kickback Law is going to be an interpretation by the federal authorities and a federal judge in this matter. Mr. Watters added that the discipline of Dr. Fonn by SFMC did occur in the wake of this matter. He advised that Dr. Fonn did not declare, as he was supposed to, that he had a financial stake in a particular company that provided medical supplies. This was determined to be a conflict of interest. While this was not Anti-Kickback Law violation, it was discovered by the fact the federal authorities were investigating. He advised those records would be supplied. I advised Mr. Watters that if I could find something more clearly defined, I would contact him. I have spoken to federal authorities but have not been able to get information about specific items. I asked him to provide what he could and explain in a letter as he had explained to me what he did have in possession, normal hospital billing…

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  • Importance Of International Investment Law

    However, this paper will not evaluate all the issues raised in Methanex case; it only presents the third issue in the scope of Article 1110 of NAFTA. The Tribunal argues that ?Measure enacted by California was a lawful regulation and not an expropriation?.[footnoteRef:44] The Methanex award has been compared to the award of Metaclad v. Mexico in regard the measure tantamount to expropriation because of the different award given by tribunal. The Tribunal in Methanex case did not use the Metaclad…

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  • Steinweg V Inc Case Summary

    CASE NOTE: Inco Europe Ltd & Ors v First Choice Distribution & Ors I. INTRODUCTION This case bears a great importance on II. THE CASE A. FACTS Inco Europe was a dealer in non-ferrous metals traded on the London Metal Exchange. It had previously done business with Steinweg, owner of an approved LME warehouse for metals being traded on the exchange. The two have been in business together for at least three years preceding this collaboration. Inco Europe and Steinweg usually dealt on the terms…

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  • Legal Adjudication Case Study

    uk/about-the-judiciary/the-justice-system/Court-structure/) Moreover a civil case sometimes goes to magistrate’s Court, but it also goes to County Court and then appeals goes to High Court and then Court of Appeal ( Here is a diagram showing the UK Court system. Civil Court structures are as follows  Magistrates’ Courts- which deals small and domestic matters  County Courts- claims in contract and tort,…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of The Canadian Charter Of Rights And Freedoms

    I. INTRODUCTION Freedom of expression is one of Canada’s fundamental freedoms, as laid out by the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. This freedom is highly valued in most democratic countries and as such is very highly protected. The Ontario Human Right Code grants everyone freedom from discrimination on multiple different grounds. Recently, conflicts have occurred between these two rights when the freedom of expression is used to discriminate against a person or group of persons. Often,…

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  • Military Occupational Skills

    As an Army Veteran, my military occupational skill is Administrative. In retaining the demonstrated twenty years of knowledge, skills, ability, I would like to apply it towards criminal justice. In addition to secretarial skills, I have chosen to further my education to attain the basic legal knowledge. I would need to be familiar with legal terminology, court-filing rules, legal documents, and law office procedures in order to prepare documents, do research, and perform other tasks assigned…

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  • Hotel Rwanda Cultural Analysis

    Hotel Rwanda Cross Cultural Paper Lonnie Young III University of Detroit Mercy Professor Vancamp Cultural Anthropology 25 October 2015 According to the Ebrary article “Order of Genocide Race, Power, and War in Rwanda,” Straus (2008) stated that “Genocide is ultimately about how ordinary people come to see fellow citizens, neighbors, friends, loved ones, and even children as “enemies” who must be killed.” This means that people dislike other people because of their race, gender, education, and…

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  • Machiavelli's The End Justifies Its Means

    convention was extended and amended by the creation of a second Geneva Convention on wounded and sick. This was replaced by a third Geneva Convention in 1929 but remained active until 1970. In 1929, the third Geneva Convention dealt with the prisoners of war and the recognition of the Red Cross emblem as a sign of peace during the times of war. In 1949, 59 nations have met in the Palace of Nations, Geneva, Switzerland to provide a greater measure of protection for prisoners of war, wounded,…

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  • Ethnic Cleanse And The Underlying Causes Of The Holocaust

    I. Before: Analysis of Roots Causes: The underlying causes that led up to the Holocaust were antisemitism, socio- economic conditions, Aryan-racism, scapegoating, imperialism and a power-grab. The first anti-semitic act, was after Jesus was put to death by the Roman authorities. However, the gospel accounts were interpreted as blaming all Jewish people for the crucifixion of Christ. After the crucifixion, Roman armies destroyed the Temple in Jerusalem. Jewish people were exiled. They were…

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  • Differences Between A Lease And A License

    describe the four articles of the Human Rights Act which are relied upon (invoked) in the Courts, in relation to planning permission, compulsory purchase order, landlord & tenant, and urban regeneration. Please make reference to the relevant cases (case law or authorities) without describing them. (5 Marks) The three most important legal instruments concerning Human Rights are: - Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1948) - International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights …

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