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  • Prosthetic Fatigue Analysis

    The confusion and controversy over what constitutes a disability or advantage regarding human enhancement is highlighted starkly in the differing treatment of these two athletes. This train of thought can be followed further into artificial organs, where the first impression is generally undeniably…

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  • Computer Cursor Research Paper

    Have you ever thought that one day you will be able to move a computer cursor, an artificial limb, or a mobile robot just by the power of your thoughts!? For normal people and people with disabilities like paralysis and limbs loss, this is a dream coming true. The goal of this research paper is to address the question of whether implantable devices can be the bright future of not only disabled people but also normal people. The paper also discusses the ethical concerns and the physical impacts…

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  • Cyborg Athletes

    competitors. When I say normal enhancements I mean enhancements that are needed for an everyday basis, such as, a prosthetic limb for an individual that has lost their limbs. Trivino himself writes, “An athlete who undergoes a “Tommy John” operation could even play as a pitcher for a baseball team. Nevertheless, another athlete who wants to replace an arm or a leg with an artificial one that would improve his or her scores in the field or allow him or her to play better would not be allowed to…

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  • Ethical Issues In Machine Man

    In his novel, Machine Man, Max Barry creates a dystopian society within a science laboratory complex, Better Future. Brilliant ideas involving technical advances and future high-quality technologies will arise from the science district. Now, for most people, developing technologies to improve the quality of daily life is not morally wrong; however, when developing technologies sail too far to the point where the technology will compel people to create and alter themselves into “biologically and…

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  • Behavior Modification Assignment: I Decided To Drink Less Soda

    after about three months I had really bad acne. I already have naturally oily skin, which I have to take medicine for so when I started to drink two to three cups of soda every day, my skin just got progressively worse and worse. My soda addiction manifested itself, I went from just drinking soda at work to regularly starting my day with a 16 oz in the morning for breakfast, then drink it throughout the day with every meal and sometimes in between. As I am seeking to adopt a healthier lifestyle…

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  • Ibex And The Frog Essay

    the old ones has consequences. One method scientists are considering to keep species alive is a process called cloning. There are many misconceptions about cloning, and this paper will seek to clear up the reality of cloning extinct and endangered species. Now, we’re not going to see any dinosaurs roaming around soon, but we may help declining species bounce back. There are two controversies at the center of de-extinctive cloning: can we clone, and should we clone. Both have their own public…

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  • Margaret Atwood's Oryx And Crake

    writings in the 5th century BCE, and actively searched for by the Spanish explorer Ponce De León in the 16th century CE, idealizes our infatuation with cheating death. The opportunities generated by society’s incredible ameliorations of science and medicine yields a world ever-closer to achieving perpetual life. Fueled by increasing success in organ transplants, stem-cell research, and comprehension of genetics, the journey for immortality teeters on the brink of success. Artificial cultivation…

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  • Prosthetic Limb Essay

    Researching for life’s improvements is the goal for every engineer, this explains the countless hours engineers spend inside an office or a laboratory. Although people think of engineers as only creators of lifeless technology, many of biomedical engineers specialized in technology for the living. Meeting between medicine and engineering, biomedical engineers find solutions for medicine and, in some cases, people’s disabilities. These disabilities appear from accidents in the workplace to war…

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  • Skin Care Products Essay

    Tried and true skin care products that make a difference Ever since I was twelve years old and I got my first pimple, I have been searching high and low for successful skin care products that won’t break my bank account. After twenty-one years of existence, I have learned that no such this is possible. However, I have tried more skin care products than I can name, most of them ending up in the garbage can. For those few products that do work, I will continue to use over and over until the day I…

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  • Summary Of Jennifer Khan's Stripped For Parts

    In the essay “Stripped for parts” written, by Jennifer Khan the general concept she is addressing is how morbid it is for dead people and their bodies to be harvested for it organs. The way she starts the essay is by using a narrative approach, and the reason there is the narrative approach is for more effect of emotion to the readers. Her thesis statement that grabbed my attention the most was “Compared with such micro scare cures, transplants- which consist of salvaging entire organs from a…

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