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  • Dental Implant

    Dental implants have more and more become a routine permanent treatment to replace missing teeth. They are used to support one or more false teeth, with a long-term solution that is as close to the natural teeth as possible. Dental implant is the best tooth replacement option that give a good long lasting outcome (Misch 2014). Implants help reserve the surrounding bone that resorbs – as a natural effect - when a tooth is lost. A dental implant, made of titanium, usually looks like a screw-shaped post. It consists of inert, biocompatible materials that replace the root-part of a missing tooth. In Figure 1.1 it can be seen that there are six main parts for a dental implant, veneering material, prosthetic coping, dental implant abutment, prosthetic…

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  • Cochlear Implant Advantages

    her a cochlear implant. I probably wouldn’t think twice about it. Because I would want my child to experience and hear all of the things I 've been able to hear. And I know that it’s a major surgery for a newborn child but I would be doing what I think I best for my child. And at the end of the day the child is mine, and a lot of people may agree with it and a lot may not but I would do what I think is best for my child. I want my kid to be able to hear the waves in the ocean, and all the fun…

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  • Cochlear Implant Surgery

    In previous years my mind has always been very controversial about cochlear implants. ive grown up with two deaf cousins that don 't have cochlear implants. After getting their opinions and hearing other deaf peoples opinion, some with cochlear implants some without, i have finally made up my mind. I have come to the conclusion that i don 't agree with cochlear implants because deafness is a natural thing, not a disability that needs to be fixed. If i had a child who was eligible for cochlear…

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  • Dental Implants Argumentative Essay

    Dental implants have been around since 1952, they were invented by PerIngrvar Branemark, a Swedish orthopedic surgeon. Throughout the last 45 years, dental implants have revolutionized the face of dentistry. Dental implants are made of titanium and are replacements for either the root or roots of teeth. Just like teeth are in the jawbone, dental implants are placed securely into the jawbone. The success of dental implants can be attributed to a surgeon discovering the extraordinary properties of…

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  • Dental Implants Informative Speech

    What are dental implants? A dental implant is a fixture placed into the jawbone (this is usually a screw), this implant acts as a support or anchor for a replacement tooth, bridge, or set of teeth. Dental implants may be an option for people who have lost a tooth or teeth due to periodontal disease, an injury, or some other reason. What are dental implants made of? Dental implants are typically made of titanium, a biocompatible (not harmful or toxic to living tissue) material that is accepted…

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  • Cochlear Implants Analysis

    decades, the cochlear implant has been tested and revamped in order to adapt to the various discoveries of deafness in humans. While cochlear implants may appear to be a complete solution for those who suffer from complete or partial hearing loss, one…

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  • Disadvantages Of Flapless Implant

    Endosseous dental implants have become a dependable and predictable method of replacing missing teeth to enhance patients’ quality of life. Clinicians are striving to further improve the patient implant treatment journey through minimizing the peri- and postsurgical discomfort, maximizing aesthetics, and improving the long-term success of the implants. Flapless implant surgery appears to be one way this can be aided.(reference) The flapless technique uses rotary burs or a tissue punch to gain…

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  • Benefits Of Cochlear Implants

    Cochlear implants, also known as the “bionic ear”, are devices that help provide aid for those hard-of-hearing. These devices are extremely complex and contain parts that are forced to work as a functioning unit. I will be going into more in depth with cochlear implants as well as defining what a cochlear implant actually is. I will also explain the costs that are involved, who the “best candidate” would be for implantation, and the risks and benefits involved with the implant. According to the…

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  • Dental Implants Persuasive Speech

    relationships. Fortunately, there is a solution to this problem that could change your life. Dental implants are like regular, permanent teeth that improve your smile and maintain the integrity of your jaw. Dentures and partials will go a long way to improve your confidence and your oral health, but dental implants take it to a whole different level. Dentures eventually move around in your mouth and may make sounds when you talk or eat. Dental implants actually become part of your jaw bone and…

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  • Essay On Cochlear Implants

    The Controversy Over Cochlear Implants A great divide in the Deaf community have taken sides over whether they believe cochlear implants are a “medical miracle or ethnic genocide” (Controversy Over Cochlear Implants). Cochlear implants serve as a tool for deaf people to be given a chance to hear the world around them. However, many people in the Deaf community believe that given the option to take a chance on nerve damage and be given the chance to hear is not worth the risk at hand. Also many…

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