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  • Osseointegration Kinetics

    There is still controversy as to the optimal features for implant surfaces regarding osseointegration kinetics. Direct bone apposition onto the conditioning film-coated surface of the titanium is critical. Surface composition, hydrophilicity, Critical Surface Tension and roughness are parameters that may play a role in the implant-tissue interaction. Guehnnec et al. (2007) reviewed the different methods used for applying osteoconductive coatings and increasing surface roughness to titanium dental implants (such as titanium plasma-spraying, grit-blasting, acid-etching, anodization or calcium phosphate coatings) and their surface characterization and topographies were described. They showed that the development of these surface treatments required…

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  • Dental Implant

    antibacterial reactions to any infection supposed to occur, but research on how to avoid bacterial attachment and how to improve soft and hard tissue attachment to the implant is still needed. 1.1 Background One of the most important challenges today is to further improve the success rate. It is important that the integration between biocompatible materials and soft and hard tissue is fast. To reach even faster integration, new materials, coatings and topographies need to be explored. The…

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  • Essay On Tooth Loss

    of the tooth and a root. The root extends into the jawbone to secure the natural tooth. A dental implant is essentially a prosthetic replacement for the root of the tooth. Needless to say, without a natural root, the visible portion of the natural tooth cannot survive; therefore, the tooth will also need to be replaced. The tooth is replaced with what is referred to as a crown. Whereas previously each tooth required its own titanium root, today, we can use a single root to anchor multiple teeth.…

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