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  • Comfort Care Family Dental Bridge

    A bridge is a special type of dental restoration prosthesis that are most commonly used to fill in the gaps of missing teeth by fitting artificial teeth into the gaps and securing them to the adjacent teeth or dental implants. Types of bridges have become very numerous, and depending on the materials they are made from, how they are made, and how they are secured in the mouth they can be used for a number of dental issues. A bridge is made by filling the space left by the missing tooth or teeth and placing artificial teeth in the space between in order for the bridge to span the gap and anchor to the surrounding teeth. Here at Comfort Care Family Dental we are proud to be service or patients with all of their dental bridges and dental care…

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  • Prosthetic Rehabilitation

    To help train the PT and OT students with equipment they may potentially see in the profession one day, we would need to have both lower extremity and upper extremity prosthetics to help train both the PT and OT students, respectively. The cost for the equipment needed to help train the PT and OT students will be expensive since the more advanced and practical to assisting an amputee’s daily life, the higher the dollar figure will be. For instance, according to McGimpsey and Bradford (2015),…

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  • Essay On Amputee Coalition

    average prosthesis can cost anywhere from $3,000 to $50,000, and it isn’t fair to those already possessing a disability. I write this because I plan to work in rehabilitative engineering, and want to build prosthetics that families can easily afford. I hope that this essay will persuade Amputee Coalition to broaden their current research topics to benefit amputees financially. The reason that I am bringing this to the Amputee Coalition is because since 1986, your mission has been “to reach…

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  • Prosthetic Fatigue Analysis

    As technology continues to advance and possibilities are explored, these issues also continue to develop and become increasingly widespread. Consider the use of prosthetic limbs to restore limbs to those who lost them or have a condition preventing the development of the limb: individuals with prosthetic legs, for example, without denying the pain of having lost their limbs, need not be concerned with prosthetic fatigue. While the prosthesis may be mapped to their nerves to allow movement, it…

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  • Essay On Limb Trauma

    of families had healthcare insurance, but 82% of these families only had private health insurance, which required the families to pay some expenses out of pocket (Weir, Ephraim, & Mackenzie, 2010). Within this same study, almost 79% of the children used a prosthetic device. These numbers also show that 83% of children with traumatic amputations used a prosthesis. On average, these children spent an average of 4.5 hours per visit to the prosthetist. These then averaged out to 30 hours per year.…

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  • Equal Protection Clause

    of their foes. When, in reality, a cyborg according to Kosta Grammatis an engineer who worked on the EyeBorg project is “your grandma with a hearing aid, her replacement hip, and anyone who runs around with one of those Bluetooth in-ear headsets” (LiveScience). As you can see, this is applicable to many situations. However, the cyborg that people do not think of are the individuals with mechanical prosthetics that can wire into their nervous system to connect with muscle axons, this is “a new…

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  • The Boston Marathon Bombing Analysis

    The Boston Marathon is a race that is held every year on the third Monday of April since 1897. This event attracted several people. On April 15,2013 two bombs went off near the finish line killing 3 bystanders and wounding more than 250 people. Not only were people seriously injured but property was damaged and the entire city was in shock. Automatically people believed they fell victim to terrorist attacks. Four days later after the FBI took over a video immersed that revealed brothers,…

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  • Computer Cursor Research Paper

    reinnervate the dead muscle at the point of attaching the prosthetic limb by implanting artificial electrodes and other electrical sensors to stimulate the nerves. As a result, the natural neural signal is able to travel to the artificial limb enabling it to function as the normal limb does. In other words, the implanted electrodes and sensors substitute the function of the dead nerves, and they enable the artificial limb to respond to the natural signal, which, in turn, allows restoration of…

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  • Reverse Engineering Human Brain Essay

    I believe many gateways can be opened with the solution to this main problem: How do we successfully reverse engineer the human brain? This is our core processing center, where all human function and ability occurs from. If we can reverse engineer it that means there will be a complete knowledge on how to translate that fact to better understanding different aspects of life and our actions. Have you ever wanted to know how a personality develops or what happens to the body on a microscopic level…

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  • Research Paper On Prosthetics

    When someone uses the term “prosthetics”, what is the first thing to come to mind? Is it an advanced robotic arm, or a simple plastic prosthetic hand, no more complicated than a mannequin’s? These shouldn’t necessarily be such opposites, but it is almost certainly true that the latter is more common than the former. Prosthetics have come an extremely long way since their induction. Pirates and peg legs tend to give us a reminder of how far we’ve come since the dark times where a prosthetic was a…

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