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  • Persuasive Essay On Going To A Dentist

    is a lot of diseases and infections linked to bad oral care, but another concern is that not only does good oral health benefits the nutrition of the body, but it also boosts, self-esteem, and social interaction. . Having good pearly white teeth isn’t impossible and going to the dentist, eating right, getting protein, etc, can really help. Having bad breath also known as halitosis can be a reason why someone’s self-esteem might be low and can cause other serious problems if proper care isn’t done. “Studies show 50% of adults have had bad breath or halitosis at some point in their lives”. (ADA) Bad breath comes from germ built up, and it can also be a sign to a more serious problem. Bacteria can be one of the causes, when eating something the bacteria in the mouth feeds on the food left behind leaving that foul- smelling waste product behind. Another big reason can be having dry mouth. If the mouth is dry that means it might not be making enough saliva, saliva is important the job it has is to wash the mouth and if the mouth isn’t producing enough saliva then the mouth isn’t getting properly washed. Halitosis may not be why someone can have low self-esteem, but having a good set of teeth and having good breath can help build up confidence and be able to smile and show your teeth without a problem. “Our teeth are pretty extraordinary things, they can certainly bounce back quickly from most kinds of damage and trauma.” (Carefree). Even though the teeth can do some great…

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  • The Relationship Between Diabetes And Periodontal Disease

    Going back to the risk factors for dental caries, diabetes is known to cause Xerostomia, which is a common problem linked to diabetes in addition to other systemic diseases. Diabetes is known to affect the function of the salivary glands, limiting the secretory capability of the glands (Offenbacher, Southerland, & Taylor, 2005, p.174). Saliva is an important aid to oral health as it assists in neutralizing the acidic levels and wash away some bacteria that would otherwise adhere to the teeth’s…

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  • Oral Health Case Studies

    diabetic state (REF). In relation to pain around the teeth 15 and 16, I will diagnose him with reversible pulpitis. The symptoms present are consistent with those of reversible pulpitis, as Ben feels pain upon eating something sweet which disappears as he stops eating sweet food. The number of carious lesions present means that diagnosis of enamel and dentine caries should also be made. Although, systemic conditions such as diabetes can have an impact on this, a number of other factors discussed…

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  • Dental Camps Case Study

    INTRODUCTION Dental camp As a dentist, I believe oral health is equally important as overall health. Mouth act as window for the passage of everything that goes in to stomach and often serving as a vantage point for detecting the early signs and symptoms of many systemic disease. So, it is very important to do routine checkups for the better health status of an individual. MY SMILE clinic is committed to provide our patients with quality and comprehensive dental care treatment. Clinic was…

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  • Tooth Extraction Paper

    Tooth extractions at times are a necessity in helping to preserve good oral health and it has long been practiced throughout history and can be traced back centuries. Dental extractions in the United States are done in a private office or in a hospital setting depending on the severity of the tooth and or teeth. Certain types of extractions can be done in a private office for example if you have a fully erupted wisdom tooth you can have it extracted in a private office, but if you have an…

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  • Cantilever Bridge Research Paper

    You might be familiar with a normal cantilever bridge. Without one, we'd all be stuck at certain river crossings with nowhere to move. But a cantilever bridge is employed in dental care! And since almost all of us aren't long-distance swimmers, dental bridges are necessary for us to bypass. A missing teeth can create a sink-or-swim situation, and a dental bridge is the answer to help you stay afloat just! The Missing Teeth Dilemma When a teeth is missing, it generates more than simply an…

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  • Teeth Whitening Essay

    Home Teeth Whitening Questions and answers FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions about teeth whitening. Get answers to all your questions about teeth whitening, how to whiten their teeth yourself. Risks and possible side effects. Teeth whitening is a strongly growing trend nowadays, as more and more tooth whitening products for home use available on the market. However, misunderstandings often arise regarding the various methods used, so here is a list of frequently asked questions and teeth…

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  • Dental Hygienist Experience

    I grew up in a rural part of Ethiopia where there are no proper health facilities, let alone a dentist. But, there is a strong tradition of celebrating a healthy and clean teeth; beautifully expressed by songs, poems, and other forms of literature. Lyrics about a woman’s teeth like “her tooth is so white, it shines more than an ice” are very common in Ethiopian music. Most of Ethiopian population lives in the countryside and doesn’t have accesses for toothbrush or toothpaste instead, people…

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  • Dental Hygiene In School

    Have you ever thought about why did your parents send you to the dentist office as a child? You were nervous, feared, and didn’t want to go. The recommended age to go to the dentist is at one years old or until the first tooth comes in. Although you may think that age is young, it will be more beneficial so it can stop future problems such as teeth eroding or health problems. Many people start going to the dentist in elementary school. Although you can go just for a basic cleaning,…

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  • Sedation Dentistry Research Paper

    Dental care is essential for maintaining the beauty of your smile, there are many patients that may struggle with sitting through a lengthy dental procedure. Whether it is due to dental phobias or difficulty sitting still for long periods of time, sedation dentistry may be one of the best options for ensuring that your teeth are as beautiful as possible without forcing your to experience any more anxiety or fear than is necessary. After considering these common questions about this approach to…

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