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  • Scalar Implicatures In Pragmatics

    Nicole Lewis B00660746 BSc (Hons) Language and Linguistics Introduction The rationale behind this particular research project is due to an interest within pragmatics. Pragmatics is a growing area within the linguistic field and although many areas are explored widely for example; scalar implicatures it is interesting that other areas such as distributive inferences are not studied within the same amount of detail, despite both having very similar properties. Due to this fact, comparing adult’s interpretations of distributive inferences compared too scalar implicatures should make for an interesting project for a dissertation. This piece of work will be based around linguistic aspects. The subject area of this work will be…

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  • Defeasibility In Pragmatics

    and anthropology to approach the behaviour of languages. Pragmatics contains theories which are still being explored and studied, such as speech act theory, politeness and impoliteness theory, conversational implicature and so on. The area of interest that will be explored and expressed…

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  • Analysis Of Herbert Paul Korta's Implicature?

    ‘Implicature is a component of speaker meaning that constitutes an aspect of what is meant in a speaker’s utterance without being part of what is said’ (Horn 2006: 3). Broadly speaking, what speaker intends to say is definitely richer than what he directly expresses. This term means the literal sense and non-literal sense of utterance (Horn 2006: 3). Herbert Paul Grice focused on what is said, what particular words mean, what the speaker wants to convey, what the speaker really conveys. Korta…

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  • Implicature Analysis: Ryan's Observance Of Tact Maxig

    Implicature Analysis Ryan takes a decision that Hari should go on jogging to lose weight. This appears to be observance of tact maxim as he is concerned with Hari’s health benefits. Ryan’s intention behind saying this is clear that Hari should do something regarding his physique. The response also changes topic of discussion. Maybe Ryan is not in a mood to argue with Alok and Hari again. Ryan asks Alok for jogging as well and Alok’s answer ‘go to hell’ appears to be violating tact maxim and…

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  • Examples Of Maxims In Romeo And Juliet

    the early on the morning, she must be not getting enough sleep. If he utters “I am tired.” while having a fight with someone, he is probably wanting the person to keep quiet. In addition, conversational implicatures can be divided into three sub-parts which are generalized conversational implicatures, scalar implicatures, and particularized conversational implicatures. Generalized conversational implicatures is basically needs no special knowledge in the context in order to interpret what is…

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  • Paul Grice Logic And Conversation

    Implicature is an utterance which adds another conveyed meaning beyond the literal meaning ( Yule , 2010 ) . For example , “ A: Will sally be at the meeting this afternoon ? , B : Her car broke down “ , B’s answer does not convey anything , but we can conclude from A’s question that sally won’t attend the meeting because of her car and that’s refer to particularized conversational implicature . Particularized conversational implicature specifically can be derived in a particular context . In…

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  • Humour Definition

    maxims: Maxim of Quantity, Maxim of Quality, Maxim of Relation and Maxim of Manner. These must be obeyed by both the speaker and the hearer in order to make the communication smooth and effective. Sometimes however, not all the maxims are being observed. Non observance of the maxims may result in humorous effect. According to Attardo, jokes often involve violations of maxims (Attardo 1994: 271). If all maxims are used correctly, no additional level of meaning will be added to the conversation.…

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  • Poem Analysis: Deception With Words

    question, Deception with Words. Life in general has a vested interest in deception that has dotted the capitalistic democracy theme that current nationalism harbors. The freedoms and liberties of being the self, free from coercion or governmental herding has brooded a school of marketing and citizenship alike that seems to embrace deception in many forms that may assume a benign or malignant nature. However am more interested in deception of words used in the field of marketing that exploits the…

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  • Reflection On The Devil's Highway

    were twenty-six men who entered the region, and only twelve survived. This journey was the largest number of border-event deaths in history. Urrea introduces each immigrant and the guides and throughout the novel he discusses the circumstances that lead them to the decision to cross the border. The horrific deaths throughout this journey arose from desperation and confusion. The character I selected for my performance was Nahum Landa Ortiz. I chose this character because he was one of the…

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  • Donald Trump Political Speech Analysis

    It is obviously a violation of the quality maxim because political rallies are tightly organised and every spokesman must adhere to the already established protocol. This violation also creates the implicature portraying Melania as a perfect wife, both beautiful and religious, who decided to recite the prayer in this special occasion. Moreover, this example again portrays Trump’s excessive usage of the representative and expressive speech acts, probably used to reach a close and harmonious…

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