Adipose tissue

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  • IMAT: A Comparison Between Exercise And Disease

    Intramuscular adipose tissue or IMAT is a predictor of mobility function in a variety of metabolic, orthopedic, and neurological conditions treated at our practices. High level of IMAT are associated with muscle weakness, movement dysfunctions, and insulin resistance affecting motoric abilities. Although CT and MRI have been able to measured IMAT in several studies, there is a need for these imaging techniques to routinely quantify it. Comparisons between MRI and CT for IMAT identification have shown MRI is less harmful (due to no radiation), has higher sensitivity for identifying fatty tissues in muscle, and provides great anatomic details. The challenge with the MRI application in IMAT is that it is time consuming since many times manual segmentation is needed, making the process very difficult in small muscle areas. The relationship between IMAT and muscle fibers is extremely relevant when evaluating muscle dysfunction in patients with diabetes, stroke, and spinal cord injuries where muscle volume typically decreases. Muscle fat is highly associated to metabolic diseases, obesity, and physical inactivity mimicking the harmful influences typically generated by visceral adipose tissue. IMAT grows as we aged, therefore, there is an increased need to understand imaging testing related to this condition and also to make treatment adaptations…

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  • The Socioeconomic Factors Of Obesity

    One approach that could potentially lead to effectively helping this issue is that of adipose tissue, or the tissue that stores body fat. Once adipose tissue is examined at it’s core, assumptions can be made and research can continue. One source argues that, “Having disease status allows for the allocation of additional resources to support weight management, such as equipment for individuals experiencing obesity” (Penney 2015). While it’s known that this is the body fat tissue, determinations…

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  • The Effects Of Type 2 Diabetes

    Extra abdominal fat triggers and worsens insulin resistance. Signals inside the nervous system cause a breakdown of fat cells and a release of stored fat. Insulin promotes the opposite effect, signaling the fat cells to stop the release of fat. Paul Insel, a Stanford University student, states “An increase of body fat that reaches three to five times the normal amount of body fat or greater than thirty billion fat cells with a weight of thirty pounds, fat tissue is unable to be affect by…

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  • Dr. Mahua Choundhury: Epigenetic Analysis

    Benzyl butyl phthalate also know as BBP. It was found that BBP was able to bind to Sert-3. Dr. Choundhury found that BBP disrupts the insulin regulatory pathway by binding to the native ligand of the receptor of a protein that causes insulin to be produced. Insulin helps facilitate the uptake of glucose into muscles and adipose (fat cells) for storage. If insulin is unable to uptake glucose, it will cause for the stimulation of fat in adipose tissue, which can cause obesity and diabetes. BBP…

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  • Obesity And Diabetes Case Study

    increased 6 percent since 1996. Consider that, obesity and diabetes indeed are the leading problems in the most western countries, and especially in the United States and Australia nowadays. Obesity is be described that people who are highly overweight and defined by the WHO (World Healthy Organization) using the BMI (body mass index). Obesity is a result of excessive accumulation of fat or triacylglycerol when the adipose tissue mass increased, and the adipocyte 's number and molar volume are…

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  • Sarcopenia Physical Changes

    resistance-type activities, which is why they have a more difficult time with carrying or moving heavy objects compared to when they were younger. A study by Gaba and Pridalova (2014) observed change in body composition as a function of aging in a 1970 person sample of 18 to 89-year-old Czech women. Through direct segmental multi-frequency bioelectrical impedance analysis (BSM-BIA), the study observed variables that determine changes in body composition, including body-fat-mass (BFM), fat free…

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  • The Relationship Between Obesity And Type 2 Diabetes

    Therefore, obesity should be defined by an excess adipose tissue not the weight. Similarly, Rothman (2008) argues about various limitation of BMI technique, such as, the measurement does not differentiate the increase of muscle mass or fat mass which vary with different gender. Also, there are other factors to consider while measuring obesity because the relationship between percentage body fat and BMI varies with ethnicity Rothman…

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  • Fat-Blasting Workout Research Paper

    Metabolism Boost. First off, I'll repeat what you've probably heard many times: "Muscle burns fat". But what does that mean? Well, muscle doesn't exactly burn fat but more accurately muscle raises your Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR). Adipose tissue (i.e. fat) takes no energy to sit on your body, that's why once it's there it will stay there until you exert enough energy to start using it as your energy source. Skeletal muscle tissue is called "active tissue" because it requires energy to…

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  • Deurenberg-Yap And Guricci: Article Analysis

    Stating obesity is excess body fat (adipose tissue) not extra weight that is the leading cause of comorbid…

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  • Obesity In Dogs And Cats Essay

    In humans, the health benefits of diets low in fat and rich in complex carbohydrates on blood lipid concentrations are well recognized, therefore more complex research on this subject is recommended to understand the relationship of biomarkers and obesity.5-6 In humans there are various methods for diagnosing obesity, but most of them are not transferable when pets are examined by veterinarians such is the case of body mass index, due to a wide variables among breeds.5 Studies have assessed the…

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