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  • Sandi Flipton Case Summary

    Merits review considers the facts and law as they are at the time of review. Another advantage of merits review is that the Court is not bound by strict rules of evidence, and proceedings are often faster, cheaper, and easier for those that self-represent. The CAA is Commonwealth legislation, so merits review is conducted at the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT). Merits review allows for a decision to be determined on its merits of fact and law. Merits review can vary, affirm, or set aside a decision, which is favourable to Clipton because he needs to have his licence renewed to continue his business. The AAT Act outlines that the merits of the case determine whether a decision was correct and preferable. The Tribunal can review certain decisions that fall within its jurisdiction. S 33 determines that the procedure for merits review must be completed in accordance with the relevant legislation. Clipton can apply to the AAT Act for review of a reviewable decision 31(2). A reviewable decision included in is “a refusal to grant…a certificate” . The CAA states that a “decision” that it makes has the same meaning as in the AAT Act 1975. The decision in this case falls within this definition and is therefore…

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  • Haque & Ors V Minister For Immigration & Anor Case Study

    The Administrative Appeals Tribunal does not have to take the opinion to be correct as in regulation 2.25A, and is not bound by the opinion. Furthermore, if a decision is based upon mistaken facts it may be set aside as has been established in the case of House v R [1936] HCA 40; (1936) 55 CLR 499 (17 August 1936). Moreover the implications are that when the presiding Tribunal for merits review cases, currently the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (Migration and Refugee Division), is…

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  • American Vs French Legal System Analysis

    and the U.S. Courts of Appeals. At least one District Court is located in each state; they are the first instance in the federal system (Chemerinsky, 2011). In the District courts, judges sit alone to hear cases. In addition to this type of judge, there is a bankruptcy judge and magistrate judges all falling under the district courts. On the next level are the circuit courts of appeals. These are 12 in the country with a panel of judges that hears the appeals from different districts. At the top…

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  • New Mexico Case Study

    555 P.2d 696 Supreme Court of New Mexico. Zelma M. MITCHELL, Plaintiff-Appellee, v. LOVINGTON GOOD SAMARITAN CENTER, INC., Defendant-Appellant. No. 10847.Oct. 27, 1976. Appeal was taken from an order of the District Court, Bernalillo County, Richard B. Traub, D.J., reversing a decision of the Unemployment Security Commission and awarding benefits to discharged employee. The Supreme Court, Sosa, J., held that employee’s insubordination, improper attire, name calling and other conduct…

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  • Scotland Act 1998 Case Study

    bankruptcy law to Holyrood. The administrative workings of the Scottish legal systems are far removed from that from the rest of the UK. This includes the structures of the courts, court procedures and the funding of legal aid. (Scottish Parliament Information Centre, 2014). In Scotland, there are 3 main types of civil courts, namely, the Sheriff Courts, Court of Session and since 2009 the UK Supreme Court. By far the most important and most widely used court in Scotland is the Sheriff Court.…

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  • Mcgoeown Case Study

    agreement on the ground that the tenant had breached the clause 35 of the agreement, which is a term for the personal occupancy required. However, the tenant did not surrender the tenancy and did not give vacant possession of the Premises, consequently, the landlord sued to NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal and there was a favor of the landlord in the tribunal. Then the tenant appealed to the Court of Appeal and sought leave to appeal. Finally, the decision of the court was the applicant…

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  • The Similarities And Differences Between Saudi Arabia And South Korea

    precedents. As for the judges of the Supreme Judicial Council, there are eleven members, one of them being the president of the council, five of them being full time members that “hold the rank of Chief of the Appellate Court”, and five of them being part time members that include “the Chief of the Appellate Court or his deputy, the Deputy Minister of Justice, and three members with the longest time in service as Chief Judges of the General Courts” (Ansary). Reichel also points out that Saudi…

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  • Appellate Court Case Analysis

    The remaining issues are determining whether the covenant is (1) reasonable both as to time and territory; and (2) not against public policy. I. PLAINTIFF 'S RESTRICTIVE COVENANT WAS REAONABLLY DRAWN TO PROTECT ITS BUSINESS INTERESTS, AS TO SCOPE OF TIME AND TERRITORY. The preliminary injunction enforcing the restrictive covenant should be upheld on the basis of time and territory. The defendant, Halbridge, argues on appeal that the covenant is too broad on the basis of time and territory.…

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  • Arbitration Case Study

    BUS 405 WK 9 Quiz 8 Chapter 11,12 - All Possible Questions To Purchase Click Link Below: BUS 405 WK 9 Quiz 8 Chapter 11,12 - All Possible Questions TRUE/FALSE 1. Currently, management might have to submit a grievance to arbitration even if the labor agreement is no longer in effect and management has decided to close its operations. 2. Arbitrators are usually more liberal than the courts in…

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  • To What Extent Was Robespierre Justified

    Convention is forced to take severe action quickly against the defiance of the law. In order to maintain control, it is necessary for lawbreakers to be punished even if it requires death. As a result, in December 1793, “counterrevolution in western France [was] near collapse” (Doc A). To control the areas of resistance, the idea of strict punishments combined with terror was required to contain the chaos. Thus, when considering the benefit of the country as a whole, taking such measures was not…

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