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  • Iphone 6s Advertisement Analysis

    between frames - never lasting longer than a few seconds - gives the illusion that the environment is changing around the viewer without having to actually move - creating this stationary change effect. The editing, along with the cinematography, can contribute to stationary change through close up shots and transition effects. With the constant use of the selfie shot, which is a medium close up shot of characters taking pictures of themselves, it shows the usage of fixed points surrounding the phone and the characters - allowing the viewer to connect the phone to socializing. The use of the camera flashes as a transition can give importance to the event by creating an aura of stardom. The transitions from one scene to another is used with a flash and a common camera angle, gives the notion that the flashes equal obtainable popularity, as people normally equate flashing lights with celebrities, which then validates an emotional appeal of acceptance for the younger audience. Apple uses the phone’s ability to connect in order to keep the dependency alive.…

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  • Odysseus Hero's Journey

    A Hero’s Journey Comparison of The Flash and Odysseus Why does a hero inspire us to challenge ourselves? A hero goes through an amount of challenges that make them who they are. Most of their early challenges are easier than their future challenges. For many heroes they were forced into a situation they would have to make sense of. Odysseus, husband and new father, was forced onto Poseidon’s sea. Odysseus is considered a Greek hero, because he faced hardships that would make him into a great…

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  • Case Study: SB Photography

    First of all, a camera is needed to capture the images. I have purchased a Canon Rebel T6 DLSR camera, which is approximately $600. This camera package includes two lenses, one which is an 18 to 35 millimeter lens and the other is a 75 to 300 millimeter lens. Along with the camera and two starter lenses, SD cards must be purchased for the shoots. A 32 gigabyte SD card will cost $13 and that card will hold about 1,000 images each. I will use approximately two cards a month. I must also purchase…

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  • Photoshop Is Ethical Essay

    It’s not real. It’s artificial. Photoshop has an ever lasting effect, they’re what stays in a person’s mind, real or not. A fake image that influences what we call “beauty”. A society that’s exposed to the many advertisements that uses manipulative body images to sell yet they’re unreal. Many people don’t even notice what’s real and what’s artificial in these photos. Photoshop shouldn’t be argued if it is good or bad since it results in people suffering from low self-esteem, poor body images…

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  • Adobe Company Case Study

    Adobe ********************************************************************************* About Adobe Adobe is an American computer software company. It began its operations in 1982 and has since spread across the globe. The company’s focus is on multimedia and creativity software, with its most famous product being the image editing software, Photoshop. The majority of Adobe employees still operate in the US, in San Jose where the corporate headquarters are located. Yet, the company’s products…

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  • Photoshop's Negative Effects On Social Media And Body Image

    also introduces many famous models in there with the mood are happy, excited, and curious with the magically new edition software. However, it just gives an unrealistic and dramatic picture after editing. The design of the ad seems like simple, however, it is very professional by the way in imparting the information of the product to customers. Over sixty percent of advertisers believe that customers do not like to read too many words when they see ads. Thus, many words do not appear in the…

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  • Joan Morgan Fly Girls Bitches And Hoes Analysis

    What is hip hop? Hip Hop is a style of popular music of United States African American and Hispanic origin, featuring rap with an electronic backing. Hip hop music in 2018 is still very popular in the United States by both men and women and diverse cultures. In the article “Fly-Girls, Bitches and Hoes” by Joan Morgan she quotes rap lyrics from the Notorious B.I.G.’s platinum album “Ready to Die”, scenarios and statistics relating to black on black crime and her mother’s words of wisdom to…

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  • Language Used In Rap

    Rap is becoming an increasingly popular genre of music specially with today’s youth as it is somehow considered a part of the youth culture. Today, it is featured increasingly among popular advertisements, radio and even on television shows. Rap is genre wherein you can express challenges and experiences in life in a form of a story. Although that is sometimes the case, rude and inappropriate themes are also expressed in rap. The question that I will be answering in this essay is How has the…

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  • The Argumentative Essay: The Role Of Violence In Hip Hop Music

    Hip hop music has helped to culturally mold an entire generation. Although it started in the late 1970s with roots in rock & roll, reggae, jazz, blues, and funk, people still feel its effects to this day. Nearing its 4th decade, its rhythmic influence has spanned nearly the entire globe. However, the spell that it has placed on the masses over the years has not always had the best of outcomes. It is true that many artists have used the platform of the genre to profess violence, among other…

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  • Hip Hop Has Changed The World

    Hip-Hop has Changed the World “Music can change the world because it can change people.” (Bono) Hip-hop first started in the 1970s in the neighborhoods of the New York City Bronx. It immediately became a huge movement in African American culture and soon affected people from all over the world. It spread from one city to many in a matter of months, from movies to music videos, hip-hop was everywhere. It was a statement, a voice for African Americans to speak up against civil rights. Hip-hop…

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