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  • Global Aviation Essay

    future of global aviation, and making the aviation industry more competitive, increasing profitability and reviewing sustainability. It is important because the aviation industry has seemed to have times of success, but also times of struggle. The problem is best summarized by “Mr Bisignani said that the time had come to chart a long-term strategy for the industry to break out of its constant cycle of 'feast and famine ' which had caused it to lose some US$50 billion in the 2001-2010 decade” (Sreenivasan, 2011). Solving the problem would result in improved profitability to the aviation industry and sustainable. Literature Review Previous research in this area has shown areas for potential improvement include research into; sustainability, future technologies, law and policy changes, and how aviation changing on a global scales drives the need for both partnerships on a global scale, but also being competitive as individual aviation business entities. Pros from sources include initiatives showing not just the private sector, but…

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  • Aviation Career Research Paper

    Aviation professionals need to strict qualifications, attributes, and ethics. Before I go over the four basic. What is interesting to find out is the qualifications that Aviation professionals go through is expensive, but need when dealing with billion dollar aircraft or safety of customers. Aviation professionals also need certain attributes when dealing with integrity, flexibility etc when dealing with a time consuming career, and last I will talk about certain ethics in the workplace. …

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  • Sandi Flipton Case Summary

    Sandi Clipton (Clipton) wishes to challenge two decisions made by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA). The decisions affect the operation of Sanditon Aviation Pty Ltd (Sanditon), of which Clipton is the CEO. The first decision is CASA’s rejection of Clipton’s application to renew Sanditon’s Air Operator’s Certificate (AOC). The effect is that Sanditon is unable to operate. The Civil Aviation Act 1988 (‘the CAA’) provides for merits review in this instance and potentially allows for new…

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  • Singapore Airlines Case Study

    BusinessWeek, 2012). 2. Identify and evaluate the potential challenges facing SINGAPORE INTERNATIONAL AIRLINE in trying to achieve its strategic goals: The Potential Challenges that might face SINGAPORE INTERNATIONAL AIRLINE in achieving its goals can be describe in many factors: Globalization sine most of the Flying is toward different countries it will be under the effect of global market which abide by different laws and different regulation. Another Factor is the Technology advancement…

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  • Importance Of Safety In Aviation

    Every day, millions of passengers depart to their desired destination traveling by plane. It is not abnormal to see passengers go on a plane frequently because of the reliability and added safety compared to a car on the freeway. When families go on vacation that is not domestic, they trust aviation to reach their destination. The importance of safety that makes these planes so trustworthy is an item that cannot be achieved by anything on the ground. Countless people think planes already have…

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  • Air Cargo Deregulation Act Case Study

    (2014), not everyone in the industry was in favor of this bill. He continues to say that, as a whole, the aviation community did not support deregulation mainly because many of the weaker airlines feared that their most profitable routes (which were currently protected under regulation) would now have competition that would take over the less financially stable airline’s routes (Lawrence, 2014, p. 227). Other fears that came about were things such as the hire of non-union workers, in so doing…

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  • Flight 1502

    belted in the seat. He was able to release himself from the seat allowing his parachute to deploy and ultimately survive the crash. The emergency responders found the copilot deceased and still restrained in his seat inside the wreckage of the cockpit. Crash Analysis At first glance, it is tempting to pin the crash of the SS2 solely on the premature unlocking of the feather lock/unlock system by the copilot. However, the reality is that several active failures, coupled with latent errors, set…

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  • Drones Regulations

    On Aug. 29, drone regulations changed for everyone in the US when the Federal Aviation Administration regulation titled Part 107 took effect. These new rules made it easier for businesses to use drones but also regulated some aspects of drone usage by the public. These rules are fairly simple and easy to understand. The majority of drone hobbyists will only be required to follow a few extra guidelines. Drones Must Fly Below 400 Feet While technically the FAA had rules against flying above 400…

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  • Flight 3407 Case Study

    Fatigue has been linked to well over two hundred and fifty fatalities reported by major air carriers, not including general or experimental aviation according to the FAA. There is no doubt that fatigue played a major role in the crash of Bombardier DHC-8-400 operated by Colgan Air, Inc. the NTSB started aircraft accident report 10-01 in early February 2009. Bombardier DHC-8-400 tail number N200WQ flight 3407 was approaching Buffalo-Niagara International Airport. During the instrument approach,…

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  • Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Requirements

    Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Requirements Introduction For several years now, FAA has remained pivotal in the formulation and development of sensible aviation regulations in the US. FAA keeps advancing with the government allocating it new responsibilities. For instance, the government directed the agency in 2012 to create laws related to small civilian drones. Despite the issue raising significant concerns, it did not adversely affect the FAA operations. The 1958 formulated…

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