Aviation licenses and certifications

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  • Personal Narrative: My Experience Of Female Aviation Pilot

    The Experience of Female Pilots in Commercial Aviation”, by Caroline Davey and Marilyn Davidson focusses on women in aviation on a global scale. This article focusses on the difficulties faced by women in aviation. They stated, “the first woman to join the airline experienced sexism, harassment, high visibility and isolation” (Davey and Davidson, 1). It is a sad fact that a woman trying to pursue her dream of being a pilot has to face these unnecessary difficulties. I have already been told countless amounts of time that I have to develop a thick skin in order to be involved in aviation. Like the two article I have already spoke about, this next article not only speaks about the difficulties woman face in male dominated careers, but ideas to help us overcome that preconceived notion that woman do not belong in certain…

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  • Persuasive Essay On Pilot Training

    Pilot training- A gateway to a wonderful aviation career Everyone dreams to make big and soar with success in life. The choice of a career plays a big role in deciding the fate of your dream. In today’s time there are countless number of options available that make our decision far more complicated than easy. The key to selecting a right career is to start early in life by assessing your interests, strengths and weakness as your personality traits must be compatible to your occupation. It is…

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  • Lialma Case Study

    He never complained regarding having difficulty understanding the air traffic controllers. He never made any complaints to her of the equipment on the planes, Pamir Airways, its planes or the air traffic controllers. He never complained about the “radar device” on the planes or of any of Honeywell’s equipment. She has never heard him mention an “Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System” and does not know if he received training on how to use one. She does not have any information regarding…

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