Avoidant personality disorder

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  • Avoidant Personality Disorder Analysis

    Abstract Our group presentation covered personality disorders. The project was divided into the three clusters of personality disorders: A, B, and C. My portion of the project covered Cluster C personality disorders. This is an in-depth analysis of Cluster C and general information about personality disorders and treatment options. Introduction Why are some people happy and easy to be around? What makes others more reserved and quiet? These, and many more, characteristics make up a person 's personality. Personality refers to a distinctive set of traits, behavior styles, and patterns that make up character or individuality. An individual 's personality and behaviors are as unique as their fingerprints. This diversity provides ample opportunities…

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  • Procrastination: A Psychological Epidemic

    Many people in today 's society consistently procrastinate. Procrastination is a psychological epidemic. Many people find themselves procrastinating and trying to find ways to help manage their procrastination. I will be taking a deeper look into why human natural patterns resort to a stability of procrastination and how individuals overcome it. Also learn and understand ways to fight and manage procrastination. As well as the different types of procrastination and how it affects people and the…

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  • Alfred Adler's Theory Of Personality

    Adler Alfred Adler’s theory of personality largely revolved around birth order, style of life, and inferiority. Adler believed that infants are born into feeling inferior which in turn leads to overcompensation in order to turn our weaknesses into strengths. His idea of superiority striving, striving to improve oneself and achieve your own personal best, has been a characteristic of my personality since I can remember (Cloninger, p. 72). I have always had goals and dreams that have the same…

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  • Case Study Of Lorena For A Borderline Personality Disorder

    Borderline Personality Disorder 301.083 (F60.3) (DSM-5). Lorena meets the criteria for a borderline personality disorder: an enduring pattern of instability concerning interpersonal relationships, self-image and emotional regulation, with increased impulsivity that begins by early adulthood. This pattern of instability and impulsivity is present in a variety of contexts and includes: Desperate efforts to avoid real or imagined abandonment, identity disturbance, impulsivity in shopping and…

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  • Gender Attitudes Towards Mental Illness

    aspect of my disorder. It cost friendships, career opportunities, and most importantly my self-esteem. It wasn’t long before I began internalizing the attitudes of others, viewing myself as a lesser person.” That is a quote from Scott Simmie, a Canadian journalist, whose struggle with being stigmatized for being diagnosed with a mental illness is all too common. In a given year, one out of every four American adults will suffer from a mental illness. Therefore, it would be logical to…

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  • Antisocial Personality Disorder (ASPD)

    Personality Disorder: Antisocial Personality Disorder (ASPD) Personality disorders can influence social functioning. There are three types of personality disorders; avoidant personality disorder, schizoid personality disorder, histrionic personality disorder, narcissistic personality disorder, and antisocial personality disorder. A person with antisocial personality disorder is also known as a sociopath or psychopath. Psychologist or psychiatrists diagnose many serial killers as possessing…

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  • Essay On Pedophile

    A mental disorder, or psychiatric disorder is a diagnosis of a behaviour or mental pattern that causes suffering or a poor inability to function in everyday life. Such attributes may relapse, be persistent or can occur as a single episode (). Pedophilia is an example of a psychiatric disorder in which an older adolescent or adult experiences an exclusive sexual attraction to prepubescent children(). There is much discussion in the world in mental health and psychology of what actually constructs…

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  • Personality Patterns Of Twenty-Eight Scales

    Twenty-eight scales are divided into 5 categories: modifying indices; clinical personality patterns; severe personality pathology; clinical syndrome; severe syndrome. Modifying indices are consisted of validity index (scale V), which detects random or deviant responses (3 items), disclosure index (scale X), which detects openness or secretiveness of the client’s responses (the raw score of the clinical personality patterns) , desirability index (scale Y), which measures the client’s tendency to…

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  • Psychoanalytic Therapy Paper

    Therapy Psychoanalysis is a psychological approach to therapy that focuses primarily on the unconscious part of the mind. Therapists work and talk with their clients to help them bring their unconscious conflicts to the surface and solve them. Psychoanalysis can be a long process, but it can also be very helpful to the patient. Although psychoanalysis may not completely cure the patient, it has brought some improvement to people with dissociative identity disorder, helped change personality…

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  • Ricardo Leyva Ramirez Character Analysis

    The diagnostic criteria require that the behaviors must appear in two or more of the certain areas, which are the perception of self, the intensity and duration of feelings towards situations, relationships with people around, and the ability to control self. Analyzing Richards’s case, he loses touch with his family members as is well noted once he gets to high school where his character changes and he drops school. The onset of personality disorders is around the age when Richards begins to…

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