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  • Biotin Vs Avidin Essay

    binder molecule (e.g., a protein, DNA, hormone, etc.) without disturbing the interaction with its target molecule by a procedure called biotinylation. Avidin can then be exploited to “sandwich” between the biotinylated binder and a targeting molecule or probe. Avidin was also coupled with a functional moiety in some cases. Through the avidin-biotin system, we can achieve various tasks, including localization, identification, assay, etc. (Adams, and Weiner, 2005). The biotinylation is an essential prerequisite in the successful application of the avidin-biotin technology. It may be accomplished by direct conjugation…

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  • Importance Of Cell Culture And Cell Counting

    In this technique, antibody linked to an enzyme is complexed with the immobilized antigen.Conjugatedenzyme activity is measured by incubation with substrate. Short protocol:Briefly ELISA procedure describes: antibody was coated on the plate, incubated, washed and blocked with BSA. Again plate was washed, sample and IL-6 was added, incubated, washed and detection antibody was added, incubated and washed. Avidin- HRP was added, incubated and washed. SuperAqua Blue solution was added and…

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  • Laboratory Diagnosis Essay

    the C/prM region during reverse transcription. 2) Amplification of nucleic acid by Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR). 3) Detection and characterization of the amplified product by being placed in agarose gel with ethidium bromide dye added to it. Electrophoresis is done which separates amplified products according to their molecular weights for comparison with standard molecular weight markers allowing identification of dengue serotypes.  Detection of antigens Dengue virus produces glycoprotein…

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  • The Importance Of Supplementation

    laid out above. Keep in mind that: You could have the best eating regimen on the planet as far as calories, fat, and so on, however in the event that you're missing satisfactory levels of these metabolic start plugs, you're shooting yourself in the foot. Biotin: In spite of the fact that there's a constrained measure of games nourishment examine on Biotin, it makes our top rundown since it has basic capacities in amino corrosive digestion and the generation of vitality from many sources. …

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  • Raw Food Diet Essay

    well as homemade diets (Case, Hayek, Daristotle, Raasch, 2011). The Association of American Feed Control Officials has provided nutrient profiles which inform people of the main nutritional needs of several animals (Case, Hayek, Daristotle, Raasch, 2011). In a study reviewed by Case, Hayek, Daristotle, Raasch, (2011) several commercial diets were shown to be deficient. One of these was shown to have a dangerously low calcium to phosphorus ratio. This study also looked at 3 homemade diets which…

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  • What Is The Functional Relationship Between Albert And Alice

    plates bind up to 100 - 200 ng of IgG/cm2 while high binding plates can bind up to 400 - 500 ng of IgG/cm2. The difference plates are chosen according to different needs. The plates can absorb 15-20 amino acid in length Binding of first protein (primary antibodies): There are two option available for the first immobilized protein to bind to the plate, passive adsorption and capture. Passive adsorption simply just adding protein to the plate, however some protein might be denature in this…

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