Singapore Airlines Case Study

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1. The PESTLE framework is used to understand the political, economic, social, technological, legal and environmental forces affecting an industry and its incumbent organizations:
• Political: Singapore Airline is the national air carrier for the company and it represent the country by carrying its national flag thus if the country has any national political problem will have a major impact on the operation of the airline industrial.
• Economic: The major effect on Airline business is Fuel and since the growth in price will reflect on the company to pass some of the cost to its customers. and this will increase the prices of the tickets tending for the customer to prefer different Airlines company.
• Social: An increase in disposable income
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Chief of these is perhaps the rapid growth of several Middle Eastern airlines, such as Etihad and Emirates, many of which have adopted similar business models and market positioning strategies as Singapore Airlines (Bloomberg BusinessWeek, 2012).

2. Identify and evaluate the potential challenges facing SINGAPORE INTERNATIONAL AIRLINE in trying to achieve its strategic goals: The Potential Challenges that might face SINGAPORE INTERNATIONAL AIRLINE in achieving its goals can be describe in many factors:
Globalization sine most of the Flying is toward different countries it will be under the effect of global market which abide by different laws and different regulation.
Another Factor is the Technology advancement the SINGAPORE INTERNATIONAL AIRLINE should stay up to date with the new technology available in the market, since this will help them stay as a pioneer in the market, it should be reflect on the employees with proper training and proper
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HR’s challenge when conducting workforce planning is to understand the nuances of the laws and customs in each of the regions where it operates and ensure that it is treating part-time, temporary and remote workers legally. Also staying up to date with any new rule or any change in any law over any part of its operation worldwide, local versus foreign laws.
Culture diversity is also a factor that can face the Human Resources Management of SINGAPORE INTERNATIONAL AIRLINE since it can be management by normal policies that are use applied by the SINGAPORE INTERNATIONAL AIRLINE. Each country should have special policies and ethnicities will be important for the success of SINGAPORE INTERNATIONAL AIRLINE globally.
The Recruitment factor is also major for SINGAPORE INTERNATIONAL AIRLINE since they can’t just find the needed candidate in a normal pool. They need to go the extra mile in their search for special candidates in the new markets.
One other factor is facing and monitoring the balance between corporate and societal cultures while promoting diversity, “The Company cannot change anti-bribery policies, but it may choose to change its dress-down-Fridays

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